Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mahabharat and Ramayana...........

I have been reading stories of Mahabharat and Ramayana since my childhood.....
Read about Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and others like Laxman, Arjun, Yuthistir, Bhima, Sahdev , Nakul etc...
Let me disclose this to you that I am fully impressed by Shree Krishna.......
Let us talk on Ramayana and Mahabharat.....
There have been many orators who speak , we call it Katha, on Ramayana and Mahabharat.There are many great saints who has spoken on Ramayana and Mahabharat.
Gita is out Holy granth.We call it holy Gita.We gets advice to follow it.
But if someone has read Mahabharat, then he knows it well, that Gita was told to Arjuna by Krishna in between the midst of the battlefiled of the two Sena....Pandavs and Kauravas....
Arjun when saw that Bhisma Pita , his mentor Druan Guru are others beloved relatives are in the opposite side ,he told Krishna who took him to the battlefield that he can't fight against all these respected relatives and he put his Gandiv aside and sat that time Krishna narreted Gita to him where he said that it is his duty to kill all these people who are fighting against him and in the end Krishna was able to convince him and Arjun got ready to fight with Bishma Pita , Druan guru and all.....and then the battle starts....
So the bottomline here is , we need to fight with everyone who tries to take away our pride......
I donno why the people who do kathas always gives example of Rama, as Maryada Purshottam?This should be done and this shouldn't be done.You have to go to Vanvas for 14 years to keep promise given by your father...etc..
Why someone is not talking of what Rama did when Ravana took Sita away?What a person need to do when someone tries to disturb ones owns?Our society , our experts advices us to ignore it?
It is a simple lesson we get from Ramayana that if someone do something to our beloved how we need to retaliate.Ravana took Sita away and Rama killed him......I again repeat, Ravana was killed by Rama because he kidnapped  Sita against her wish......
So, Ramayana says , you have to fight for the defence for your wife.But what are they preaching?Opposite?
What Gita says?She says , if someone is trying to take away something from you , you need to fight for that.Whoever is that, be it father, brother or friend.Then why we are shying away from that?
I feel , the preacher are sending wrong message to people.Why we need to forget and forgive?Had Krishna said that in Gita?Actually ,Gita tells us to fight for your being.That is the message it sends.
Where is that message send from the preachers?
On the contarary they are making us more disabled.Don't do this.You can't do that.This is not proper.That is a sin.This is against rituals.
I can't able to understand what they are doing.For centuries these people has make us all disabled.We have lost all venom to fight.Our blood never boils when we see something wrong.We are told to ignore it.
These people has make us impotent.We have become a laughing stock for others.We never retaliate.We have lost the fighting spirit.
Have you seen Austrailian Cricket team?Even after winning a 5 match series, by winning first 3 matches, they will try to win all 5.That is the spirit.They don't  wants to lose a single match.And let me tell you they will not like to lose even an exhibition match......they don't wants to lose in any form of game.....and that speaks of the character.
We have read in our history books that many Kings forgave the enemy and freed him and he came back and atlast he conquered that Kingdom...what is the use of such forgiveness which is going to become your downfall?Enemy is an enemy......he needs to be  grinded to dust....
You have to crush your oppenent.You have to make him weak so that it never comes back to bite, to fight.
Australia will try to win all 5 games.But where is that spirit in Indian team?It is missing......
If we come back to Mahabharat, the battle happened only and only because of Krishna.Arjun put aside all weapons but Krishna inspired him to fight against the EVIL.That is what HE(Krishna) says in Gita that fighting against EVIL is your religion.And in doing that , if you have to fight against your father, brother or relatives,still you need to fight it out.
