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Ricoh India ......cmp..Rs 37.15.....

I gave a call on Rico Auto at 27 and it is still there.But it will move when its time will one of the readers was talking about Ricoh India.I know this Co since long and hence got interested in it and was just exploring the internet and I land up with this report from other site and after reading it I thought it would do good for my blog readers so I am posting it here.....

Ricoh India – A compelling value buy

Posted on 7th January 2010
by Dipak Sen

Ricoh India Limited (RIL) is one of India’s leading sellers of office automation equipment like copiers, printers and multifunctional devices. It is the subsidiary of Ricoh, Japan, one of the world’s leading players in the office automation industry. The parent company owns 73.9% of the equity of Rs 39.7 crore.

The Indian office automation market is one of the fastest growing in the world and being driven mostly by BFSI sector (banking/financial service/insurance etc). The Industry in all likelihood will continue to grow in foreseeable future.
Ricoh (Japan) used to operate two units in India , Ricoh India and Gestetner India ( manufacturer of duplicating machines). Few years back, Gestetner India was merged into Ricoh India. The duplicating division was closed and all the employees were given VRS. The cost of closure was charged in the accounts of Ricoh India already. The goodwill arised out of merger was written off in the accounts and as on 31.3.09, entire Goodwill amount was already written off in the accounts.

One interesting aspect of sales mix of Ricoh is that over the years, the share of service revenue as compared to the revenue from products sales are increasing. This is interesting as the service division enjoys higher EBITDA margin as compared to the margin from product sales. Ricoh will benefit from higher sales of consumables like toners, cartridges and also from higher fees from annual maintenance contracts.

It is interesting to note that during 2008-09, revenues from service division has crossed Rs 100 crore for the first time.
Now let’s look at the numbers. P&L numbers first and then we will have a look at its Balance Sheet (BS). As I always believe, investment decision should be taken on the basis of BS.

Revenue at Ricoh has grown steadily from Rs 167 cr in 2005-06 to Rs 242 Cr in 2008-09 – grown by 9.55% CAGR. The profit at the net level remained flat at Rs 10-12 crore. This is not a concern as Ricoh has generated free cash flow each year and in the process has emerged as debt free company as on 31.3.09.Ricoh has also written off all the costs associated with restructuring and merger.

In 2008-09, Ricoh’s profitability has suffered due to the sharp depreciation of Indian Rupee(INR).Ricoh imports most of its products and the sharp depreciation of INR has resulted in a forex loss of Rs 7.60 Crore. Unlike the other Indian companies, it did not take the advantage out of AS-11(revised) and charged off the entire loss in the P&L. Despite this extraordinary item, Ricoh reported a net profit of 12.5 crore after paying full tax.
Ricoh looks more attractive from the balance sheet point of view. It’s debt free , Fixed assets are almost depreciated. As it imports most of its products, its capex requirements are very negligible. Working capital requirements are moderately high due to large Govt sales. As on 31.3.09, it was having Rs 6 per share. The working capital situation deteriorated in 2008-09 as compared to 2007-08 but things are expected to improve in the coming years.

There is one negative in the form of substantial amount of contingent liabilities. As on 31.3.09, it has a sales tax liability (arised from Gestetner merger) of Rs 22.6 crore. Of the total amount of Rs. 2261.20 lacs on account of sales tax cases (previous accounting year - Rs. 2278.20 lacs), Rs. 1160.48 lacs pertains to Delhi Sales Tax. As per the management of the company ….. “It is pertinent to mention here that most of these demands were raised by the Delhi Sales tax department after reopening the assessment years of the period 1989-90 onwards in the year 1999 pursuant to a survey conducted by the department. The Company considered these demands to be arbitrary and devoid of judicial basis and contested the same at various judicial and quasi-judicial levels. The successful contention by the Company before the authorities is likely to result in demand worth Rs. 1160.48 lacs being dropped and all these cases being decided in favour of the Company. The Company has also received a favorable order from the Central Sales Tax Appellate Authority, Noida in June, 2009 for assessment years 1998-99 to 2000-01 amounting to Rs. 328.92 lacs. In respect of other sales tax demands too, the Company is confident that its contentions before the authorities will succeed since the nature of demands raised are similar in most of the cases.” …..

Now going forward, Ricoh is expected to report EBITDA of Rs 25-35 crore/year. With negligible capex and working capital requirement ( in 2008-09, the sharp increase in working capital will take care the next few years need ), there will be free cash flow of 12-18 crore/year (after paying of the corporate tax at full rate).
Ricoh’s current market capitalization is at Rs 100 Crore ( at its current market price of 26 Rs ). Mkt cap to free cash flow is at 5 times, and is quite attractive. Its market cap to sales ratio is also at quite low at 0.6 times. EV/EBITDA at 4 makes it even more attractive.
Ricoh is also a possible delisting candidate primarily because of two reasons :

1) Outside Japan, it is the only other listed entity of Ricoh group
2) Given the current free cash flow generation, Ricoh India will have significant amount of cash in the balance sheet over next 1-2 years and that may prompt the parent company to go for delisting.
Ricoh is a compelling value buy at the current price of Rs 26 and we may expect a 50% return over a period of one year.
Apart from being a tech-savvy company, Ricoh is also trying to be a green company and it has recently introduced to India the world’s first biomass toner. Given the corporate India’s growing “Go Green” initiatives, the biomass based toner should be able to attract more customers.


  1. Rajiv ji
    this is my old fevourite stock.
    this is slow mover but safe stock i think tomorrow this stock do better due to euforia buy but in my view one can enter for long term near 30-31 level.
    Ricoh India BSE: 517496 cmp 37.15
    Simple Moving Averages
    Days BSE
    30 31.28
    50 29.55
    150 27.46
    200 25.95

  2. Thanks for featuring it Rajeev. Agree with Ashok on the price. Stock took a sudden 10pc upmove last week from Rs. 33.

  3. Still awaiting your views
    Dear Rajeev,
    I would like to know if everest kanto can be a multibagger stock or not. I have seached through your blog and found one mention of it. It would be very nice if you could share your views on it.
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  4. mit6z
    watch confidence petro (fv1)and add near 8(cmp 9). this is multibagger stock.
    buy and hold 2 year.
    I and
    my 2 friend (very rispected and experions person in stock market)give 40 target in 2 years.
    but do your own homework before buy.
    discloser-i hold this share @ 4.00 in good quantity from last 1 year.
    i also request from my captain (Rajiv ji)please give there view.

  5. Mitz,
    I do not track Everrest Kanto....

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  7. Thanks Rajeev Ji,

    for sharing valuable views on Ricoh.

    I am sipping in sical, will wait to add Ricoh near 30 in time sipping mode...

    Fan of your stocks

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