Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All Readers......

All readers,

It seems that everyone likes Amit as well and seems they feel that what Amit is asking is great....as I am seeing none is coming out to speak against him.....I feel very sorry that when I am putting so much of effort and puting my time and mind...but people never have gratitude for that....I was knowing that one day this was going to happen.....I am surprised to see how people can be so ungrateful that they are seeing some readers disturbing me and they don't write a single word to them?I feel dejected and frustarated that all wants everything from others but would not like to put their effort if somethings happens to others.......I would have liked to see all readers writing to Amit , about what he is doing and caution him not to do that again......but seems sab apni khichadi pakane main hi mast hai.....jahan , rajeev likhta hai....think hai....
But let me write here that I have felt very very bad that all are reading my answers to Amits what Amit is trying to ask ......and I thought people will come to stopAmit....but none felt like that....
So what I was thinking is "Whether people CARES  FOR ME OR NOT?"If someone is trying to disturb me and that I have written in my comments....whether they come out to stop Amit or not.....readers all have been reading  my conversation with Amit since many days.......but none uptill now had come out to tell anything to Amit....
So it seems that all the good wishes and blessing are just fakes......they were not meant for me....they just spoken for the sake of speaking them otherwise , when I am writing , that Amit you are irritating me,  all readers should have written Amit in strong language.....but that never happen....
I again reiterate that ,I am not an MBA, nor an analyst nor a CA nor an economist.....I donno many things which many must be knowing...but readers keeps on asking me such questions and perticularly Amit is doing it with some purpose...as he is picking stocks which have some things he can write and not picking stocks where there is nothing to write.....and no one feels that he is doing purposefully.....

I think if no one feels that what Amit is doing is without any malice and if I am feeling like that then I think it is time for me to bid farewell to this blog....BECAUSE I CAN'T WRITE ON MY BLOG THIS WAY.......
 but what I felt very bad is I have to ask to all of  you to write to Amit, instead of all of you doing by your own.......I can't write here if someone keeps on disturbing me like Amit is doing......and no one feels that he is doing wrong....as I have already written that he is disturbing me....

This is my last post at this blog.....

Enough is enough...for me ........


  1. Dear Rajeev sir,

    Dont irritate with amit, I am fan for your blog, and i found so much of information and all my stocks from your advise are now in green. please don't say bye. this is my kind request.


  2. hi rajeev

    i like many others have been following you for years and have benefited immensely from your knowledge.every time i benefit from your advice , i dont forget to express my gratitude. i have been reading amits messages as well and so far he is behaving as if he is some super genius who knows everything about stock market.

    after reading few of his messages , i understood he is here for a different reason -- to embarass you in whatever way he can. and after that i totally ignored his messages.i expected you to do the same but everyone is different and i think he succeeded in putting you off.

    rajeev everyone appreciates your hard work over the years... there are scores of multibaggers you have recommended . its your blog and its your right to block or debar any of the boarders who visit your site.

    I request you to be iron fisted and either ban these boarders or ignore them.

    I and other boarders feel sorry for not understanding your frustration and being selfish in just waiting for your recommendations and nothing else.

    Hoping that you rethink about your decision for benefit of everyone.


  3. Rajeev,

    It is your blog and you can write whatever you wish to but I am following all your calls and it is not that I am pin pointing only your failed calls. It is just a point that you mentioned in your post on Windsor that windsor machines and windsor realty are from same owner and but when I called up windsor realty today to confirm this they told me that they are no way related to windsor machines. Moreover I am getting annual report of Windsor machines from the company head office. I just wanted to put the facts in place nothing else. I don't deal in stocks which you suggest. In Mid Cap i only hold Apar Industries at 80 Rs. 1 lac shares and I am still holding. It is my hobby to dig into stories. If by just correcting your facts you get disturb then I am sorry Rajeev you have a very sensitive and fragile personality. Last but not the least I am no operator but I am here to vanish all operator driven stories even though I believe that yours are mostly fundamental calls and also I AM NO HYPOCRITE. I am ready to share my contact details and my mobile number on this blog if you wish. Moreover you only say do your due Dilegence before investing and I see no harm in correcting things even if the master is wrong. If that pains you than you are not open to a healty discussion and that to me is a very sad state.



