Monday, June 27, 2011

IntraSoft Technology Ltd......CMP Rs.62.00.........Value BUY? 123

How many of us use  ?
If the answer is over 70-80% here at my blog then I can say that this Co is having a bright future.
Well, I while exploring Internet and our market I found this GEM.I have seen people sends greetings to their Loved ones, Parents,friends etc and the greetings usually is from 123
This is the most sought site for sending greetings by Indians as  well as all over the world.
e-Mailing e-cards comes free for the user and that is the catch here.People like to have it FREE .Sending ecards free of cost is what all wants and that is what Intrasoft Tech is giving to the people but thereby the Co is able to garner the revenue from Ads.

There was an annoucement when the latest results was annouced.

Read it :

On an annual consolidated basis, the company posted an income growth of 46.8%. From Rs. 2920.28 lacs in FY2010, it went up to Rs. 4285.55 lacs in the current year. Profit after tax (PAT) has grown by 14.8% from Rs. 882.83 lacs to Rs. 1013.14 lacs.
Expressing satisfaction at the performance of the company, Mr. Arvind Kajaria, Managing Director, said, "Overall, the financial year has been quite productive. The year witnessed the launch of three exciting new features – 123Greetings Connect, 123Greetings Studio and 123Greetings Invites. All the introductions received excellent user response. The year saw an addition of 5,650 cards being added to the greetings website and introduction of innovative features like the instant ‘Thank You’ and ‘Quick Send’. We have also launched 6 new pages displaying the top ecards of Most Popular, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, Latest Additions section, and introduced ‘More’ feature in the home page making accessibility easy for the users. While the new launches and other investments have laid the foundation for future growth and profitability, they have not allowed profits to grow as significantly as income in the current quarter and financial year. But with 123Greetings Connect attracting 1,144,196 subscribers and 8,940 users registering at 123Greetings Studio to put their artworks, we believe it is only a matter of time that the growth is monetized and converted into profits and consequently shareholder value."

•'123Greetings Invites' launched in the previous quarter has started gaining encouraging user response. As on March 31, 2011 a total of 1,998 users created 2,322 events and sent 17,223 Invites using this feature.
•The Gifting Solutions initiative has started gaining traction with several new vendors coming on board. The increase in products and brands has helped attract new customers that have taken the topline to new levels.
•From 571,156 registered users in the previous quarter, 123Greetings Connect users have almost doubled. On March 31, 2011 the total number of registered users stood at 1,144, 196. •Users at '123Greetings Studio' uploaded over 800 ecards in this quarter.
•The technical team have been continuously analyzing the feedback from the users and are already working on add-ons that are expected to further enhance the usage of the new initiatives.

Meanwhile, ComScore Media Metrix, in its monthly analysis of U.S. websites in February 2011, has rated among the top gainers in the e-card category. With the total number of visitors rising to 2.4 million, witnessed a growth of 29% as against the e-cards category index which registered a growth of 10% making it the fourth top-gaining category by percentage change in unique visitors (U.S). The total number of visits to e-card sites stood at 19.2 million."The figures indicate that both the micro and macro outlook continues to remain robust. The investments that we have made this quarter will help us scale our business and deliver long term shareholder value," concludes Mr. Kajaria.
About 123Greetings:
123Greetings is the world's leading online destination for human expressions reaching over 91 million unique users annually. Drawing from its tag line "Giving Life to your Expressions" the service inculcates a sense of personalization that relates to the users on an emotional level. Its offering of over 20,000 greeting cards covers a mix of 3,000 seasonal & everyday categories. Its applications & widgets for social networks & blogs allow users ubiquitous access across multiple devices and platforms.

About IntraSoft Technologies Limited:
IntraSoft Technologies Limited owns and operates

one of the most visited electronic greeting cards website in the world. The Company operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries in various geographies, which are,lnc.(USA), One Two Three Greetings (India) Pvt. Ltd. (India) & 123Greetings (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (Singapore).

In the above annoucement it is written that 123greetings has been the top gainer in ecard category.When  the ecard category is witnessing 10% growth 123greeting is able to show a growth of 29%.
These are all Internet user numbers and more the users and clicking andf registering more ads revenue.The whole model is based on how many clicks on the site and thereby how many are able to have a look at the Ads shown on the website and if 123greetings is showing No 1 growth then I think this stock needs a second look.
It was delisted and people has burnt the fingure but it got again listed in early April 2010 and on the very day it got listed , it made a high of 167.Now quoting at Rs 62, I feel this is a stock which needs to be looked upon.

Brand name....Yup....that is what I am seeing here.

We all know the site named  and we also use this site to send greetings and feelings but we were not knowing which Co it belongs to.
Now we know the  site 123greetings belongs to which Co .Oh , well it is an Indian Co?That is great.

The things what I like is management is constantly putting efforts to scale up the growth.

59% is held by the promoters and 26% is held by the private Corp bodies and HNI's means 86% is held closly and only 14% is with the public.
Well friends I have done my job.Now it is your job to do DD and take your call............what one need to do is take a call on how the website will show the growth and whether this type of revenue model will last long or not.How the Co will be able to coup up with other websites same like this.


  1. sir this article is also published on arun blog are you related to him????

  2. leo,
    u mean to say, what I wrote is exactly written there?What I have discussed he also has discussed?
    I am not related to arun blog nor I have visited his blog.I am in no way connected to him....if mine nad his call matches that is mere a coincidence.....

  3. With everyone on Facebook, you see people being wished by their friends leaving comments on their profile. I don't see a lot of people wasting time with e-greeting cards any more. They belong to the 20th century.