Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kabra Extrusiontechnik.....my old call declares Bonus 1:1

I gave a call of Kabra Extrusiontechnik around 126.....and it has declared a bonus in the ratio of 1:1 and yesterday it made a all time high of 206....Kabra has still a long way to go and in the same category I would like to mention Rajoo Eng , though it is 1 paid up , I like it.....it is in same sector like Kabra Extrusionetchnik....
Lumax Ind is also making newer highs .Some dark horses are KLG Systel, Alpha Geo,KLG Capital, JPT Sec,Emmson Int....these all stocks are underperforming but can outperform the market any time......
There is one penny stock which I have mentioned .viz: IKF Techno ...I still feel this stock can give excellent returns in next 2-3 yrs if held on with patience.Do not look at the price of IKF on daily basis and one can reap rich return from IKF.For that one have to keep reading the annocement at bse site of IKF Techno ....Read the latest annoucement of IKF at bse.....I just read ad in todays ET which says that IKF Techno is hiring for Inbound telecom process and out bound insurance process.
I am pasting the latest annoucement of IKF Techno from bse:

"IKF Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that, in addition to AIRCEL contract achieved for entire eastern region, Company has got a new renewable contract from Metlife India Insurance Company Limited for telecalling activities i.e. BPO and call centre services relating to insurance segment for PAN eastern region initially for a period of 12 Months.

The contract will further enhance the revenue of the company."
If one will try to read past annoucement at bse one will be able to get much more information which will help increase your confidence.
Let me again write, conviction , is not sold in market.One has to develop on his own and that will only happen if you will try to find stocks on your own.Pick up a stock , buy small quantity , and put a projection of price.Means value the stock by your own.Try to project price and  see whether that price gets achieved or not....if that happens , it will increase your confidence.

I would like to again specially mention on Ennore Coke.Buy this stock even now.Ennore Coke is going to be a huge multibagger in years to come.So will be Srei Infra.Buy Srei Infra which is going still CB(Cum Bonus)....hold these both stocks for 4-5 yrs and I think one will get enormous return.
I would like to again repeat, Loyal Tex, Hitech Gear, Lumax Ind, India Glycols, Super Spinning,Thiruarooran Sugar, Shakti Sugar(my 2 picks in sugar sector)are ecllent stock to buy even at this level.


  1. Hi Rajeev

    this is regarding your old call Rishi Laser..June share holding pattern show RJ sold quits this counter and even Promotors holding going down qtr by qtr..your views on this.


  2. Hi Rajeev

    your views on SAMKRG PISTONS & RINGS LTD.


  3. Ennore Coke = Hinduja Foundries Ltd.?

    I am not getting any ICICI code for Ennore Coke. May you help to introduce the stock a bit more.

  4. Dear Rajeev,
    Some news links on IKF Techno which could be beneficial for all.




    But promoter stake is just 8%...
    -Management Team - all with varied industry experience. I see some IIT and IIM passouts as directors.

    BV is 3.29. Reserves of 98 cr...