Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cronimet Alloy Ltd.....updates....& SKF Ltd..cmp Rs.520.20

My old call GMR Ferro Alloy(new name Cronimet Alloy Ltd)the call I gave around 37 after going to 50 , and after consolidated between 42 and 46 yesterday made a 52 week high at Rs 59.50 and closed at Rs 57.35 which is a new price it closed at.
I have written heremany times, it will move up after further consolidation and that is what we are seeing.....
I would like to mention some A gr stocks which are evergreen stocks like Seimens,ABB, Areva T&D,Alsthon, Thermax,L&T, Ril Ind, Bharat Forge,BPCL, Oil India , IOC,Engineers India(Excellent buy even now),BEL, BHEL, STC, Torrent Power(going damn cheap), Sesa Goa etc which I have been recomending here....
I would like to mention SKF Ltd, a MNC bearing , is constantly coming out with excellent results and available at 9-10 P/E, which is low looking at other A gr stocks.I like SKF Bearing Ltd as more and more use for bearing will come in play , so I feel this is an oppertune time to invest in this blue chip Co at this moment.


  1. Rajiv bhai
    every body know you are value picker.i always buy your pick when my fund permit and i make good money.
    some scrip also look good me at cmp please advice if you track
    suryachakra power
    indian acrylic
    pitti lamination
    pg foil
    pardip overseas
    gtn industry
    thanks with best regard

  2. Dear Rajeevji,

    I would like to add into my portfolio of following your picks.

    1) Super spinning Text. - 1000
    2) DMC International - 1000
    3) KLG Systel - 100
    4) IKF Techno - 5000
    5) SRE Infra - 250
    6) Nutek - 500
    7) India Glycol - 100

    Or should I invest all money into any one of these scripts.

    Please advice me to act accordingly.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Rajeev,

    I have been following ur blog for quite a sometime and I am very much impressed by he the way you do analysis. Hats off to you...I came
    across one of your posts regarding Shirpur Gold....Can I buy this stock for 2-3 years???? What target do u see in 2-3 years

    Waiting for your reply

  4. Dear Bhai ,

    All Excellent Call From You Bhai , Recent Pick Is Also Look Excellent . I Round Up 3 Scrip In That . 1.LOYAL TEX 2.NUTEK 3.ENNORE COKE

    All three Excellent Company Breif Over view

    1.Loyal Tex : Small Eqt , Good Management , Excellent Turnover , Good Profit , Taking Huge Advantage Of TUFS Scheme Of Govt . Lot To Be Read In B/S

    2.Nutek : Small Eqty , Good Turnover , IPO @180 In 2009 Rs 10 Fv up Now Rs 5 fv, Telecom Product Growth, Once 3G Launch , More Read In B/s N Promoter Holding

    3.Ennore Coke : Expansion Benefit + Huge Demand For Wash Coke , All New Power Plant Coming Up In Future Are Coal BASE , So Ennore Coke ExcellentPick , More Read In B/S

  5. @kumar: please do not ask Rajeev for targets. He is not an astrologer. Maximum he can tell you is whether the stock is potential multibagger. Rest is upto u

  6. Hi Rajeev and fellow-bloggers,
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    Definitely a worth seeing video for people believing India's Growth Story.
    With Regards,

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