Sunday, November 15, 2009


"The bear lobby is indeed very much active as their hero of 2008-09 is unable to digest the bull run and was once again propagating about the difficult days ahead from the macro economic point of view. He once again forecast the global markets to correct by 20% and India even more. When the anchor of the CNBC channel enquired if a correction of 25% was likely, this bear operator nodded in agreement. This leads me to doubt about the sagacity of technical experts who continue to be guided by this bear operator and sing his tune."

This is what I read in one of weekly for stock market from a very wellknown analyst.
This guy is refering Shankar Sharma and one reader asked me what I think about SS view that we can see 12500 !
I wrote him in reply that one needs to read Marc Mobious view which I have posted here.
I am quoting it here what I want to read at from Marc Mibious interview at cnbc :

"A: I think a deeper cut will come as we go up. It is expected since many people will get frightened looking at the valuations. A number of analysts have not been too optimistic about what the earnings will be for next year. So these analysts will say, “We are at the peak and it is about time that we get out of the expensive stocks”. They will realize that the next year and the year after that it will be much better than expected and then the market will rebound."

This was his one of the reply ....and what one needs to read here I have put it in RED WORDS.....
That is what one needs to read....understanding is important and able to read what needs to be read is more important.
My answer comes with this reply from MM.He says that analyst will feel that valuations has gone up and one need to sell it and next year the results will be much better and there will be upward revision for earning and one will repent booking profit in good stock.....
See, I am not in the sector and hence nor do I have any exposer in Int market.I read and take clues from what someone is saying........
So the bottomline here is SS fear is unwarrented ......


  1. Hi Rajeev

    Nice write-up, I am truly impressed with you analytical and interpretation skills. Everyone one us read and watch television but the skill is not reading watching and listening but how we analyse and interpret the information.

    Rajeev what is your expert advice about Kale Consultant at CMP. Is it expensive or one can enter after correction. I have entered in KPIT after your advice and can see it marching every day. Many thanks for that.

    Have a gr8 week ahead.


  2. When somebody ask about a scrip whether right now it is expensive or not, that means he/she is trying to play for extremely short term.

    one more thing, if somebody loves a stock then never see the prices instead buy it, later on if it falls add some more.


  3. hi varun,
    Rajeev only tell you whether a stock is a multibagger or not before anyone else see it. Everything else is upto you.

  4. yeah..this is true priya and uno both are perfectly right..

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  6. sir it is a new topic here is a view regarding buying innovative foods prior to delisting pl guide

  7. Dear Kartik,
    I don't understand why you wants to buy a stock which is going to get delisted?
    If it get delisted then there will be no trade in that makes no sense buying a Co that is going to get delisted.......