  4. Dear rajubhai

    This happens to you everytime and i find you in pain.

    the best solution is this blog is under your control and things that are not in the interest of the blog may please be deleted.

    i know you left mmb because of the same,because you didnt have any control,but here you have and hence delete or do not allow any message to be printed which damages the blog

  5. Rajeev

    Now you are writing to forget windsor, the guy who keeps on saying to be invested in the stock for medium to long term has gone so short termed. If you are brave then why you deleted my post in the afternoon that Windsor realty is a JV of Raheja group and emgeen corp and has no connection whatsoever with Windsor machines.

    If at times one goes wrong he should admit it rather than starts creating environment against someone who pointed out the mistake.

    I hope you are mature enough to understand.



  6. Amit , rajeev say that Windsor Realty Arm of Windsor Eng Ltd....a Piramal Gr of Co.. not of raheja

  7. Dear Rajeev,
    I normally don't write everywhere but I feel you are a very nice person. Don't get disheartened by anything. Remember the famous dialog in the movie Guru, when ppl talk abt u, that means u r doing TARRAKKI... Also, as mentioned by another follower of u regarding u moving out of MMB, same thing happened with ISG group before 8-10 years. So don't feel bad for anything. Good and bad point of views are always there in this world. Same with investments(profit or loss). There are always 2 sides of the coin.


  8. Amit do you know that rajeev gave the call on lesha energy when nobody knows that story . It BS and Pl not shows what is in it. Now look at the story

  9. TT

    It actually is of raheja and emgeen corp. check the website of windsor realty.



  10. Hi Rajeev,

    There are so much of peoples following you and benefited from you. Please continue your work of helping others


  11. Amit do you know gkw basically it is fastner company . but it has a great land bank . when company decided to sale its land bank its share got the multiplyer effect. As what you are looking at windsor realty may be that the case.

  12. TT

    I have contacted Windsor realty today to do my due diligence as rajeev always say and I found that they have no relation with Windsor Machines Limited. They are two totally different companies with no relation at all and with completely different set of promoters.



  13. Amit,

    If you do not like this blog and if you feel that this is not good, please leave this place.

    After meeting Rajeev, I have got some hope that I will be able to come out of my Financial obligations in long term.

    Please allow him to do the Service/Help/Favor that he is doing without expecting any big returns from the readers.

    Please do not stop this. I cannot say anything more than this.

    But, I Thank You for showing how to pick the value/growth stocks.
    You are the person who has given the hint of what investing is, and I am following it with diligence.

    I request you again not to stop this.

    AMIT, Please get lost from this blog


  14. Dear Mr Rajeev

    I Started Investing in share market during January 2008, Sensex at them around 18000,
    i have come across your blog during july 2008
    infact Shriram EPC was first goog profit even during the difficult year 2008, In total i have lost atound 1,50,000 till march 2009,then come turnaround storey , Iam able to wipe out my loss and today iam having plus of 2.5 Lacs, That is only because your blog and non other Mr Rajeev Desai,How to choose multibeggar stock i would read atleast 50 times, It is really eye opener for me, Your blog so usefull to me I do agree all calls may not materlised but i can say your 80% of calls are sails thru, that is more than enough, , your like god to me, Iam
    regusting you kindly reconsider your decision.

  15. Prashant

    I am not telling anyone to stop writing neither I am against Rajeev. I got a fact correct and I want put that fact to him.

    It is my request to please mind your language if you can't then you better don't address your messages to me.


  16. If it is that simple to go & check the website then everybody become milonaire . It is really heartbreaking if rajeev ji stops this blog.I am so nervous to say anything

  17. Amit,

    If you think you are best at picking stocks, you can very well do it yourself. Let others to do their business.


  18. Murali & TT

    I have not told anyone to stop and nor I feel that I have done any mistake and whenever I felt that I have committed one I have always apologised to rajeev but even at few instances it should not have been. Anyways, I am not going to write or ask anything on this blog. let it be, May god bless u all.