So we can say that No Krishna, No Gita and No Gita then No Mahabharat.But the people who speaks on Gita only speaks about Karma.They never speaks about the fight.....while doing that these writers on Gita, speakers of Gita, Preacher of Gita is doing great sin of not talking of what exactly Gita says..!The whole Mahabharat took place because of Gita.Only after Krishna spoke all these to Arjun, Mahabharat started and after that that narration or thoughtful verses spoken by His Majesty, was considered as a Holy Granth for Hindus.
A narration that was spoken by a person , to make his friend fight the battle is now our Holy book and if someone needs to be near to HIM he needs to follow it then why we are not prospering?Why we lacks certain character?Because wee are not understanding it properly.......there is something our scholars are missing to understand this Holy is time scholars takes a RELOOK AT GITA AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND ACTUALLY WHAT IT IS SAYING.....
I remember, Krishna told to Shishupals parents that he will wait untill 100 msitakes of Shishupal and then on his 101st mistake he will kill Shishupal.Now what that tells you.You can go on forgiving someone for 2 times, 3 times, 100 times but not forever..........he has to bear the brunt for the msitakes he makes.For the bad he speaks for you , for the bad he does to you.But we are taught to leave it to GOD.God will punish him........
..who are we to punish him?These are all talks.While learning or teaching such type of things,we have lost our fighting spirit.We have lost to win.We have lost to be at the TOP.
I haven't read Gita as a whole,I have been trying to read it as a whole but never got that leisure but I remember there is one sentence Shri Krishna speaks for the reader " Aham Brahmasmi" You are GOD.I AM YOU .Krishna has put human as good as GOD..."Aham Brahmasmi" I am in you,I am in him,I am everywhere,then why we have to leave it to GOD?
I donno, why I wrote this today and what made me write this.I sometimes become crazy and starts writing something.But I feel that all these Kathas of Ramayana and Mahabharat should end if they are going to make people of our country impotent.If these Kathas are going to teach you not to fight , if it is going to make you more disabled , then there is no need to hear it.Stop this Kathas......There should a ban on Kathas.What is the need for Kathas in India?According to surveys , India has the youngest population.So why they need to hear this Kathas..of Ramayana and Mahabharata?Kathas are usually for Older people who are retired and wants to be with young age the younger one needs to learn how to become an enterpruner and how to do business.....Ye katha sunke kya milega?If it is narreted in proper way which will teach something that will inspire young ones it is of any importance, but if it going to teach to be a coward and going to makes younger ones to be satisfied then it makes no sense hearing it.
The fire under the belly is gone.Kuch kar dikha ne ka zasba chala gaya hai......We people of India needs to reincarnate it.We will have to make special efforts.
Gita never says that leave it to God.You have to do your Karma and that is everything.From working for your lively hood to fighting for your right......
I doono, I have big influence of Lord Krishna on myself.I like him.I love him.He is versatile.He is called Yogeshwar.Means HE is a great Yogi.Means he is the master of all Yogic exercise in all form.I love Krishna from his childhood to untill his end.Kirshna has always amazed me.He has always inspired me.I know there are some people , some religion who worship Krishna in his childhood only.They only worship the younger Krishna..the bal gopal as they fondly call him....the reason they don't worship after that is , he gave the battle of Mahabharat.....that was bad according to them so they worship only bal gopal.....but I love him as a every way of life...His younger period of Vrundavan then Mathura and then with Pandavas and all........From his going to gurus house -Rishi Sandipani where he meets his beloved friend Sudama to taking care of his friend Arjun......we gives examples that friendship needs to be like Sudama and Krishna and not of Krishna and Arjun, and that means that there is special meaning for that why we do not compare Krishna -Arjun friendship as the best and Krishna -Sudaman as for an example....if someone has not read that episode then one needs to go through it.........that is called is worth a read....and I repeat , that whole story is no easy to will take digest what it says....
These are my views and I maybe wrong in view of others and there is no binding for anyone to believe it .But I would like to have comments on this.....


