Friday, November 13, 2009

Venus Remedies...A wonderful Pharma Co.....cmp...Rs.221.60...

I have come out with this wonderful Pharma Co named Venus Remedies.
Venus Remedies has a very low eq base of just 8.47 cr.Growing qr to qr with NP increasing simulstaneously.
All chances are there for this upcoming pharma co to give an EPS of 48 this year and the stock is available at just Rs 221 means at 5 p/e....try to find any good Pharma co quoting at this p/e.....Venus Remedies has the turn over of 265 cr and hence has very big scope for growth.That is where the scalability comes.That is where one needs to much the sales can go up......I am seeing huge scalability here.....
According to me this a big multibagger in making in years to come.

Read on:( taken from site)

Venus Remedies India is a research and development driven, pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Among the top 50 Indian Pharma companies of India, the company has out paced most Indian pharmaceutical companies in its growth and value creation over the past few years.
Driven by a top class team of mangers and motivators this organization is counted as one of the most professional companies of India and a preferred place for top innovators and mangers to join the bandwagon of the globally significant Indian Pharma industry.
Our research team has proved itself to be a power house of innovation by filing many international patents for sophisticated formulations of anti-biotics and oncological therapeutics. We are constantly working to broaden the pipeline of products and to make a impact in the international markets.
We have two manufacturing locations in India and one in Germany. Venus is top class manufacturer of Oncological and Cefelosporine Injectable products following EU-GMP norms for all is activities.
We reach out to all the significant markets across South Asia and our sales force is a highly dynamic team working to deliver the ideas and products to the market at great speed. Our contract manufacturing of these product provides great value to major marketing companies of the world working in India and the Europe.

From MD's Desk:

Dear Shareholders,
To indicate where we are headed, it would be necessary to appreciate where we have come from.
The year 2008-09 marked the end of an important phase in our journey; the end of a five-year period in which we invested Rs.200 crore in growing capacities and capabilities.
In doing so, we enhanced our manufacturing capacities from 16 million units to 78.50 million units; we created a globally benchmarked 100,000 sq. ft R&D centre with multiple testing facilities, pilot labs and sophisticated equipment; we added a clinical trial wing to our research capability.
Consequently, all our globally certified facilities now operate in line with internationally-respected standard operating practices. So while our facilities may be in India (we have one in Germany), the standards they champion belong clearly to some of the best manufacturing facilities from the regulated markets.
This positioning was showcased in a pride-enhancing achievement: we received product patents from a regulated market like South Africa, transforming our image from just another Indian pharmaceutical player into a globally-respected pharmaceutical innovator.
Review It is with this background that one needs to appraise our performance of 2008-09. We reported a favourable performance during the year under review:
Revenue grew 23.83%
EBIDTA improved 14.41%
Profit after tax increased 18.21%
EBIDTA margin stood at 22.15%
ROCE was 35%
This improvement was achieved in the face of India�s currency devaluation that made our products expensive and prompted some international customers to postpone purchases. Besides, product offtake from Indian institutional clients (we have marketing tie-ups with about 20 large pharmaceutical companies) slackened marginally. However, I am pleased to state that our growth direction remained largely intact owing to our deliberate strategy and significantly derisked business model.

Building a stronger companyDuring 2008-09, we continued to build a stronger company through a number of initiatives whose impact will be progressively reflected.
Internal initiatives
We established a Rs. 1.30-crore global scale animal house which received approval from the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA).
We created an internationally-benchmarked warehousing facility with sophisticated temperature control systems for the storage of our injectables.
We established an engineering wing with electrical and mechanical workshops for proactive repair and maintenance to maximise the uptime of our manufacturing facilities.
We invested in the automation of our manufacturing sections leading to product value-addition.
External initiativesOur domestic and international businesses grew 22.19% and 28.42% over the previous year for the following reasons:
We established our offices in three more international locations, strengthened our marketing team from 450 members (March 31, 2008) to 650 members (March 31, 2009) as a result of which there is a Venus representative in each of India�s 543 districts

We introduced 21 new products in India.

