Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Lots of water has flown over in last 24 hrs.
Amit says I made him a Villian here .
I have been writing here since the inception of this blog that I am not a CA, MBA or analyst.I donno how to see Cash flow, I don't read BS, I don't read AR....this I have been writing many times and this I have written everynow and then.
Hence I can very easily assume that Mr.Amit must also have read these things.
I have also written many times that I lives in USA since last 2 yrs and I am just like a One Man Army.I don't have people who works here under me.I have also mentioned that I explore the ET,BS, Live Mint business paper.That also means that I have no access personally to anyone in the Co.That  also makes a simple to understand that I may be wrong in my analysis.
I have always taken back my call whenever I  have found that I didn't have explore properly .One can any time look at my pas post wherein I have written that I am taking my call back so the question of accepting the mistake never comes here....I always do that....
Amit says ,he wants confession from me that I was wrong.He says he is my admireror and he has praised me for my good calls as well.
I would like to invite Amit to show me his comments where he appreciated my good calls........I do not remember ever he has written a word of praise for any of my calls.
Now coming back to what Amit is doing to me personally at my id ......
 For an evidence I am pasting here his mails.....

"  On Fri, 16/4/10, Amit Sharma wrote:

From: Amit Sharma

Subject: IFB Annual Reports


Date: Friday, 16 April, 2010, 12:04 PM
Dear Rajeev,
Can you send me ARs of IFB....say past 5 years. I shall be grateful for that."

My answer:

I do not read I have none.....

So he send me another mails immidiately............

"On Fri, 16/4/10, Amit Sharma wrote:

From: Amit Sharma
Subject: Re: IFB Annual Reports
To: "Rajiv Desai"
Date: Friday, 16 April, 2010, 12:48 PM
Dear Rajeev,
Then, in that case, can you provide me the Balance-Sheet, P&L statements & Cash Flow Statements?

My answer was .........


That is one and the same.....I do not read all these and that I have written many times at my don't ever ask me about BS, AR , Cash Flow....these are all Greek N Latin for me...."

One can read here that even though he has tried to irritate  me I have kept cool  and not written anything to him any offensive.....
Now from above conversation anyone can understand what is happening between us and what he is trying to do......
When I had categorically wrote that I do not read BS,AR or Cash flow...on my blog.....why he asked for AR to me at my id?What he was trying to do?Am I a person who keeps AR of IFB of 5 yrs?When I wrote ,I do not read AR, he asked me again for Cash Flow, Balance Sheet,P&Lstatement etc...what does that mean?It was an act of irritating me and trying to prove a point.....that he is smarter then me ......He was trying to unnerve me by doing that.......
He has asked me some queries in past as well on Apar Ind etc.....but since last few days he started ddoing again to prove himself.....
Amit says he admire me most and he didn't expect this from me that I created an enviornment against him at my blog......
See, many readers has kept on asking me questions which were redundant and I have given them a very blunt reply but I had never done to them what I have to do with Amit.............Why I hasd to do with Amit and noone else....WHY?Amit is not the first person who keeps asking me silly or redundant questions and unnerve me.....
He was trying to irritate me and unnerve me and that can be seen from the above facts Viz his mails etc.....that even though I have written that I do not read , AR,BS,Cash Flow he ended up asking me about that........that prove a malice towards me...and that is why I have to come out in public.......
Let Amit show me his comments wherein  he has praised my good or excellent calls....I has never seen any from him....
I thought it is high time for me to put myself here an write what is happening between two of us.....I read one of the readers comments that which says that actually Amit is blod to show me my mistake...and I am not behaving properly with him.....His id here is "share".......I would like to read his what he has to tell me now.....
I ask why it happened with Amit and no one else....In past also I have been shown my mistake.....and I have accepted that......because he is trying to prove me wrong....he called Windsor Co and asked about Windsor Realty.....he says , Windsor Realty is not from Windsor Eng...fine....if he has found that then don't buy it.....
When I write Due Diligence is a must....that doesn't mean that one has to put it here and force me to write that it was wrong call!When I write DD is a must, that is for the readers to do that and if anyone find any faults he should not buy that stock.....what was the BIG DEAL with it.....what Amit is trying to prove here.....
Amit says he do not buy anthing what I recomend then why he is visting my blog?The answer is there in the question....he visit to find faults from my calls and as soon as he find fault he pounch on that and starts his work.....When Amit do not buy anything what I recomend why he is visting.....this BLOG?Can he answer me that?Or can anyone who feels Amit is right can answer me that?
I don't say, it is neccessary to buy what I recomend here.....but then I also expect that you don't try to become heavy on me......If you do not like my writing stop visiting my one is forcing you to do, but if you visit my blog and also wants to comments then one needs to be polite and respect the owner and writer......if writer is getting irritated or unnerved by your writing you have to stop that.......and that is the botttomline....
When I write ,Amit is a Hypocrate, it means that what he saying is not what he is doing...he is speaking something and doing other or opposite towhat he is speaking.....I am not saying he is not Amit....I say his words and act do not match.....and when is say his word and deeds do not match, I say, he respects me a lot then he should have stopped doing what he was doing...and should have shown that respect....but instead he went ahead and wrote whatever he felt.....
Readers adivce me not to take these seriously and ignore such episode.....but I AM NOT A THICK SKIN...I  AM NOT A POLITICIAN.....
I hope , I have very nicely explained what was happening ........and what he is upto.....