  1. Rajeev i somewhat agrees with that , yes if one want to be winner this concept is very right.
    Also watch Business sutra


    My overall understanding of geeta is that "Fight for right" is not a sin and is one of your duties. It has to be implemented whenever it is required to. If not implemented then it will be considered as a sin and you will have to bear the fruit of it in the form of punishment. But the same geeta also says that you should be capable of understanding what is
    right and what is wrong before taking law in your hands. Duryodhan also fought for his rights as he felt that it was right but despite of fighting for his rights he was killed and arjun was praised for that. So how will you learn what is wrong/right. In the learning process all those forgiving concepts come into the picture and one should know that before taking law in his hands. This is what you see in those preachers teachings and got angry without understanding the picture in its whole context. "Paida hote hi ladne khade ho jaoge to yeh duniya nahi bachegi, pehle ladne ka sahi maksad pehchano".

  3. Hmmmm rajeev it seems you are a great follower of lord krishna. One thing that i did not understand is that where did you come across that preachers teach people to forgive. I mean I follow lot of write-ups and TV satsang, never ever did I come across such thing. Especially with geeta never. May be you might have seen few sentences out of context and got angry.
    Rajeev since you have technical knowledge you might be knowing that while writing a software code the developer feels that everything has been developed perfectly and no error will occur but when the software goes on the actual platform we see lot of issues coming there. This is why every company spends crores of rupees on testing. Why I am telling this is that most of the issues are tracked when a group together works on that and when a individual develops he makes more mistakes
    compared to a group. That is why teams are encouraged to take decision instead of individual.
    Now coming back to your point that geeta tells us to fight. Yes it does and lord krishna's intention of taking birth was to kill the evil people. He very well did so. But the point you are missing here is (same as the developer) what is the measurement criteria of right and wrong. How do you guarantee that what you feel right is actually right. You might be by mistake fighting for a wrong reason. Isn't terrorism in today's era happening out of the same wrong conception. Who will tell them that they are fighting for the wrong and not for the right which by mistake they feel is right. The great saints of those time very well knew the working procedure of our mind and they foresaw that people will use this "right to fight"
    concept for their own benefits. That's why it was a norm in those times that knowledge should be transferred to only those who understand right and wrong correctly and not the vice versa. Else you will face many terrorism like this in future also. People will take law in their own hand by giving examples of geeta as it is being done in current terrorism context.
    For your kind information even Lord Krishna himself did the same. He delivered Geeta in a divine form that only Arjun could hear it and none other could hear it in the battle feild.
    Rajeev I feel we have become too filmy kind of persons. If someone attacks our family we should fight, if someone attacks us we should fight, etc etc. First of all who is attacking our family and above that do you feel after reading geeta people won't fight. Or have you ever come across such incident that someone just remained a witness of his family being killed and he was just reciting geeta. No na then why do you want those preachers to provoke innocent people in unnecessary fighting. Why do we want more n more terrorism. I think you watch too much of TV serials which shows such kind of craps 24/7.
    Opposite to your understanding I am seeing only fighting spirit in our indian blood. Breach the queue and stand on the first position, go to walmart and return the used goods and if questioned threaten them, borrow money from banks and do not return and if asked boast your political connections, do politics and get promotion in your office. Where don't we fight
    rajeev. I think most of our lives is spent in fighting only. I don't know where you saw that people don't fight. "Is tarah ke bahut se sikandar humare desh aur videsh me bhare pade hain, sirf Gandhi hi nahi dikhte".


  4. Rajeev your comment "So why they need to hear this Kathas..of Ramayana and Mahabharata?Kathas are usually for Older people who are retired and wants to be with young age the younger one needs to learn how to become an enterpruner and how to do business.....Ye katha sunke kya milega?"

    Do you feel that these money mongers like WB/RJ/Ratan tata will ever retire. They will wish for money even on their death beds. So I think we should think in a more practical way.

  5. Rajeev Bhai,

    WONDERFULL Analysis, i see connecting dots in the post.

    Bhagavath Geetha is really awesome and powerful and it is used in almost all top companies and IIM's. I have got suggestion from Adobe scientist to read that books. it really help to think against herd.

    Original Books is tough to understand and The scientist suggested me to read :
    "The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda" : which is really easy way to read and imbibe and assimilate the gita :).

