Friday, November 6, 2009


I have seen that readers get perturbed when stock goes down.Stocks goes down when market goes down or for any other perticular reason.
They gets shaked with correction.I am again telling you all, this blog is just for investor to find undiscovered stocks and one should always remember that these stocks are highly risky.
So those who are investing in these type of stocks should also know the RISK that is attached with it.
For those who wants no anxiety and wants to sleep quitely needs to BUY A GROUP STOCKS ONLY....They should never think of buying stocks of B gr or Cash Gr. I have time and again written here that these are all stories that is coming up and whether they will be successful or not is not predictable at any juncture untill it gets unfold.
Operators will play all type of game to let people sell their holding and corner such stocks at throw away price.This is seen all over the world.
Even in USA I have seen stock going down 50 % in 1 day and coming back again the very next day or takes a week time or even more.
Don't keep on asking about stocks which goes down after they bought it.According to Peter Lynch , who was very very successful in US stock market and found many multibaggers , has experianced that invariably whenever he has bought stock, it has gone that is a global phenomenone.
One should always be ready for any type of gyration that takes place in stock market.
This blog gives no guarnetee that one will earn in BIG.......Any decision taken for buying or selling will be his/her own.Due diligence is a must.Any view given here by me on front page or in comments is my own view and it may go wrong in a big way.
Readers needs to understand it very very clearly that I am not a Master nor an expert.I am sharing my knowledge here whatever I have learned from the market.
Time and again I have shared my knowledge and experiance which may have helped or may not have helped readers.
Those who are following me since long,means from MMB days and ISG days should be knowing how my picks use to perform.
I again would like to suggest that please do not invest in market with borrowed money....never ever do that....and even if it is yours ,it should be atleast for 5 yrs.....means money invested should not be needed for next 5 years.


  1. hi view on indiabulls hammered a lot kinda stuck in big wqty @ 200...any opinions?? tia..

  2. Deepak,
    I didn't understand anything .....wqty@200...what does that mean?what is "tia" at the end of message.....

  3. I will only say hmmmmmmm


    and a big hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    I always put that money in market that i dont need for next 5 years.. :-)

    Have a good Sleep


  4. hey rajeev...tht ws a typo thr..."wqty" ws supposed to be "qty" (quantity) bot @ rs 200....and "tia" in the end meant "thanx in advance" :))

  5. Dear Rajeev Ji,
    Do you think Recent raid on Madhu Koda who have alloted mining licence and take away most of the money. Now we can assume that It can lead to revival of mining sector atleast in india. Is it favourable for companies like Ashapura mines or other small companies in mining.


  6. Hi Rajeev,
    I think I made a mistake by taking stock of Singer India against your advice. Please go through following link and clarify. As per my thinking company is GONE as per clause 1 of 3.1 But I cant understand remaining clauses. Please clarify.
    With Regards,

  7. Deepak,
    I think you get in at high price in Indiabulls Fin.
    It is 137 now and u getin at 200 and I think when u bot the p/e was 20 and that I think was on higher side.It will bounce back but when I can't say before how much it can go down......

  8. Vikas,
    I am not able to open the link........
    Moreover there is no mistake.It is all lesson learnt.....I am no expert and don't feel like that...

  9. Hi Rajeev,

    Hope you are doing fine.
    I have just come across DMC International Ltd. This share ran up from Rs1.6 in March to 24 CPM. Can you please give your expert comments on the company.

    Thanking in advance.

  10. Varun
    It has runup fast.I recomended at other forum in last bull run.They have ventured in IT Education, a hot sector.
    May come down......

  11. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for your kind words. But I want get this Singer India's story clarified so that I will not commit such mistakes again. Please go through following moneycontrol link-

    Or else please try the most recent corporate announcement on Singer India on
    Looking forward for your reply.
    With Regards,

  12. Rajeev bhai
    please look into Yash management and comment.

  13. sandeep,
    I track it since long.Tell me what you find in Yash Management and what you wants from me to know.....

  14. Vikas,
    The whole capital is eroded that is what it says.
    Singer India seems not to be a good proposition to hold on.
    But no one knows the future.