Thursday, November 5, 2009

Market rebounds..........

Well, market rebouded by over 500 points of Sensex and 150 point of Nifty taking all by surprise.
Now this is an observation that one needs to do.When market tanked for 6 straight days, many stocks went down by over 10-15 or even 20% and even more.
Here what one needs to do is, keep a track on which stocks rebounded first on rebounding of market .These are those stocks where the buying interest is seen by HNI's,FII's,MF's and operators.Because as they rebound on first sign of sensex breaking the down trend.
For doing that either one needs to create a portfolio of stocks where one can see the daily movement and hence able to see that which stock they owned went up today and daily.
There are some stocks which didn't go down at all and remained steady in this downtrend.They are stronger stocks.
So do the homework and analyse them and see which stock of your portfolio has gone up in today's trade.
See, one needs to find ways to learn and understand what market is doing.One needs to closely watch all these things and find ways to maximise profits.It is all OBSERVATION......That is the best teacher.
It is all about learning.If one wants to be successful in stock market one needs to find ways to understand it properly......One needs to be a VERY KEEN OBSERVER....burning desire under the belly to earn in stock market.....PASSION...


  1. The market has rebounded but it is puzling to see telecanor global move still further down. Anybody any comments on this or is it because of the mov down of tele stocks. telecanor is looking atractive now.

  2. The promoters have also brought down their stake from 25% in dec 08 to 13 % in jun 09 in telecanor global. is the idea not good enough for the promoters or are they banking on the land bank alone.

  3. Hi Sandeep,
    my personal view is that in real estate/land bank business, so much of under the table money involved, so avoid relying only on this matter.Consider the company fundamentals and future prospects.
    But Final word is from Rajeev only.
    With Regards,

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    Thoda hatke question.
    Can Reliance Infra become a multi-bagger from CMP with 5 yrs view?
    With Regards,

  5. Vikas,
    the problem with me is I do not track Ril gr at all.....and stocks over 200-300......

  6. Sandeep,
    Have you seen today's bulk deal in TeleCanor?Check it....