    Thanks much rajeev bhai for this post despite your business :)

    Take care. :)

  6. Share.
    Again you are writing and not understanding what I wants to tell.
    You say, you never heard anyone who speaks on Gita or Ramayana not to fight...I am amazed and surprised to read that from you.I can say that each adn every Kathakar speaks "Ahimsa Permo Dharma"what is that....Maf karna sikho....what is that....these are their patent sentences...
    and what type of fight you are talking....standing in que?Oh lord, then it seems you still do not understand what I mean by fight?
    I am talking of fighting spirit that comes in competition...
    Now If I come back to your question about WB/RJ/Ratan Tata....seems you have big prejudice for all of them.....that why they are still there and not making place for someone else....Share it is so long a discussion that it will takes my whole time to write and convince you....RJ is only 50 you wants to retire him?And if anyone who do not wants to retire how we can force them...retirement is self taken exile....I was talking of those people who wants to retire by themslef and would like to hear Kathas.....If someone is fit enough to work untill 90 years what is the problem...but when I talked about retired people who should hear Kathas , I was telling those retire people who wants to retire....
    Share, I think you need to come out from the hoodoo of cursing WB/RJ/Ratan Tata ......

  7. Share,
    let me make it this way.You read one para and forgets what I wrote in previous one.You are not connecting the dotted lines as Mahesh wrote.
    Read my whole post 2 times, 3 times, 4 are stillo not coming on the same wavelength of what I am my post properly and try to understand what I mean to say...don't read in parts...and argue or comments..
    I thought after reading me so long , you are maturing good to understand what is what...but again you took the topic of WB/RJ/Ratan Tata and showed that you are still jumping in a small a frog where frog feels that this is universe..

  8. Rajeev bhai, u did not understand at all. You are saying that you were talking about the fighting spirit in competition. They why did you take example of Bhagwat geeta. There is no connection of a spiritual granth with competition. Where did you see someone backing out of competition because he had forgiving nature. Actually it is me who should be amazed by hearing this from you.

  9. Share,
    I think you are super intelligent....No comments...I am no match to more replies from my side...from now onwards...

  10. Hi Rajeev,
    I have a very simple view on Ramayana & Mahabharata.
    Lord Ram is Textbook / Theoretical God, while Lord Krishna is Practical God.
    And in todays world only Practical God will have upper hand!
    With Regards,

  11. No probs rajeev, If you do not want to reply, be it so. But remember it is you who asked to comment and when I commented you are behaving like this with me. You write tons of pages on positive thinking but when it comes to criticism you don't take it positively. Then what is the use of writing all those. Anyway unlike others I don't give up my principles for monetary benefits as I maintained during Amit's episode also. I am taking an exit from this blog, bye and thanks for the info that you have provided till now. God bless you.

  12. rajeevji, why is that you feel you are under seige/threathened. like what share said it seems it is difficult for you to appreciate an alternate point of view. " in this world every one is right from there point of view"[Henry Ford] because that's the point of thier evolvement. other's may have a difficulty seeing the same way. but that's life. for the light to find appreciation it needs the darkness. it's only when the singular meets the opposite it finds complete unity and balance.

    SIMPLE MARKET TECHNOLOGY every bull there has to be a bear

    you need to manage your fears. you are not under any attack [PERSONALLY]

    share don't take it personally too.

  13. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
    When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that
    When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need
    you have expressed.
    They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with
    guidance and support,
    To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
    They may seem like a godsend and they are.
    They are there for the reason you need them to be.
    Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
    this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an
    Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
    Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
    What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire
    fulfilled, their work is done.
    The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on...

    Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has
    come to share, grow or learn.
    They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
    They may teach you something you have never done.
    They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
    Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

    LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons,
    things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional
    Your job is to accept the lesson,
    love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other
    relationships and areas of your life.
    It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

