Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buy Call on SKS Logistic.............

I have given a call at rs 60 somehere else...but as still a buy I am writing it here as well...

SKS Logistics ship repairing and dry dock project at Alibaug on 35 acres near Mumbai would be ready for commissioning soon.
According to the management, in order to supplement the drydock/ship repairing facility at Mumbai to some extent, the company is setting up this facility on 1.27 lakh sq metre area adjoining Dharmatar creek at the mouth of river Amba in Maharashtra.
According to market sources, the conservative market price now for such land, in the vicinity of the proposed ‘Mahamumbai’ economic zone, initiated by Mukesh Ambani group, is Rs 150 crore. If the recent market valuation of Mundra Port & SEZ is any indication then SKS Logistic seems to be going cheap at Rs 60/-.
The coastal logistics service company, which has 37 vessels in its fleet and set to add two more for international charter shortly, has recently converted a dumb barge into an offshore accommodation vessel along with a helipad, crane and housing 500 personnel to carry out offshore support services.
The company has cargo fleet capability both for liquid and dry bulk. It is also setting up a joint venture with Inland Waterways Authority of India for operating vessels and barges on National Waterway No. 1 and 2 (Kolkata to Mongla in Bangladesh and Kolkata to Pandu in Assam, respectively..
Moreover...60% stake is held by promoters and 17% stake is held by private corporate bodies..hence onlt 23% is left with public.....With Ship building ind going for better times and as seen above they have convert a barge into an Offshore accomodation vessel with a helipad seems is looking extremly great buy..
Looking at the above facts seems SKS logistic is a steal...and an immidiate buy......


  1. A great call from a splendid stock picker

  2. he is the king..the market and the stocks behave on his of the best stockpickers u will ever see..

  3. Hi,
    this is for the MMB users. SKS logistics old name is SKS (Ship) and thats what comes up in MMB. once again a great pick from Nakul and i really like the title of the blog.
    thats what your stock picks are turning out to be.


  4. other interesting thing which i read from the bse announcements was that they were changing the objective to enter into "offshore barge power plants" so its not just shipping but could be power cpy.

  5. Rajubhai....congratulations.

    Here's a blog from one of the best stock picker. Rajubhai has a record of finding multibaggers almost everyday...Wish you all the best


  6. Great job on creating a blog site. This makes it easy on all of us to buy your SUPERB PICKS.

    Your selflessness in sharing your great ideas, is basically a great way you are sharing your wisdom, knowledge, generousness and greatness.

    Keep up the great work, share the buys, holds, and more importantly SELLS.

    Thank you much.


    ps: If you could add the module that emails us an alert when you update the site would be absolutely fabulous.

  7. boarder is it time to add more of this script since it has fallen about 15%?


  8. got the full annoucement from bse website, with below message and current price. it looks really good now at CMP of 60.
    "To carry on the business of acquiring, owning and operating Barge Mounted Power Plants and Shore based Power Plants for the purpose of generation and sale of power."