Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bears plan of breaking the market flopped......

USA market rebounded after initial hiccups....on Friday....Today Dow is up by 74 points....and Goldman Scahs is up by $2.62 ......where is the panic?
I came to read that what SEC has alleged is just $1bn and that is peanuts for a Co like Goldman Sachs.I just read that Citi Bank has posted the biggest profit of last 3 years of $4 bn.....that is a major turnaround....for the financial sector in USA....
I even justnow read an Analyst Dick Bove gave a buy call on Goldman Scahs.He has given reason for why Goldman Sachs is a buy......
I have seen people becoming scared on Western economies and speaking on weakening of Dollars and Euro's.Well, China has capped the value of Yuan and hence Dollar is at disadvantage.China is keeping the Yuan undervalued purposefully and that is giving unfair advantage to China in trade with any country.
As soon as Yuan will be valued properly Dollar again will become strong.

The thing which I would like to write here is , analyst needs to understand that all the times it doesn't happen what they think.....a rerun of same crisis cannot happen twice...that too so soon....that is what the chartist and analyst need to understand....when they dream again of tanking the market to their will......I feel sorry for them....the problem with them is once successful they always feel that they will always prove correct....but that is never the case....The history never repeats again in  stock market otherwise , sensex shouldn't have climbed to 21000 and USA should have not turnup over 11k .......if history repeats then this should not happen......but that is happening......so what to believe?Does History Repeats?.......NO....that is my conclusion....Analyst or Chartist trying to give same call of market tanking to 12k or 10k or 8k again with same reason...looks impossible.....it may happen but then the reason should be entirely different and that reason I am not seeing in near future.....

Coming back to our market, it seems that bear thinking of major scar on Goldman Sachs will not materialize and market should found its own course.Market is headed higher.......and let me reiterate again.....this year can be the year of Mid/Small cap and even penny stock.......
Unknown stocks will achieve dizzy heights......and by the end of the year one will see that scores of stocks had given 10 times to 20 times return......and if one will go on looking at the Balance Sheet, Debt eq ratio,Cash Flow,Management then one may lose a huge opportunity to be in a multibagger....
Multibagger are those where one is not convinced about the stock.......people are apprehensive and will give  a pass on that stock and will not buy it......that stock becomes multibagger....Multibagger becomes those where nothing is seen in Balance Sheet.One do not see anything in BS or AR .Experts who use to follow these parameters never end with multibaggers.Even by chance they end up with that,they sell it early and for that the reason is ,they start valuing the stock.At a perticular price they start feeling that stock is overvalued and they sell it and from there stock gives 10 times return....That is the area I am very sceptic of.....Valuation.....I have written a whole post on VALUATION....and if some will write "Valuation" word on my blog "SEARCH" tab at extreme right  of my blog one will find that post.......
The first rule for Indian Market and maybe for world market is, never ever give a pass on any story......anything can happen in market.Yesteryear dud  becomes a darling of market and we have seen that in past.......If everything is written in BS or AR then all those reading them can buy that stock and makes millions......Co use to hide such informations.....the future plans and its execution.....Remember this forever.....as I have read a quote somewhere...which was saying that if "Balance sheet or AR is saying everything then all CA's and MBA's would have been a billioner...."
Well, many may think I am not thinking in correct way.Not looking at BS, AR,Cash Flow.....that is wrong way of picking.I agree with that.I have my own way of picking stocks.I try to foresee growth.......I try to foresee the value...that is my forte....
One of the reader was writing me that readers keeps on asking for new picks because they sell at 20-25% profit and then the stock never gives chance to buy.....but I had always said, don't sell everything....sell 20-30% at 25% profit.....if your hand is itching to sell and make profit one may sell but don't sell whole stake.........I have been giving recomendations on regular basis....but I have no magic stick that I can come out with stocks everyday.......


  1. Rajeev,

    Wonderfull post and really stress this sentence "Multibagger becomes those where nothing is seen in Balance Sheet". for that i have one stock for your to know views : Rungta Irrigation (drip irrigation, immense opportunity), let me know your views on this stock.

    My Big Thanks to You for educating people in A right manner. I am silent follower your blog, but when you write post like my heart pushes to comment ;). You really do hard work not only writing on blog but reading, collecting data and analyzing and educating others.


  2. Hi Mahesh,
    For your kind Information, I have already recomended Rungta Irrigation when it was 17..if you will write the name in "search This Blog" you will find it.....so Rungta Irrigation is no new to my readers....I also recomended EPC Ind now EPC Irrigation at that time....that was a twin pick in irrigation sector from me at that time.....

  3. Hi Rajeev,

    I'm a pretty new follower of your blog. Guess I'v used an oxymoron there, new and follower together :). Well, that exactly is how it is. Your blog has caught my eye in a relatively short span of time. And that is when there are scores who throw up recos and stock names like anything.
    Each time I go thru your blog i get more n more sure that yours is "different".
    For example this latest post, now when most people are already warning of a deep correction and saying how high sensex has gotten without a decent correction, you have the courage to go to an extent to suggest "by the end of the year one will see that scores of stocks had given 10 times to 20 times return". WOW!

    Anyway, so as I said, im a newbie here, so can be forgiven for being slightly more influenced by "others" who are currently suggesting otherwise. :)
    You know I would love to hear from you about such midcap/smallcap cos. who you think are going to turn multibaggers from these levels, and are excellant buys or to be followed even now.

    My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you for carrying on the great job you are doing!
    Keep the good work up Rajeev!


  4. Hey Rajeev,

    For the past many posts, I have been noticing my fellow readers clamouring for more and more stock picks when all this while you've been naming them regularly.
    I guess if there was some way in your blog where someone could just see the list of your current recommendations, at one place, i guess that would really help people!
    Just my two cents :)

  5. Hi Jasi,

    I guess there are already excel sheets with Rajeev's Recos. Read all the comments, you will find that information.

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  7. Dear Rajeev,
    Congrats! your call on Hi-Tech Gears doing great. Today touched high of 179/=. Thanks and keep it going!

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  11. Rajeevji,

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  16. hi rajeev,

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