Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some new stocks and maybe some repeated...worth looking at...

Here is the list:
1)Kirloskar Ferrous
2)Kalindi Rail
3)Stone India
4)JMC Project
5)Sahyadri Ind
6)Vadilal Ind
7)Flex Foods
8)Spice Jet
9)Taneja Aearo
10)Epic Energy
11)Khaitan Elec
12)ANG Auto
13)Assam Co
14)Frontier Spring
15)Avantal Soft
16)Tera Soft
17)Patel Logistic
18)Khandwala Sec
19)ABC India
20)Cybele Ind(Old Q Flex cable)

I have written a list here.
I can discuss any stock here if I will be asked the list is long I will not be able to write on them individually...
But if one will look at these stock , if he is in market for couple of years he will be able to understand that stocks that I have recomended are in sectors which are going to grow in a big way...
Freinds,at Sensex 20k,stocks available at Rs.50/- or 100/- is as good as it is available at rs. 5 or 10.People ask me of penny stocks , below Rs 10/- but they are risky preposition and hence can't write it here....But as usual , the above picks will definately give you atleast double from here in a years time....
I hope all will do due diligence and then buy it...


  1. hi rajeev,

    you forgot ur kwality dairy which is still at the recommended price when the sensex was at 17000.

    all the time it goes to 46 and comes back. kind of intresting stock.


  2. have been following your posts for long... thanx for the calls... hope u will post everything u post on MMB here also ... and with the same dedication....

  3. Hi Rajeev,

    Can you let me know at what price and when you originally recommended Kirloskar Ferrous?


  4. Hi Kiran,
    I recomended Kirloslar Ferrous at Rs 33-35/- to somewhere else.I actually wroteat one of the forum where I write as to some friends.
    Well, actually I discussed Kirloskar Ferrous when he went for a right issue at Rs 35 with rs 25 premium.I am tracking since then and wrote about it.
    I am confident that Kiloskar will turn out to be a multibagger from hereon as well.
    With promoters oncreasin stake and aquiring Iron Ore mine in Karnataka,Kirlos Ferro is on a high growth path...

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    i too have been tracking Vadilal Industries... i am interested in it for the cold storage chain as well as the new processed foods business..
    i am confused on 1 front..see there are 2 Vailal entities listed...Industries and u have any idea, which company of the two owns the cold storage chain? (trucks, warehouses and retail)

  6. since u r an experinced hand in the equity market ---can u advice me on what shares to buy if want to make an investment in TATA SKY

  7. Dear Rajeev,

    As per your call I have purchased SKS logistics today 800 shares @ 63 rupees.

    Can you advice me what is the time line to hold this share. I also went through their website before investing. I am not able to find their results where is this information available ?

    Thanks a bunch to you for all the good work.

    Best Regards,


  8. Hi Neeraj,
    As far as my memory goes, Vadilal Enterprise is a holding co of Vadilal gr..and hence Vadilal Ind is where the action is and hence I believe that Cold storage talks and others things that you have written must be with Vadilal Ind..With RJ there since May 2005, I think we should not bother about the future growth of Vadilal Ind....

  9. HI Akshay,
    Well, please don't write that as per my call you bought SKS.
    Please read the statutary note at the top of the blog.
    I only discuss my ideas and nothing more.
    Due diligence is a must for each and everybody.
    Seems you do not read me well, means my writing.
    I have categoricallt stated moer then once that my calls are not for ST and one have to buy for atleast a one year perpective....
    And this remains forever...
    And for results or anyother new annoucement, go to bseindia site...
    Man, surf a lot and you will get everything.
    Just write the name of company in Google site and find out yourself.Try to find everything on your own.This will amke you self dependent and if you will dig in yourslef, the conviction will be more...

  10. Hi Rajeev...
    ya i was also of the same opinion...but a coupla things left me in doubt...
    1) Vadilal Ind and Ent have no cross holdings in each other. both the companies' promoter is Vadilal International Pvt Ltd.
    2) Vadilal Industries is the manufacturing arm and Vadilal Ent is the marketing arm of the group. so logically, the cold storage should be owned by Enterprises..
    am planning to meet the mgmt... will ask them in detail...thnx...