  14. Francis,
    I agree with you that everyone have different preception and one is free to believe what he thinks and I respect that as well.
    But the things that is here is,share is trying to attack directly to me that I wrote that any comments is most welcome then why I am writing this to him....
    Francis,seems readers has still not understood me fully well.I am still open for any discussion but when one is not able to understand what I mean to say,I can't go on discussing things with someone who do not understand my point.
    Like say, share keeps in saying one thing constantly, why Warren Buffet or Ratan Tata or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has not retired?They are older people and how much wealth they need to have?Now this is a long discussion point and I can't keep on discussing it here with takes lots of my time....
    Well, if Warren Buffet wants to be there , then we can't stop him that way and he has every right to be there.He is finding his successor.
    But let someone come and take his place....let someone topple from that place...but share wants WB to retire and someone else who is not that much wise takes his sit....that is something not fair....
    Talking of Ratan Tata,he is expanding his business and that is what a business man needs to do.He gives employment to thousands of people while doing this and the Tata's are the great donater to the society like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.I know the Parsis community very nearly.I have been brought up in a city of South Gujarat state , where Parsis has donated in huge way.If I talk of our city, all schools, all hospitals, all libraries, all children park, all colleges are bulid by parsis and let me tell you they built it over a century back.....
    What I mean to say is,I can't keep on discussing things which will keep on going on and on....
    The same perception also goes for share or others.If they feel they are right then why they feel that I must also think the way they think?Why he has to write me that you asked for comments and now I am not letting them to do.There is a difference of opinion ..but as you said for me is also same for share as well....

  15. Hi Rajeev,

    Hoping to divert the topic.

    What are your views on RNRL - RP merger plans? There are lot of varied views. I have a substantial holdings in RNRL which are not in loss of upto 25%.

    Hoping to get your suggestion/advice on this.


  16. rajeevji

    IT is you who needs to understand your ownself.

    it is unfortunate that you have surrounded your self with RATS[greed].
    where is the need/time to understand you oryour needs.
    just give them their daily dose of tips no need to be interested
    in any other aspect of life.

    the emptiness in you that is crying out so loudly for LOVE
    cannot be fulfilled by the rats.
    my challenge,instead of your daily tips switch over to once a fortnight
    and start talking of other aspects of market,
    then see your army of rats abandon the ship.[preceding comment more than proves it].

    my knowledge of religion is limited, however,the significance
    of bhagwan shri krishna's discourse would be, amidst the raging of an epic
    battle sorrounding them, they just concentrated with their discourse ,calm and
    unperturbed.just doing whatever they were doing.

    the other a teaching"Karmane wadike maphale sukhdayeka archana"

  17. Macquarie-SBI fund to buy 10% in Tata-Quippo

    An infrastructure fund set up by Australia's Macquarie and State Bank of India will buy a 10% stake in Indian mobile tower operator Tata-Quippo for USD 310 million, the Economic Times said on Monday.

    The transaction will be completed in two months, the newspaper said, citing sources close to the deal.

    Officials at Macquarie, State Bank of India and Tata-Quippo could not immediately by reached by Reuters for comment.

    The Economic Times said Macquarie was likely to have a representation on the board of Tata-Quippo, a joint venture between India's Tata conglomerate and Quippo Telecom, after the deal.


  18. Hi rajeev. Thanks for writing this article and bringing the truth of our history. We have been brain washed by invaders for centuries that we are peacefull people and will forgive everything. I blame the godmen in our country to brain wash us.

  19. It is pleasure to see a lion among rats in Rajeev's Ship.Do Lion eat rats?I dont know...But ,Rajeev, You r hereby warned that a lion is going to eat the ship you drive...
    This Lion is unlike other innocent guys who turned off after the unnecessary conflict with u.This lion comes purposefully., and It knows well how to deal with to topple u down.It knows well the emotional weak points of u and sense a right time to activate himself.
    I dont know why the lion eat the ship?what is the satisfaction they sought?

  20. Cmon dude Francis this is too much. What has Rajeev ever done to you? You write like you don't want him blogging anything at all. Give the man some breathing space brother!

  21. Earlier, rajeevji was right in pointing out about our spineless nature.WE choose our leaders/godmen/docters/advisers and want to put the blame on others for our discomfort.

    Janni,humse hai jamana,jamanese hum nahin

    we chose to be what we are

  22. who is hero or more BALSHALI in mahabharat after LORD KRISHNA.
    no one but only BARBARIK.
    aaj bhi jyadatar hinu apne ghar ke andar mahabharat granth nahi rakhte hain kyonki unka manna hai ki mahabharat ki kitab ghar me rakhne se larai ho jati hai
    aaj saabit ho gaya.

  23. Francis,

    Why are you trying to correct others.

    If you do not agree to the topic, then do not read it. You always have a choice of not reading it.

