Monday, April 5, 2010

Garnet Int...Rs 108...Updates

I remember in my article how to pick multibaggers I mentioned Garnet Int and at that time it was just around 20-30..and then after the 2008 crisis it came to below 10 level if I am not wrong.....
The 52 week low is 17 and couple of months back when I saw the price it was still in 20's or 30's...and suddenly today I saw that Garnet Int is 108! in couple of months it has given 5 times returns!
Well, that is the beauty of stock market....the stock remains dorment for years or months togather and then it starts running like a missile......the bottomline is one need to be very cool and calm and must have holding capacity....there is no place for frustartion in stock market.....the day one gets frustrated and SELL the very next day it will start moving and will become double or triple and you will curse yourself......
I am happy to see that Apar Ind made an excellent move and that was bound to happen ,I had no doubt in my mind for a second....and I am sure the day investor will get frustarated and sell PSL Ltd it will double or  triple.........There is no doubt about the fundamentals of PSL ...
I request all readers please do not ask me when to sell and when to buy is yours discretion.....I can't do that for you.......


  1. Wow
    I shud totally get frustrated with PSL and sell 100 shares and see my other remaining 8500 shares make a killing....LOL

    Tnx for mentioning PSL though. Always feels good to hear ur comment and conviction on it.

    BTW u were spot on when you said that the small and mid cap stoacks will flare u. We have seen many stocks go up in the last two days.
    Fantastic Call u made.

    And yeah many many of your recommended stocks are doing exceptionally good. Hats Off 2 U

  2. Hello Rajeev

    Apar Industries has begun its missile journey today. UC today, In my view still a undervalued stock as compare to Sterlite technologies and Savita Oil Tech. Rajeev, I want to know if EMCO is still a dormant stock but will explode vigrously whenever that happens. Your views on it.




  3. Amit,
    EMCO Transformer is an excellent pick even at cmp...

  4. Hey Rajeev,

    Thanks for all your excellent picks and effort which makes a break through in each of our lives here at your blog. Vijay Shanti Builders have Started its upward journey with UC today. It's an excellent pick and a black horse in Realty sector I believe.