  1. First of all, Gr8 job that u have done on this
    blog of yours, Now as a committed reader of ur blog i would request you to leave all the criticism behind and start posting. cause we all readers need u to do that and u have been very helpful, so for all those who have respect for u, u a requested to start posting as we have soveriegn debt crisis at our hands.

    I hope major readers will agree with the same.

    Rgds and god bless,


  2. Dear Rajeev,

    Please suggest us on recent crisis . Is it long termed or short termed

  3. Hi Rajeev,

    Your effort in providing the value stock picks are commendable. I think the expectation from you on the calls has increased exponentially and thats the reason people like amit tried to point out that. it may be underlying failure of not picking stocks like you or jealous that you are right most of the time...People like amit has think themselves

    I would like to say one thing:

    "Even God can't satisfy all the people every time" and you are just a human being. If you have got support of 75% in the group that's a dam good thing and infact you got much more than that in this issue.

    And one more thing...

    As this blog is not a paid blog, nobody has the right to question the accountability nor accuracy of the information that rajeeve provides

    Lets think that these issues will be there in friendships and forget/forgive to be united!!

  4. Dear Rajeev,

    There is a great statement i had heard in the past it went like " You dont have to make enemies in life. Just become successful and automatically enemies will be born"

    People like Amit only go on to show how successful your blog is and how popular you have become.

    I know it is difficult to ignore such high irritation. Rajjeev always remember for every one Amit you have a 1000 other investors who are on your side. These investors have benefited from your calls and appreciate the kind of good work you are doing in bringing out great investments stocks day after day.

    In the end I would like to say that you are not GOD and hence you can also make a few mistakes. That is why every investor should do due dilience before he buys or sells any stock.
    Some stocks may give multibagger returns and some may not. But as you famously put it once ..... It also depends on ones LUCK.

    On behalf of all your blog members I Thank You for all the effort you put in to make this Blog so rich with knowledge.

  5. Dear Rajeev

    My name is Amit Gupta and not Amit Sharma and my email id is and I live in New Delhi and my mobile number is 00919810046055. I have been visiting your blog to see your marvelous work and I am not here to pin point any mistake and if I found one I sought your explanation on that and I have never emailed you regarding IFB or for that matter I have never emailed you on any subject whatever I have written is written on the blog and not by any email and that you can very well cross check by senders email account. Moreover I am ready to face anyone who wants prove that I am here to sabotage your effort or to question your sincerity. I was on your blog to learn how you pick things that art.

    I have given my complete contact details. I am again saying I am Amit Gupta and not Amit Sharma I never wrote any email to you.

    Yes I have asked you about Apar because I am holding huge quantity since it was 80 but apart from that I never mailed you for any AR BS or anything. Yes I do wrote about Ram Ratan Wires and asked your opinion, I do wrote about all Windsor Facts but never asked for any AR BS by email. If you have your problems you speak to Amit Sharma and not me. I also don't know who "Share " is. If some other Amit is troubling you then you speak to him you can't put all Amit visiting your blog on me. Amit is a very common name.

    I hope I have made myself clear. I was here to learn the art of investing and nothing more.


    Amit Gupta

  6. I dont think you should watse your energy and time after such a psychotic persons..who doesnt know what stock market is and i am sure, who doesnt have adime of his own to invest in the same..just a "Lukkha" person having habit of irritating people.... this duffer doesnt know everything in stock market doesnt work by just number.... great capitals are sometimes built on just instinct... he is a slave of numbers so let him be...dont waste your time after such lunatic person.... did he check the numbers and AR and BS when he got married ..I am sure is counterpart did not .... anyways, keep focus on what you are doing

  7. Dear Rajeev,
    I am surprised. I wrote a reply and posted it and it just didnt appear. Gosh will try to rewrite it again.