    Why are you targeting people personally with all your emotions and expressions?

    If you derive satisfaction from that, then start your blog. We will join it and you can have as many comments as you want.

    Rajeev :
    You were correct from one point of view when you said that you wanted to remove comments section.


  24. Rajeev ji it is our request to stop these type of comments from share & francis. their views are irritating us.they never under stand the point. I think they dont know the realty of indian system.When I initally started my carrier I think I never ever give bribe to any body. But later I understand If you wont give bribe you are out of system. Everybody knows the realty of indian system but nobody confess it .I used to intereact with govt department in power sector their I know that how they works.Their act and thinking are totally different. Our system is that who ever works never get credit of his work ,it is other people who get the credit. And even I dont understand the problem of share & Francis what they want to prove. May be they are from the side of these artifical or corrupt people. What i think is Rajeev is straight forward person he write what he thinks and most of the time I am agree with his thinking. And i believe this is the thinking of most of people but nobody is bold enough confess it. This is the realty.

  25. Sumo,
    not much read in the merger....

  26. Mitz,
    It will have positive effect but how much time it will take to materialse , can't say that...

  27. Dear All ,

    Francis : Jaani, Agar tum se hai zamaana to kuch kar ke dikha na.Khali bakwaas kyon karna ...?????????? Just picking phrases from here and there does not make any good. Instead try to create your identity , make your impression by starting your own blog,etc. etc... and then make individualistic remarks.

    Rajeev : This is getting too much . Either comments section should be removed or rotten comments should be deleted.

    Please friends .This blog is to get ideas from Rajeevji about the future emerging/shining scrips .This blog is also to express our opinions and comments but please do not carried away by the freedom shown by the blog owner. It is for the benefit of all.



  28. Rnrl merger with rel power means
    Anil ambani is good manuplater of his scrip and make money.
    he make ton of money from mkt from buy and sell huge qty of RNRL.
    but invester in rnrl are looking like a joker at present in both rnrl and rel power.

  29. Hi Rajeev,

    Any thoughts on fcs software?

    Couple of new announcements have been made on the bse site.


  30. TT, I fully agree with you here that in India, the credit goes to others then those who really work hard.Who works keeps on working....
    That I have seen in each and every institution happening.Someone else has done the hard work and someother will get the credit....all trying to be a spoon of Boss......if we call in simple Hindi laungaage...maska lagate raho aur promotion lete raho.....that happens not only in Government institution but also in Pvt Cos.
    Boss ko party dedo....Boss ko Gift dedo...aur kuch favour kar do...uske relative ke ladke ko admission dela do ya ,Show ki ticket dela do....aur sab credit apka.......I have seen that,experianced the person who do the hard work never feels like doing it....and the sad part is that, the Boss wil ask them only who works hard, he will give other employees work to employee to aisa hi hai....lekin humko to kam khatam karna hai na....we need to look at the humko roji roti deti hai......emotional black mailing....

  31. Hi,

    I came across your blogpost quite incidentally, and it is possible you may not get my reply. For what it is worth, these are the points I want to make
    1) Gita does not tell Arjun to fight. That is reading it very superficially. Gita tells us to do what needs to be done, in a given situation, whatever the situation may be. It also says that no matter how much we try we cannot go against our "swadharma", our innate tendencies. Arjun is a warrior, fighting is his tendency, his reasons for not fighting were based on his weaknesses, not on a broad minded analysis. Again, you must do what needs to be done is the practical bit. But Gita is not a narrowminded text, it has layers within layers. So if you read carefully, it then also says, that you are not doing anything. The Gunas play on the gunas, the proud and deluded man thinks he is doing it( chapter 3). Going to an even broader view it says that even then we are instruments, what needs to be done has been and will be done by the cosmic order, we are just instruments ( chapter 11). It instructs Arjun to fight, because Arjun has not yet reached a state of yog ( union) or gyan( complete knowledge). This is the case for most of us. What can we do till we reach that state? Only do what needs to be done, without fear, without attachment, without expectation of any outcomes.