We filed more than 225 dossiers in 2008-09 to enhance our presence in semi-regulated markets; a number of these dossiers were approved and we extended our footprint from 19 nations (March 31, 2008) to 60 nations (March 31, 2009).
We filed three CTDs in 2008-09 in Europe that will help us establish a presence in those regulated markets

We filed 341 patents in 50 nations.

We received the GMP certification from Iran (key player in the US$12 billion Middle East pharmaceutical market); we filed registrations for our oncology products and will address emerging demand from our German facility.

We received GMP approval from Kenya; we filed 28 dossiers in the antibiotics and oncology segments (sixteen approved); we entered into a tie-up with a leading pharmaceutical distributor.

We launched four innovative products in 2008-09.

We opened offices in Vietnam, Syria and Kenya to cater to the Middle East, African and Southeast Asian markets.

Our growth drivers in 2009-10

Contract manufacturing opportunities with leading global brands are likely to yield attractive results
Registrations approved in 19 semi-regulated markets in 2008-09 are expected to drive prospects and profitability
Launch of innovative products in India is expected to strengthen revenues
Launch of innovative products in international geographies (through marketing alliances) is likely to enhance revenues
Entry in new global geographies through regulatory approvals (namely Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Syria) is expected to grow our international busines
In-lincensing initiatives are likely to reinforce our performance.

Landmark year

At Venus, we never lose sight of reality, that we are in business to relieve people from pain through innovative products and processes.
One of our high priority areas is cancer. This is so because we fear that the world�s medical resources are inadequate for containing the spread and scale of the disease. For instance, cancer has emerged among the 10 leading death causes. An estimated 1.5 � 2 million cancer cases are present at any given point in time; an estimated 15 lakh patients require facilities for diagnosis, treatment and follow up. Some 10.9 million people across the world are diagnosed with cancer annually; this is expected to increase 50% to 15 million new cases by 2020 (source: World Cancer Report).
Our international infrastructure capabilities were endorsed in the successful in-licensing of the solid tumour detection technology from the University of Illinois. Our product (injectable) received DCGI permission to undertake Phase I clinical trials, a prestigious achievement.

The next step

We made responsible investments to prepare ourselves for the therapeutic challenges at hand. We invested significantly � Rs. 35 crore in 2008-09 � in our intellectual capital. On patent receipt, we will file detailed registration documents in three years to commercialise our products. We filed about 341 patents and received four approvals, which will accelerate. Our strong pipeline is reflected in more than 10 products being at various stages of approval with the Indian regulatory authorities. Following their approval, we need to take them across the globe through our patent applications and registration documents. More importantly, our anytime R&D pipeline of about 25 products will drive prospective growth.

Besides, we will strengthen our intellectual capital in response to the following developments:

We filed two CTDs in Europe in two high-end products in the antibiotics therapeutic segment. We expect to emerge as the first generic in that geography to capitalise on an estimated Euro 300 million market; even a 2% market share can potentially drive the Company�s growth

We in-licensed a novel Aminoglycoside (new antibiotic) with a patent right from a Chinese innovator and obtained approval for Phase III clinical trials. We filed the documents for the bulk drug and the formulation approval with the DCGI.Following approval, we will be the only company in India with this novel product, catering to a Rs. 600 crore market growing at about 8% annually.
Message to our shareholders

We are that point in our journey where we are attractively positioned to capitalise on our capability to ideate (conceptualise a road less travelled), innovate (create high-end novel products) and invest (in man, machine and markets). The result is that we expect to report a 25% year-on-year growth in our topline over three years and grow shareholder value correspondingly.Wishing all the Shareholders the very best,

Thanks & Regards,


Latest Anooucement:

September 8, 2009
First Indian Product Patent Granted to Venus Remedies for Potentox
Indian Patent Office (IPO), Govt of India has granted the first ever injectable FDC Product Patent of POTENTOX to one of the research products of the company. This unique combination of a Cephalosporin with Aminoglycoside is a super specialty product indicated for the
treatment of Hospital acquired pneumonia, Community acquired pneumonia and Febrile Neutropenia. This is the second patent of POTENTOX within 3 months of grant in South Korea.
A recent joint UNICEF-WHO report has drawn attention to the scourge of pneumonia. India recorded a total of 7.8 lakh pneumonia cases in 2005 and 3,513 deaths. As in many countries, Pneumonia is an under-recognized problem in India, despite the fact that pneumonia kills more than 400,000 children here each year. According to UNICEF and WHO, the country accounts for nearly 40% of global pneumonia child pneumonia cases. Pneumonia kills millions every year,
children in particular. 15 countries account for 75% of childhood pneumonia cases world wide; the number of cases in India is the highest. Though PCV vaccine is available now but it costs Rs 4,500 per dose and needs to be given to infants when they are aged 6, 10, and 14 weeks followed by a booster dose. This makes Vaccine therapy very costly and unaffordable affair for common man. POTENTOX provides a cost effective solution to all such kind of deadly diseases.
Prompt treatment of pneumonia with a full course of appropriate antibiotics was a challenge in the developing world. Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC) took up this challenge and studied thoroughly the bacteria responsible for pneumonia, the resistance pattern with existing therapies, reason of failures in order to find this innovative drug combination POTENTOX which shall help in
providing instant remedy for Hospital/ Community Acquired Pneumonia. The product was launched in Indian market after completion all preclinical and multicentric Phase III clinical trials on more than 300 patients after DCGI approval. Later after the launch Post Marketing Phase IV studies were also conducted to re-establish the safety of drug. The product has potential to reduce
the toxicity caused by aminoglycosides and disease condition.
Pneumonia affects nearly 4 million adults each year. Out of which About 1.2 million people are hospitalized each year for pneumonia, which is the third most frequent reason for hospitalizations.
Pneumonia carries an associated mortality of 30% to 70% (direct 27% and 50%) of total patients. HAP requires the hospital stay of 15 to 21 days and is associated with a high cost of medical care. POTENTOX shall not only provide relief to the patients in terms of early cure by reduction in treatment time and cost, but also helps in reduction in drug and disease induced toxicities, thereby
reducing side effects.
Venus had already launched POTENTOX in Indian market 2 years back. The product has already been used by more than 20,000 patients across India and has proved to be a big boon for ailing humanity. Company is in the process of out licensing and further registration of POTENTOX in different markets world wide.

September 23, 2009
SULBACTOMAX , a research product of Venus Remedies has been successfully out
licensed to one of the top 10 pharma companies in South Korea. Korean party has
been given Exclusive Marketing Rights for the whole life of patent. As per the agreementterms the product will be supplied from Venus Baddi unit, which is accredited with multipleinternational GMPs. The company has already initiated product registration process throughtheir collaborators. Commercial supplies are expected to begin early 2011.
Sulbactomax, the innovative product developed to overcome the challenge of antibioticresistance, is indicated mainly for LRTI and pre-post surgical infections caused by widerange of ESBL producing cephalosporin resistant strains. LRTI is a common condition posing a heavy economic burden to the health care system, especially when hospitalization
is required.
Post-operative Surgical Site Infections are the most common health care-associated infection, occurring in up to five per cent of surgical patients. Treatment of the infections caused by ESBL-producing organisms is difficult, not only because of the resistance to the extended-spectrum cephalosporins themselves, but also because they are often associated with resistance to other antimicrobial agents coded either by the same or different plasmids.
Sulbactomax provides solution to chronic problem of ESBL producing resistant strains by widening the antibacterial spectrum and reducing treatment time. It additionally helps in better tissue penetration and reduces drug and disease induced side effects, thereby giving better patient compliance.
South Korea’s US$14.75 billion pharmaceutical market growing at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.56%, is one of the most promising in the world. Sulbactomax will have a significant market share out of the present cephalosporin market size of US$585 million in South Korea, growing at 10% per annum.
This is first successful out licensing by Venus Medicine Research Centre. Earlier Venus Remedies has received patent of Sulbactomax from South African Patent office. Venus is searching for suitable partner in South African market also. This out licensing will open doors for other potential collaborators. With this deal Venus Remedies Limited will have a strong presence in South Korean Pharmaceutical market and the company is looking for such more deals in near future.