  19. Hi Amit,

    You have done enough damage to this blog, now, please get lost from here. How shameless you have to be to write in this blog still.

    Your purpose is already met- you could get Rajeev write that he is stopping this blog. What else do you need?. Your purpose is met. Now, please, please get lost from here.

    May be you can start another blog, you claim to be so good in stock markets. You can vent out your frustration there, but not in this blog any more, my humble request.


  20. Hi Rajeev,

    As already mentioned by some one, this is YOUR blog. If you do not like messages from certain people, you SHOULD just delete them.

    Or, just ignore them.

    If you get pissed and stop writing in the blog, I guess, you are bowing down to your detractors!!! Akhir mein jeet to unhi ki hui na!!!

    I really feel, you should ignore such people, and delete their posts. But obviously this is easier said than done. I understand, that it pains you. I would still request you to atleast give it a shot. I understand your frustration. More often than not, I have come across posts that order you to reply/simply ask reco's etc as if you have been 'installed' for this purpose only. People have just taken you for granted.

    @Amit: Leaving aside whatever your intentions are, the bottom line is that Rajeev is hurt by you. Thats it, that ends the matter here. As you said, you are not a hyprocrite, I feel it would be good if you prove that by appologizing to him and do not bug him again.

    @All: I would like to request ALL, kindly do not see Rajiv as someone who is obliged to answer to our queries!!! Someone who has to give a reco every day!!! Some one has no right to have a bad call!!! What he is doing here, is completely out of his own feeling to do something good for others. Let us all have a look at ourself's, do we do anything daily purely for other's benefit!!!!??? I am telling honestly, I do nothing. Give him some respect and breathing space. Time and again he had to remind the readers - 'I have other work to do/ I have a job to take care off'. This sounds so embarassing. He is doing a social service, but is still forced to give explainations. Ek ungli kya diya rajeev ne, hum ko to pura haath bhi kafi nahi!!!

    Rajeev, once more I would say, you are doing something great and you DEFINITELY need NOT bow down to anyone.

    Hope to see you back soon.

    Warm Regards,
    Sumit Acharya

  21. Sajith

    I am a normal investor like you and you should first know what has happened and then comment and don't address any messages to me in future. I have not stopped anyone. Dare you use any foul language to me, If I am not then you MUST refrain.


  22. "Now you are writing to forget windsor, the guy who keeps on saying to be invested in the stock for medium to long term has gone so short termed"

    What is u're problem? U want him to keep mum and let others pay for calls about which he has doubt?

    You have every right to ask question and Rajeev has every right to feel irritated. But this kind of attitude towards a person who has been helping all is really uncalled for.

    If Rajeev had mentioned that call is a bad call, it only shows that he is ready admit that he had made a bad call. Why do u want to keep pestering hm on that? If u think that that stock is not worth investing, please dont!!!

    He did not hide his mistake and cheat anyone of us. If u are somebody who does all "due diligence" u should check his older posts. There are many instances where he had doubts in some calls and Rajeev was quick to correct himself.

    This is to everyone,

    The only thing you can expect from Rajeev is to give you the name of the script which is a potential multibagger. It is upto you to find your own reason to buy or not buy that stock.

    Please do not come here asking for targets and tips. It is a request!

  23. To Amit,

    You can not achieve anything in your life.. i bet...

  24. Guys,

    I have already told that I am not going to ask or write anything on this blog so don't address anymore messages to me.



  25. Priya

    I think you have passed your time looking at others what they have achieved. Better concentrate on your own stuff if you have any.....

  26. Amit,

    Just few minutes before you said that you won't write in this blog. Just to remind your words.

    If you are best at picking stocks, as Sajith said you can very well start your own blog and write whatever you like.


  27. Murali,

    If any message is addressed to me and is objectionable I have all the write to give it back from where it came, So don't address to me.


  28. Amit..

    I am silent reader of this blog and have been beneifited lot from desaiji.. Have learnt lot from him. AND NOW CAUSE OF YOU, DESAIJI HAVE DECIDED TO STOP WRITING IN THIS BLOG. Please amit STOP your activity on this blog for us.