    2) Ahimsa is good. It is the first yam in Yoga sutras of Patanjali. It is basic. But only if practiced from the viewpoint of attaining yoga or gyan. Most of us, worldly people, would find it nearly impossible. Also, before advocating anything, Krishna spent nearly the whole of the second chapter explaining in great detail, that it is impossible to touch the soul, to harm it in any way. You can only harm this overcoat we call the body. Remember you don't have a soul. You are a soul, you have a body.

    3) I note that you said you would like to study the Gita in detail but are short of time. In my humble opinion, the very thought of studying something as majestic, as complete, and as Kalyankari as the Gita, has come to you, as a result of many many great deeds in the past. Not everyone gets this thought. So please dive in, savour it, try to understand the nuances, it will enrich your life beyond measure, it will be the best investment you can make for yourself ( not your worldly persona, your innerself, your atman). I speak from experience. Please do not let it remain a thought. Nothing that you do in your life will ever be better that trying to study, understand and live the Gita.
    PS: I love Krishna too

    Sejal Mishra

  32. Sejal,
    Thanks for the post.Yes, I haven't read Gita in FULL and I do want to read it.I donno when I will be able to.
    Well, I can still have arguements aginst what you wrote but I will not write it here except that suppose Krishna has not spoken those verses of Gita to Arjun then what would have happened?
    There would have been no Mahabharat or maybe if the battle has been fought then Pandavas must have lost it as Arjun was not at all willing to play.
    Life is battle that is the underline in Gita and you have to fight it out.If someone is hurting you and keeps on hurting you,then one needs to fight it out.
    No Gita , No Arjun coming in play......just tell me , if Krishna wouldn't have spoken those chapter after chapter of verses what would have been the fate of Mahabharat?
    We are human being and we even can't compare us with Arjun state of life leave Krishna who was par excellence......he was a true Batrish Lakshana purus.....a Yogi of the highest level as he is fondly known as Yogeshwar and that is the name I like it the most.....YOGESHWAR.
    BTW I too am a Yoga student and am practising it since my childhood from the age of 13.
    In Ramayana also same thing is taught.
    If someone take away your WIFE what one should do?The point for that post was our preacher is teaching us something else then what is there in Ramayana and Mahabharat.
    Like one should be Maryada Purushottam like Rama , abiding by the promise his father gave to his step mother and doing all sorts of obidience things but the bottomline there in Ramayana was you need to fight with those who will try to harm your family........instead they teaches something else and hence the spirit ,fighting spirit is gone from our land...
    Why Krishna himself has to Kill Shishupal after 100 mistake even though he was his sisters sons?
    That is why we sometimes says,after 100 mistakes even GOD do not forgive then who are we.....
    Sejal, this is a very very long process of discussing thing and unless we come face to face we can't discuss such thing as writing here is a very lenghty porcess.....
    But thanks for writing here and expressing your view.....

  33. Sejal,
    Let me add something more when u say that it doesn't ask Arjun to fight.
    I am also not saying that.What I am saying is when one needs to fight one have to go allout with it and now in India we don't fight for our right or cause or for anything.
    Sejal, tell me if Arjun have not shown his eargerness to fight Mahabharat then when would have Kriushna would have spoken GITA?

