Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spanco, lowest bidder for service centres in Punjab .................

New Delhi, July 2
The Mumbai-based company Spanco has emerged as the lowest bidder for setting-up nearly 520 Common Services Centres (CSCs) across three zones in Punjab – Ludhiana, Ferozpur and Sangrur, according to a senior company official.
A strategic cornerstone of National e-Governance Plan, CSCs are the primary physical front-end for delivery of government and private services to citizens. The CSCs are being designed as ICT-enabled kiosks having a computer along with basic support equipment such as printer, scanner, UPS, with backbone connectivity and additional equipment for edutainment, telemedicine, projection systems, wherever required.
The G2C services could include issuance of birth and death certificates, land records, affidavits amongst others, while market driven services which will be stacked with the Government services could encompass banking and insurance, tele-medicine, education, telecom, entertainment, bus/ rail/ air inquiry and ticketing.
“Spanco has quoted the minimum revenue support in the three zones and we expect to sign the MSA with Punjab Government shortly,” the Chief Executive Officer of e-governance Spanco, Mr Rajiv Aggarwal, said.
Typically, in projects like these, the bid is based on the revenue support required for setting-up and running the centres. In all, Punjab is in the process of awarding CSC contracts across 10 zones.
“From an e-governance perspective, this year we are aiming to achieve an order book of Rs 500 crore. We are going to participate in various tenders such as Aadhaar project, e-district, e-municipality and PDS System amongst others,” he added. Spanco had earlier bagged a contract to implement nearly 3,700 CSCs in Maharashtra.


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  5. Spanco stuck @ 107-115 zone should break out of this