Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Updates....

Aegis Logistic...recomended here at 195 on 20th Mar is now 310...means 60% return in 15 days....
Surana Corp ...recomended here at 34 on 16th Oct 09 is 84......means 147 % return in 6 months....
Jayaswal Neco which I have recomended here many times below 20 is making newer highs 51.....and still a BUY even at this rate...Ril MF has taken stake at Rs 33...
ExcelCorp recomended at 115 is now at 100% return...
Rasandik Eng recomended here at 45 on 21st Dec 09 3 months giving almost 100% return...

There are many such stocks which had not run will run when time will come for them......and there are many other stock which had run but I have not mentioned......

Marg Ltd, Man Ind,KNR Construction ,JMC Pro....all looks good still......Hitech Gear which also I recomended recently at 112 is going strong at 135 and is still a fentestic buy........
Forget to mention Scan Point Geomatics recomended at below 20 is be exact Scan Point Geomatics was recomended by me on 6th Aug '09 at Rs.16.45.....and it is today at Rs.65...a WHOPPING 4 TIMES RETURN  IN 8 MONTHS......and also SNL Bearing recomended at just rs 11 is making new highs at 42....


  1. You are awesome. Wonder how you manage to do this time and again! Really god's gift!

    Please keep up the good work!

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  3. Dear Sir,

    pls disclose the rational investment rational behind HI -Tech gear ??

  4. Rajiv ji
    please also recomand or advice when u think we book part profit which we buy at lower level or reenter in your recomandation when scrip look attractive after correction
    ashok mahajan

  5. ashok,
    I can't advice when to sell and when to buy...that is readers who has to decide...because then it is like I am doing things for you and that is portfolio advice....but as I has always written , sell 50% as soon as stock doubles and keep the rest free...that's all I can say....nothing more nothing less....

  6. Dear Rajeev,
    Do you think we can invest in country club ????

  7. thanks Rajiv ji
    i want to enter in Provogue (India),Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services,and LT food(daawat)
    which one is better on your view.
    i sold today so many kachra scrip and decide in future only enter in standard scrip for long term
    thanks in advance

  8. ashok,
    LT Foods looks good among all these...

  9. Mitz,
    I do not track Country Club....

  10. Hi Rajeev

    Sundaram Finance is on a verge of breakout, touched new 52 high today. They are in talks for selling there general insurance business, Max New york life sold 5% stake to axis bank for 200 crores. Good management, Long History,Pan India presence thru a very broad Branch network. Very High OPM. I think its a value buy. Your views.



  11. Buy Aegis Logistics, says Investment Advisor, SP Tulsian.

    Tulsian told CNBC-TV18, "Aegis Logistics is a debt free company. It is expected to post an EPS of close Rs 25 on an annualized basis and even if I take the forward projections it would be about Rs 30. So I don’t think that you go wrong with choosing a stock even if it is now after having run up so much is ruling at a PE multiple of 10 to 12 times. This is a company which provides the total solutions, the total solutions for the Indian petroleum and chemical industry, the complete supply chain management like storage, distribution, packing and marketing. They have the liquid storage facilities at Mumbai and Kochi and they are creating their further liquid storage capacity at Haldia.”

    He further added, “The kind of scope and potential we all see you know especially when the crude prices start moving up, you have huge margin in the form of trading margin as well as in the form of storage margin. Apart from that they have the storage terminal for 20000 tonne of the LPG on which also they make a huge kind of profits.”

    “As I said the company has already posted an EPS of close to about Rs 17 with a turnover of about Rs 216 crore for 9 months ended 2010 and I am expecting the company to post an EPS of close to about may be Rs 23-24 for FY10 and going forward for next year it would be Rs 30. There has been rumors that the promoters may make a de-listing move but even if I don’t give much credence to that news, I think at these levels even if the shares having moved too much, I expect the share to move to about Rs 500 may be by year ending in next 8 to 9 months time. So, all these fundamentals give you courage to recommend the stock even if it has run up so much. So the day target for the stock is at Rs 316.”

    Aegis Logistics has touched an intraday high of Rs 323.00 and an intraday low of Rs 290.00. At 11:34 hrs the share was quoting at Rs 309.60, up Rs 13.05, or 4.40%. Yesterday the share closed up 18.50% or Rs 46.30 at Rs 296.55.

    The company touched its 52 week high Rs 300.30 and 52 week low Rs 81.00 on 07 Apr, 2010 and 08 Apr, 2009, respectively. Currently, it is trading 3.1% below its 52-week high and 282.22% above its 52-week low. Market capitalisation stands at Rs 582.13 crore.

  12. nirash,
    That is the beauty of this blog.....I write it much much earlier then any other analyst pick it up....

  13. Amit,
    I do not track Sundaram Fin...

  14. Dear rajeev

    Thanks for your stock recommendations,
    As per your advice i have entered Aegis at Rs 194 i sold 5o% at Rs 316 on 6/4/10. I think within 15 days,60% profit is huge so i book profit.

    Hitech gear, i was watching to enter but it flyes from 136 to 154.
    Anyway thanks alot

    Happy investing
    Vishnu R Nair

  15. rajiv ji
    today i add 500 share LT FOOD @ 64 and ready to add if i see this share near 60 level.
    i m following only 3 person for my buy in stock market and I proudly say you are one of them.
    i decide slowly slowly exit from all kachra scrip and enter only in strong scrip which give me good return in long run.
    your advice and guidance is always help me because i know your past performance and i make good profit to follow your recomandation.
    thanks with best regard