  29. Amit, hope we do not see any messages from you on this blog here after, please please please, and thanks a ton in advance. Atleast now......

  30. Dear Rajeevji,

    Your blog is of immense value to me. I request you to continue to guide us .I am a soft spoken person and do not write against anyone in-order to avoid conflict. I want to subscribe to your blog even if you make it a paid blog. That way ,only people who value your services alone will participate with you. I want your association and be your student ,boss. Please do not deprive me of the opportunity to learn. Awaiting your favour.
    K.Murali (There is also another Murali who has written comments.My email id is murkrishan@gmail.com just to make myself clear )

  31. Hi Rajeev,
    I have been visiting ur blog just since 3-4 weeks. I would like to say one thing, any person in this world rich or poor must be sorrounded by true persons(honest at heart), no matter if they are not our friend but they must be true. I have noticed that APKE ZYADATAR FOLLOWERS CHAPLUSI KI BHASHA BOLTE HAIN. They act as if they care for you but actually they
    visit ur blog to get tips and nothing more than that. I have never seen anyone putting his point of view about a scrip so that u can also get benefitted from it. Rajeev don't u feel that if others are getting benefitted from ur calls then u must also get benefitted from others. Ur followers must also say their point of view so that ur time is saved. Everyone visits this blog with only one question, rajeevji whats ur view on this, on that, blah blah..... But none comes with his point of view.
    I agree that ur knowledge is excellent about the market and very less people can match up to it but it is upto u that with whom do u want that to share that. With these chaploos people who started thrashing Amit as soon as u said without reading his replies. BADE BADE RAJA MAHARAJA KO AISE CHAPLOOS LOGON NE MARVAYA HAIN. AAP EEN LOGON SE BACH KAR RAHIYE.
    Pls don't feel offended Rajeev, I feel very bad when people gain so much from ur calls but in rteturn they do only chaploosi and nothing else.
    Rajeev that guy Amit might be bad but he had guts so ask sorry from you and put his point honestly in front of you. Do u value such a true guy less compared to other chaploos ? Think Rajeev, think.

  32. hey rajiv,

    keep on doing great help with your valuable info posts; we all value them a lot.


  33. Dear friend Amit,
    No matter whatever was your intention good/bad, that forced Rajiv bhai, to write a separate post for you, I request you, that please put yourself in place of Rajiv bhai, and then think which kind of response you would expect from others, even if your some call gone bad, you would expect a constructive response. Here Rajiv bhai is staying in USA for 2 years, and still giving almost all excellent calls, so one has to be tolerant if 1-2 calls gone bad. Even if Rajiv ji went wrong with some bad call, but if you see the spreadsheet of all the calls, overall return is way above 100% aggregate, which distincts him from all other analysts. You should learn to appreciate good about Rajiv's calls. Do you have the guts to give so many calls which give more than 100% returns in less than 6 months ?? If yes then, in order to prove your point, you should start a separate blog, and discuss your views in that blog. And if your all calls go 100% right , then you can surely boast for whatever purpose you wanted to achieve in asking Rajiv ji to close his blog.. See its always easy to talk anything crap on others' blog, but so is tough to start your own blog, if you can prove that , then great, else Till then just Shut up !!

  34. Desaiji..

    Please forget this & start posting .. We all need your advise.. Specially during this in period when we r really confused of what to do in market.. Your posting is of lot of help to us..

    Cause of one your r punishing many hundred others too..


  35. Dear Omkar

    You first read the whole thing why it all started and I just wanted that Rajeev rectify one fact about Windsor Machine, don't start jumping around without understanding what the matter is and if you have read, I have already told that I will not write or ask anything on this blog till I am not addressed to but since you told me to SHUT UP you better SHUT UP and read first and then also don't speak to me atleast.

    @Rajeev whatever you have did by writing a blog here and making me a villian in front of all these guys is not good but my aim was to get the correct fact but it seems that these guys are not interested let them do what they want, you write or not is indifferent for me. I was a big fan of yours but no more, no more as you are good at making very small things into big big issues. Its your blog nobody questions you but I had the courage and you made me into villian. JUST WRITE ON YOUR BLOG ONE WAY STREET FOLLOW WHATEVER I SAY READERS COMMENTS WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.