    Thre is a saying that goes sumthing like this "One doesnt needs to make enemies, just become SUCCESSFUL and your enemies will automatically be born"

    I feel people like Amit are a reflection of the success that you have had for the last so many years. Your blog has done wonders and you have a plethora of knowledge. You have also been greatful in puuting that information on your blog so that normal investors can make good decisions.

    Your quitting will only make people like Amit more stronger. i dont know if they ever have done anything constructive or helped people in any way. But by robbing investors of your good efforts and knowledge they have indeed caused a massive destruction.

    I know you are not a politician but please learn to ignore nuisance creators. There are many around to destroy your peace and make you feel dejected.

    But remember you are a Unique Creation of God and are going a great service to ALL INVESTORS.

    Due diligence is a must for all investors and they can in no way hold you responsible for their losses or profits.

    On behalf of all members of your blog I sincerely request you to kndly hold on and continue guiding us through the topsy curvy indian stock markets.

  8. i think amit has miss chance of making money in stock market , n he is mental now n trying to show his intelligenies , but amit idiot doesn"t understand simple think bhav hi bhagawan hai ,

    no ar or b/s or anything can attributte or contribute to any scrip , it rajeev bhai talent n link n have in depth knowledge of how price work for any scrip n how truly he forecast future sector .

    amit instead of rising so much query , have u able to find out any multi bagger , forget MB STOCK ANY LIKING STOCK U HAVE . TILL DATE U HAVN"T COME WITH ANY IDEA . SO KINDLY SHUT YOUR MOUTH LET BHAI DO HIS WORK .


  9. Dear Rajiv
    You are doing excellent job..i am your fan

    please dont get disturbed by such no sense jealous people around.

    we will support you

  10. Rajeev my comments have been blocked. Even though I am supporting you why my comments were blocked. Regarding Amit, I only said that he is 1000 times better than these chaplus people. (In hindi chaplus means people who licck others foot for their benefit). If you feel offended then I am sorry but I am your admirer.

  11. Dear Rajeev,
    I came out of debt because of your calls. Many thanks to you.
    Please don’t stop writing on this blog.
    We all have faith in you.
    Amit tum gupta ho ya sharma don’t try to act smart, we all can see what u are doing and how you are replying to peoples feeling.

    Get lost from this blog and try to learn the art of investing from other way.

  12. Hi Rajeev,
    In this point I must say you are giving too much importance to amit and there is no need to prove yourself.
    This blog is very much yours and it's only you who will decide whom will you allow to write and whom you won't and moreover it's not a paid site.
    There are thousands of small investor who makes money out of your recommndation e.g myself and as far as stock market is concerned even GOD can't 100% gurantee.
    I think you will see there will be many like amit in future who will try to prove himself very knoldgeable and analytical but this place is not for the knowldgeable users that's why we visit this blog. So be careful.

    Friend Amit instead of asking for the explanation to Rajeev you could have posted your observation and analysis for which I think Rajeev would have no objection. In this blog I have seen Rajeev to cancel one of his recommandations after one guy posted some negative points on that which probably Rajeev had missed out.(I gorgot which stock was that one)

    Even if you think that what you have done is right then I will humbly request you to open your own blog for stock recommandation with rock solid fundamental analysis and 100% success rate, we will be more than happy to visit that regularly.

    So let us forget the bitterness and enjoy the blog.

    -- partha

  13. Dear Rajeev,

    Please come back . its is very hard to trust somebody in this world but you are the guy whom we can trust.

  14. Dear Rajeev ji ,
    One thing must have been cleared to you by now and that the WHOLE LOT IS BEHIND YOU and EXCEPT
    SHARE none has supported to AMIT!! Why !! Share thinks we do CHAPLUSI ?? Mind you this is not chep chaplusi but the T R U S T we have had in RAJEEVJI'S blog/call ~As said befoe none is 100 % SO let GOOD THING PREVAILS AND , IN FUTURE ALSO DONT ALLOW BAD PEOPLE TO DEFEAT YOU DOING YOUR GREAT SERCICE?? else it is they who WINS IF YOU STOP WRITTING ? THIS BLOG IS FOR SIMPLE AND SOBRE PEOPLE .