  1. Hi Rajeev and fellow Bloggers,
    As you have recommended a Pharma stock, I am writing this. I am based in Kolhpur, Maharashtra and am practicing as ENT Surgeon. That’s why never heard of this company, which is based in Chandigadh and probably don’t have any ENT products. May be good as per their web-site.
    I am taking this opportunity to tell what is boiling inside me since long. What I am writing here is absolutely my personal opinion about Indian Pharma Industry.
    It is generally said that the person working in that industry knows best about the industry.
    So you may be thinking I may be having a lots of good pharma stocks. No way. Because I see the ground reality in my practice. You wont belive the cut-throat competition going on amongst the pharma companies. For ex. Out of 20 medical representatives (MR) of these pharma companies meeting me in a week at-least 8-10 come with offers like If you write this much of our products, we will give 15/20/ even 30% cash OR we will give you Laptop/ Balckberry mobile/ Apple Nano OR we will give you Gold coins OR if you really have potential then free Singapore/ Malaysia trip. Mind you I am no Harishchandra. I confess that I do use one companies help to arrange for my Marriage anniversary trip within India / for workshops related to ENT.
    But this shows 2 things, 1- How much profit margin they have and 2- The cut-throat competition they have.
    If you ask me which Pharma companies stocks I have, I have Biocon only (though it has high PE & FV-5). I am really betting big on its oral insulin product. If it comes out well then can take pharma industry on storm. Also they may have tie-ups with big corporate hospitals for relatively few activities like I stated above. The companies which never come with such offers are GlaxoSmithkine (GSK), Ranbaxy, Dr.Reddy Laboratories. These companies are big and don’t require such activities to sustain themselves. And if Doctors themselves fall sick, then go for GSK or above company brands. And mind you the companies like GSK have very few divisions and few man-force as MR, while other companies has loads of divisions and that many MRs. So above companies can cut cost on these things.
    Right now I am interested in GSK, as without any patent protection, it has sustained growth. And with onset of patent protection regime, growth will accelerate substantially in next 5-7 yrs (Source- Outlook Profit 13 Nov. 2009,Profit 100, page-46)
    I have posted this not to send panic about Pharma stocks, but be careful while choosing them.
    With Regards,

  2. Vikas,
    your writing shows that you still thinks like doctors and not as an investor.You are not coming out from Doctors mentality.This mentality will take you nowhere in stock market.Even Wareen Buffet knows how US medical sector is and still he invest in Jhonson and Jhonson etc....
    People has made millions while investing in Pharma stocks.Personally my major break came when I invested in Matrix Lab in 2003.I earned big and was able to wipe my accumalated big loss and that was a turnaround for me. What you wrote is part and parcel of Pharma Ind.That goes with other sector as well.
    Keep your mind open.Don't attach your personal experiance with investment parametres.This type of bribe is everywhere in other sector as well, otherwise we would have not seen a CASE like Madhu Koda...Do you think after seeing the Madhu Koda's case one should stop investing in Mines Co?Because so much of bribe is going on....some other day you will find same thing in other sector , you will stop buying those stocks?In Pharma Ind you are there so you know it, what about other sectors where same type of things going on?We don't know what is going on in other sector because we are not there....