  11. hi, Rajeev bhai,
    i will be very grateful to u if u write few points on (1)FRONTIER SPRINGS & (2) cybele ind which will bring fancy in these scripts?this will also give confidence to the reader of the blog. thanx again for the clarification made for having due deligence

  12. Hi Badal,
    I was knowing that someone will ask me first about Frontier Spiring and Cybele Ind as both are low price pick.
    No problem, it is obvious as I have more friends and followers who are small investors and less HNI's and I am there for them only.
    Well,I have written here and at mmb that try to get info of your own.
    That is the best way to do it as that will bring the much needed CONVICTION which is very very neccesary when market is at 20k.
    1)First try to copy paste the name of the co at Google Search and first find the site name of the co.There also see other links apart from site of the co.Like annoucement done on other site etc
    2) Try to go to bseindia site and go to the SHP and results of the co.See there how much promoters hold,see the annoucement and read what co. is thinking of futures.

    From the site try to find the products and see how they can FARE in future.
    Badal, I am telling you this because if you will find facts on your own you will be more convinced to hold for longer period.
    Once you Zeroed on a co.dig in as much as you can.
    Anyway, I will only write here that Frontier Spring is the producers of Spring Coils etc for Railways and that have expanded the capacity which augurs well for the co.
    For Cybele Ind,it is in Power Cable sector and have takeover Asian Cable , a listed co..and they have tied up with Vijay shanti buliders for Residence and Mall etc on it's surplus land...
    Check with both the contents I have written here yourself through what I have written you to do above.
    Badal, remember no one will tell you what to do and how to do.I am making all of you self sufficient so that in future you all can do on your own.

  13. Hi Rajeev,
    You recommended Terasoft, the promotors of which are known to me. They recently spinned a new real estate company with lands ( I belive 19 acres on out skirts of Hyd)transferred from Terasoft. I am skeptical about prospects of this company(not to hurt you.. but its my opinion) and is heading for major leadership bickering's. Its just my guess and thought i should pass this info. Again, I may be wrong.

  14. Hi Poorna,
    I may be prove wrong.Anything may happen.
    But I have seen those people who are close to management are always have no faith in the management.
    They feels what they(management)are doing lacks something etc.
    I have one friend who is very near to a cos management.He says rajubhai why are you recomending this share?It is most unreliable management of all.But I said I am confident that they will deliver.
    I gave a call for that stock at around Rs 22/- and it touched 44 in no time after I gave a call.
    Though the runup was coincidental, but it ran and will do good still on the brouses.
    I am not perturbed about Tera Soft.It should deliver and I have no doubt in my mind that they will deliver.
    Well, Poorna,it is the return which is taken into account while buying a stock and not what managemnaty is doing.Ofcourse managment credential is to be looked upon but barring some A gr stocks , I repeat A gr stocks, none can come good on a Reliable management.
    As I firmly believe that even all A gr stocks management is not reliable...I can prove it..
    I am sure that Tera Soft will double from here in a years time and hence that is what is needed at Sensex 20,000...

  15. Rajeev,

    I totally agree with you. I thought i should share the information with you. Any how, I like your way of thinking/analysis and definitely follow/buy your recommendations.

  16. hi rajeev
    am impressed with the dedication u have towards ur updates.
    i wud appreciate if u cud shed some light on Assam Co ...its future prospects etc. i hear talks abt demerger and vol also not too high thou it was uc today. thanks in advance

  17. thnx Rajeev sir for making ur seprate blog i have been reading ur messages from last one year at mmb recently i bought some of ur recommended stock like xl tele sold earlier and miss, garden silk mill, garnet construction sold in hurry and got decent profit :) .


  18. was only able to buy only a small amt of kalinde rail... stone india... they hav shot up a lot abt 60pc each,,, are they still a buy @ current levels... or wait fr a correction if it will come....

  19. Hi Specialist,
    Stone India is still looking good.I have recomended a low price pick in same catgeory in my list of 21 stocks...try to find it....and buy it...tell me whether you were able to find it or not...but for that you will have to go through all past post.I have started my blog on 17th dec and hence the back post are also not big...I hope you will take that much effort,for gaining something....

  20. Hi golddreams,
    Yes, Assam co is looking good.
    I remember I gave call of Assam co at mmb when it was 55 and 10 paidup...and from there on it went in for ciruits to circuits constantly till it reached 250!
    Yes,Assam Co is a buy according to me.....for LT.....

  21. hi nakul,
    all ur picks r doing well so our portfolios r looking very nice hope this trend continues ,keeping fingers crossed.i know u dont like to advice on penny stocks but could u guide me on facor steel i had bought @5 and marson bought years back @7.70,what do u think i should continue holding 50% of these stocks or should i exit.
    thanks ,raima