    Keep the blog going going and going.........

  15. Hello RajeevJi,

    For quite some time I was busy with personal life and happened to visit the blog recently and saw the words war that Mr. Amit has started with you.

    I have folllowed you from MMB days 2003, I along with other fellow investors and visitors of this blog would request you to come back to this blog and continue writing here for all.

    You have all the prerogative to allow who posts here and who does not.

    I on behalf of other visitors make a humble request to you to please come back and keep posting.

    People from different geographies are following you. I know what you must be going through. May be take a break and return to your blog after a while.

    Please acknowledge our request to come back.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit Khanna

  16. Dear Rajeev ji
    By this time it must have been clear that the MAJORITY OF THE READERS ARE WITH YOU EXCPET -the so called SHARE who thinks we are chaplus`?? The T R U S T we have is termed as
    chaplus !!! No one has seen THE GOD still we pray ?? R they chaplus?? We have trust in the call given by SHRI RAJIV JI -share may term this as chaplus!!! Never mind !! MITZZZ has rigtly said no need to make ENEMY just be SUCCESSFULL AND YOUR ENEMY IS BORN ?? VERY RIGHT HE IS ,,,and Partha is correct that
    with due regards and reaspect to all
    sorry if some one is hurt but we have to be

  17. Dear Rajeev,

    Last week only i saw your blog and found it guiding,informative and very useful, after all unique in content.But came to know that you are quitting because of some Amit whose improper communication that affected you so badly.Please forget about those people and march in the path of helping (guiding) people like me in becoming successful in stock market.
    I understand your feelings.
    You are doing wonderful service with nothing expect from us.

    Thanks and regards,

  18. Dear Rajeev,

    U are a good human being and know how to avoid/ignore anti-social elements...u keep on doing good work as always. We all respect your hard work and passion. There will be always some voices in reverse directions but that's the way we have created the system..just keep on doing good work one day winds will change the directions...(they have to) :)


  19. Dear rajeev ji, I am one of those people following you from moneycontrol board. People who know you from those days wouldnt have questioned you or ur stock picking ability. I think of you as a good big tree with fruits and flowers. Its upto us to get those fruits without damaging the tree. But you know some people keep pelting stones to get the fruit--they just keep on throwing stones--I think its our duty to protect you from stones. we stand by you. Please do not get hurt by those comments from amit and some other guys. Just relax take some time off and do come back. Take care, Thankyou.

  20. Hi Rajeev, Please continue ur good work.. Dont get bothered by ppl like Amit Gupta/Sharma & Share, Its better to block them to post any comments and block there emails in ur email account.

    Inspite of u telling u r getting bothered by them, they dont have basic courtesy to acknowledge it and not to bother others. They doesnt seem to understand human emtions.

    Please ignore these guys and proceed towards greater heights


  21. Rajeevji

    pls continue ur analysis. dont care about anyone and dont reply whom you think shouldnt be.

    your many stock r prooved to be multibgr..

    i know you will continue ur good work


  22. Hi Rajeev,

    Look at the brilliant fan following you have!!! If this was a TV show, your TRP would be more than Rakhi ka Swayamvar ;) Alright, that was a pathetic joke...

    Anyways, Spanco took a giant leap today. Any views on that?

    It was my first scrip from your recos :-)

    Hope to see you back soon buddy.


  23. sirji

    gussa thuk do aur vapis aa jao.

    we are missing you after just one day of your absence. your blog is first thing for me in the morning.

    everyone of us has apologized for our selfishness


  24. We miss you man..come back!

  25. Hi Rajeev ji,

    I am one of the silent listeners of the board. Have been following you since an year now. Have learned a lot from you. Its not only about stocks but traits like humbleness, optimism, articulation and of course keeping faith in one self. I am sure many of my fellow border's life mush have changed in a due course of time just by reading and interacting with you on the blog. I believe what you have done is very correct as you you have full rights to withstand your prestige and pride. We all are and will always be with you. from the deep of my heart I am really missing your writings a lot. Its really not about earning money Its about loosing a beckon. So please if you don't wish you write about stocks its alright but don't stop writing, write what ever your wish to. PLEASE COME BACK.

    May god always give you enough.

    Thanks a ton.


  26. Hi Rajeev,

    I am fully agree with varun if you don't wish you write about particular stocks its alright but don't stop writing, write what ever your wish to. Just Guide us .

  27. We are missing you rajeev, please come back mate.