  36. Hi Rajeev,
    Come on Yaar!
    I can understand your frustration, but things like this happen once in a while.
    So you should not get dithered by this.
    And now that Amit has said that he is not going to write or ask anything on this blog,PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR GREAT WORK.
    With Regards,

  37. Rajeev, you are doing good. I don't think for such reason you should feel offended. I did see Amit's comment and for a while thought that he is your friend as you never objected him or you are indirectly supporting him! I wish you can continue your writing unless you have your own other reasons.

  38. This is specifically to Amit, I wish instead of giving someone trouble by commenting or objecting you could have start your own blog and stop visiting here. There are many small investor truly trusting and following recom from here and no one 100% perfect in the world but this blog is close to it.

  39. amit
    after reading so many messages you must have realized by now that YOU are THE most HATED person on this board! If you have little self respect then never come back or post any messages on this board again.

  40. Dear Rajeev

    I have been following your posts in MMB and after you started your blog. I have taken position in many stocks picked by you. I always enter the stocks on the basis of your leads but after due deligence. If I found that the stock picked by you did not suit me for investment, I used to leave it and move on with others.

    But I never bothered you with questions or demands like "provide AR, PL etc., BSE/NSE codes" which are available for one to find on the web sites of most of the companies. I fully agree with you that a freelancer like you cannot afford time to answer all the run of the mill queries asked by the visitors, which will be a irritant and avoidable distraction from the main work of studying about the companies and unearthing value which is not possible for most of us as it is a skill developed by you over a period of time after lot of toil.

    I appreciate your openmindedness in as much as allowing and trying to answer most of the queries despite they being very irritating.

    There are distractors to any body who is trying to do service even as a hobby. Please dont forget that you are doing a great service to those investors who look for your analysis of stocks on a continuous basis. As such, you must disregard all the noise made by a person or persons whose aim could be to disturb you from what you are doing right and move on. You have every right to feel offended and I too would have felt like you if I were in your position.

    In the end I can only say that your decision to stop posting further in the blog will result in a great loss for people like me.

    Whatever may be your decision, I sicerely support you.

    C C ROY

  41. i think amit has miss chance of making money in stock market , n he is mental now n trying to show his intelligenies , but amit idiot doesn"t understand simple think bhav hi bhagawan hai ,

    no ar or b/s or anything can attributte or contribute to any scrip , it rajeev bhai talent n link n have in depth knowledge of how price work for any scrip n how truly he forecast future sector .

    amit instead of rising so much query , have u able to find out any multi bagger , forget MB STOCK ANY LIKING STOCK U HAVE . TILL DATE U HAVN"T COME WITH ANY IDEA . SO KINDLY SHUT YOUR MOUTH LET BHAI DO HIS WORK .


  42. rajvee bhai ,

    kindly banned him from this blog , that is better idea .

    we all silent reader of your blog and your write up is so simple , so we can"t arise any query about it .

    you have emmsence talent and i reallly biggger beneficary of your call .

    you are simply superb


  43. Dear Rajeev,

    It is a very good idea for you to have decided to stop posting on your blog.

    Hats off to Amit for having successfully punched a gaping hole into rajeev's ego...

    I just hope rajeev does not open any new blog in future only to close it down when someone expresses a contrarian view.

    Once again , i congratulate amit for having successfully pressed his "Switch Off" button on his "remote control" to switch off this "Blog Show" that all of us have been watching for such a long time...

    As the saying goes "All good things have to come to an end..."

  44. Amit:

    Please stop sharing your thoughts on this blog If you want start your own blog and put your thoughts on your blog which none will read and follow .Please don't stop a great person like Rajeev who is provide selfless services to all of us


  45. @ Somebody,
    Rajeev is not an egoistic person. Everyone has the right to take credit of his good things and if someone like rajeev who is doing it for free then he deserves praises. I also said something in support of Amit but it did not mean that I wanted this blog to be closed or I am against rajeev. I admire him very much for his talent. If you hate rajeev then u r free to get lost.