Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello Friends,

I have been asked to write frequenlty here.They says that only if you will write frequently will your blog will be famous and people will visit.
But I am not here to do that.
I only write when I feel like writing.I did the same thing at mmb as well.I do not write for the sake of writing..and hence almost write no Nonsense.
Well, anyway, Yesterday was a great day.Market rose by 700 points and breaking all breakouts of Chartist like, wait for market to cross 19800, or Nifty 5810 etc etc.
I have no slighest doubt that the Bullish trend can reverse.There is no scope for trend reversal, means Bear Market.
Someone argued with me, saying that properties prices are going through the roof and that it will cool down,Infra sector will cool off ,etc and some even predicted that 2007 will be the last year for Real Estate and Infra sector...this was discussed in Mar/Apr 07 ,and still both the sectors are still running and no sign of cooling off.
I told at that time, that my parametre will be, when even ONE CITY VIZ:MUMBAI,DELHI, CHENNAI,CALCUTAA will be able to get compatred with Shanghai,Singapore or Hongkong,or Tokyo or Newyork,only then I will believe that Infra or Real Eatate sector will cool down.
At this stage where this both sectors looks overheated to many investors, I think it is not.Even at this stage non of our cosmopolitan cities can be compared with any big cities of world.Hence it can be easily derived that we have long way to go up in both this sector and hence overheating of this sectors never seems to be there.
And untill this sector remains in favour the bullish trend will remain.
First make even one centre as good as Shanghai or NY or Singapore and then say yes we have done that...now what?
But we are far far off from that.

Well, FII's sold over $5 bn from 1st Nov 07 to this time.Means some Rs.20,000 cr selling has come within one and a half month and still the market is there where it is.This shows the reseliance of Indian market...The selling of Rs 20,000 cr is digested whithout any major breakdown and this makes me more bullish for our market.
Though the selling has taken place by FII's they have not taken the funds out of India and hence it can be safely assumed that it will come back early next year.
I am bullish for 2008 for our Indianmarket and hence will only suggest readers to just hold your position.
Best Of luck to all for next year....

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  1. I totally agree with you Mr Rajiv when you say that the property prices have still a long way to go. I am a firm believer in the INDIA story and have full confidence that what we have witnessed till now is just the trailer, the movies is yet to begin. I was introduced to your blog by a cousin of mine and i am very impressed by your calls. The companies that you recommend are niche companies and future leaders in their respective segement backed by strong fundamentals.
    Keep the good wrok going.