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks again for clearing the cobwebs in my mind. yes as you say such kind of bribery and competition is bound to be there in every industry.
    Ok. I came across this news ( copying from MMB on WWIL and Catvision production)-
    The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of Ministry of
    Information & Broadcasting to issue policy guidelines for Headend-in-
    the-Sky operators. The policy guidelines provides for a framework
    within which the HITS Service providers has to provide services in the
    country. The policy does not mandate for either the cable operators or
    subscribers to necessarily obtain signals from a HITS platform/
    network, the subscribers and cable operators can continue with the
    existing system. Hence the cable operators have liberty to switch over
    to HITS provider network if so desired. Thus it has a basic difference
    from the areas notified for CAS (Conditional Access System) which is

    HITS serves the whole country providing its signals through satellite
    to many Multi System Operator (MSO)/cable operators who can further
    send the signals to the customers using their network.

    HITS would help a subscriber with a wide choice of digital channels,
    better picture quality and value added services at affordable price.
    HITS would provide greater channel capacity from the present limited
    capacity of channels placed in prime/non prime band. Salient features
    of the HITS policy approved now are :-
    • HITS services are allowed in both ‘C-Band’ and ‘Ku-Band’.

    • HITS operators can uplink from Indian soil only and will have to
    install SMS and encryption system.

    • They are not permitted to provide signals directly to the
    subscribes. However, if HITS operator is also MSO/Cable Operator, he
    can do so through his distribution network.

    • Total direct and indirect foreign investment including FDI is
    allowed upto 74%. Prior FIPB approval will be required if the FDI in
    beyond 49%.

    • The cross media holding restriction of 20% of total paid up equity
    has been prescribed for various segment of broadcasting services.
    These restrictions have been provided to avoid vertical integration
    and to promote competition.

    • There is no restriction on number of permissions. All those found to
    be eligible and fulfil the terms and conditions can apply for license
    to the Government in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

    • Existing permission holders of HITS will have to comply and migrate
    to new policy regime within three months failing which their
    permission shall be cancelled.

    Now I already have Catvision(as suggested by you but in security category)and have no doubts that its going to be multi-bagger. But whats your opinion about WWIL (Wire & Wireless India Ltd)
    Economically company is in very bad shape with 3 continuous yrs of loss and increasing debt. Also FV-1, Price/book value-4, Very huge trading volume in 32m, very very large equity, presence of FII & MF. These are all negative points.
    But do you think on this news alone can it become multi-bagger from CMP?
    With Regards,

  4. Vikas,
    I do not track WWIL that much.So no view.But there is one penny stock which is coming to my mind and that is Interworld Digiltal.Ltd.
    Just try to open the site and see what they are in and then if you have any question revert back....

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    I never used to believe in penny stock concept. But when I looked at the company, it really looks upcoming and promising company.Good things are First in its business, 0 debt, No FII/MF, continuous 5 yrs of increasing EPS. But concerns are FV-1,High PE,low promoters holding,Still to start its digi cine business,No idea about competitors,technology may become outdated.
    My frank opinion, we can bet(!) for 1000 stocks. Do you really visualize a multi-bagger in making?
    With Regards,

  6. Vikas,
    That is your decision for take.If you like it buy it otherwise ignore it.

  7. Hi Vikas,
    I was going through your comments on Pharma stocks...I am very much agree with your take on how MR of diff companies intracts with doctors regarding their products..but as Rajeev has mentioned that's not the game here. Well, I am from Pharma background and was in multivitamin section of a company and seen the margins on products.Do we know why these guys comes to the docs with mega offers...coz they have high margins on their products that's y they are offering them. It's similar to TV/print media ads for different products in market (Soft drinks,cosmetic products, etc) but we cannot ad any drug direct to market(except some) so here docs work as a channel for advertisment in market and that's the way it works. Now you compare the cost of pespi ads on TV and a MR Offer to a doc..though both the products have different consumers range but still it's a huge difference.
    We all know that all of the (most) pharma companies are making generic drugs so they don't have to loose any money on R&D and India has got high consumption percentage which is sufficient to make them grow in generic.
    GSK, Ranbaxy, etc. has stablished their brand value in market so they have less manforce for channalising their products compared to upcomings.
    It is a safe and most stable sector compared to any other industry after agri.

  8. Thanks Om for your comments.