  34. Dear Rajeev,
    Thanks for responding. Reading your post from top to bottom I have the following points to make
    1) In our culture, there are 3 modes of conversation- Vaad ( normal conversation), Vivaad ( arguments and debates) and Samvaad ( discussion). In Vivvad, each person is trying to prove a point, each person thinks he is right and like all such matters nothing constructive is achieved at the end of it. In Samvaad each person is a seeker, trying to understand the other persons point of view, both are enriched in the process. You use the word “arguments” in your reply straight up, that defeats the very purpose of this blog post. You express an amazement and despair at the spineless false culture being propagated by our so called kathakaars, and I share that. I understand it. I empathise with it. You must understand though, my answer did not come from any Kathakaar, it came from my being, from my direct reading of the Gita .
    2) Yes, Krishna resulted in the war materialising, yes Ram went to rescue Sita, yes there are times where violence is appropriate- if it is what needs to be done in a given situation, if an injustice is happening. How to interpret one’s “Dharma” is very hard indeed, that is why so often we stumble. But my point was it was not violence for violence’s sake, it was what needed to be done. It was “Kartavya karm”. Running away from the battlefield was not the right thing, and Krishna started telling so to Arjun only after Arjun in a beautiful shloka, said I do not know what my “Dharma” is, I am confused, instruct me, I am your disciple, I surrender to you. If you don’t have time to read all of the Gita, just learn this one shloka , it is a mahamantra. Say it to Krishna, when things get a bit too much, with humility, with a sense of surrender, before you know it, you will know what your dharma is.
    3) Yes , there are many fraudulent self appointed Swami’s to go around corrupting our heritage, brainwashing gullible people. But to some extent the fault is also one’s own. One should read the original text, one should delve into various commentaries, one should try and understand for oneself. Believe me, there is an inner voice, which is the biggest guru, it never lies, and somehow knows. And Krishna is a Jagadguru, so he will find a way to guide you. Did you know at the end of all our great scriptures, including Gita, Yoga Vashistha, - the great teachers tell us, “ I have imparted this knowledge, think about it, and then do as you wish”. Seriously, read the last few shlokas of the Gita. They are marvellous. So we do need to think for ourselves.
    4) People everywhere are the same. Yes, it is frustrating, that in the land of the Gita , Mahabharata, Ramayan , to find that the valiant quality is not universal, only possessed by some. People are losing their spirituality, their roots, running like lab rats behind material wealth, doing immeasurable harm to themselves and others. “Loksangraha” is a favourite term of Krishna- working for the common good, who does that anymore? Rajeev, sometimes I think, that is why the Kathas that happen may not be too bad, because out of zillions, even if some sparks are lighted, who then make the required self effort to understand what our scriptures are saying, it may not be such a bad thing after all.
    5) In answer to your last question, no if Arjun had not stumbled, the Gita may not have been spoken then, and we would have been much the poorer for it. But again just for your info, Krishna instructed his friend Uddhav- its called the “Uddhav Gita”- it has the same points but not the same dramatic awe inspiring impact.
    I am sorry for my long post, please forgive me. As is obvious, I love talking about this.
    It was lovely to have chatted with you. Do keep in touch if you want to keep discussing the Gita. I note that you deal in the Stock market, and are probably a very busy person. Take care

  35. Hi Rajeev,

    Could not fit my last bit of rambling in the previous post , as the website won’t allow it. So sending it seperately

    Towards the end, you indicated that it is hard to write so much down, given your busy life. I understand. You do not need to respond to this. As I mentioned, I came across this blog by mistake. I had googled “ Ram Krishna Mahabharat” . I found you entry and your honest disbelief at the way things are heading interesting. Also it is always a pleasure to meet a fellow Gita lover. 
    One last point- it is through these Samvaads, through Satsang, through Swadhyaya, through desperate life experiences, through self inquiry, that love for the Absolute is born. Once it catches hold of you, it never leaves. So may God speed all these for you, and grant you the time to do good for the only person who matters- You

  36. Dear Sejal,
    Thanks for enlightening your views here.I am always open for discussion until one try not to make me believe what he/she believes.
    Sejal,what I am not able to understand here is, even we have got so much of beautiful history of Gita,Veda, Upnishad why the love for the country is missing?
    There is no Gita OR Ramayana or Mahabharat in western countries and still people like Wareen Buffet , Bill Gates Pual Newman(Hollywood actor) gives back to society?And it is just not peanuts but almost 90% of their earnings!That is huge.
    Why we Indian lacks that?
    That is my point here.WB or BG never read Gita then how they can do such philanthropic work and none is coming out from India?
    I just read on internet that WB is coming to India with the sole purpose of letting Business man know, how to GIVE.
    That is a very bad on our part.We lacks character and when I talk of charactor I talk of all these things like giving back to society and not about having affairs with someone else....
    Even with so much of Kathas we are near nowhere.
    That is my point.
    Sejal, is it so that only Arjun or Rama should fight for their family?Can you explain me what a person whose family is at stake should do?He needs to be warriors untill then he can't fight?
    If Rama's other deeds need to be followed then why not his fight with Ravan?