Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poddar Pigment and SNL Bearing.......making new HIGHS....

These were the 2 stocks I gave simultaneously on same day, the 29th of Nov 2009.....
and in 7 months SNL has given 7 times return means 700% return from 11 to 70 and Poddar Pigment has started its journey upwards as I saw today that it made a new high of 54......which I gave a call at 36 and I feel that Poddar Pigments is still looking excellent buy.....When I gave the call, the earning was not good but one can see that earning is coming good.......
One ten bagger and other average return will always be a great combination.It is never going to happen that all the stocks in our PF will be 10 bagger.Out of 10, 3-4 will underperform, couple will give average return, couple will give above average return and 1-2 will give multiple return.
Don't expect multibagger return for each and evey stock.That can never happen.If one is getting above average return that is great.If you are getting more then what market is giving return then you are beating the street.
I put here stocks undiscovered with potential to become a multibagger but that doesn't mean they will become multibagger.Always keep that in mind.Ultimately it will be the market which will decide what will happen in future.
Now if we talk on our market, it is sea-saw movement.Bulls and Bears have come opposite each other and no one is letting any chance go abegging.
As soon as some bad news comes on international horizen,Bears breaks the market by couple of hundreds points and as soon as the news get old, Bulls pulls up the market by almost that much points.
I am seeing all these sitting in USA and  actually interests me how the fight is going on.Reading and hearing from somewhere that wellknown bear is trying to break the market again below 5000 by selling Nifty futures and on other hands Bulls are buying Nifty and making long position ,so that sentiments becomes bad and he can break it much more, but on the otherside Bulls has their own ideas and they are not letting in an inch to bears.
I am also hearing that an old player is bullish on banking stocks and is taking position in frontline banking stocks but one should always remember that these are talks and it may happen and may not.

As written in recent past and many times here ,we are seeing stock specific movement in perticular stocks.I am again writing , this year will be the year of Small/Mid/Penny stocks.We are already seeing that and one will see more and more stock participating in coming months.......Which stock will run, we do not know,but it will happen that one will feel that stock has runup much much more then the fundamentals and one will sell and still it will keep on going up.
As I wrote in my last post, USA will not let itself to lose that oppertunity of strengthing the dollar so according to me, chances are more that Dow should go higher then what it is then going down and making new lows below what....6k?
I have been mailed by one of my readers who says that market will have a big drubbing in this month of July and we will get a chance to buy cheap by end July.Previously also I got some mails saying that market will tank in next 3 months and targets were also given to me at that time in that mail but they never came.......
I would like to see, how much market will go down in July and investors get a chance to move in at cheaper rate?1000 point correction will be called a correction and not a drubbing and in that many small/midcap/penny will keep on making new highs......
But I have written whenever I got the chance about writing on sector that Finance sector will be the biggest benificiary as with so many projects for Ports,Roads, Power,Nuclear Power etc coming on, Banks will have field day for that....I have been writing how much investment will be needed and my readers are no new for that.
But the battle is on between the Bulls and the Bears and we will see who wins ! Today Dow was up by over 270 points and bulls will make bears run pillar to post in today morning with this news in favour of them.


  1. Rajeev,

    Thanks for the good call.

    Other stock that you had recommended is Jamna Auto.

    It moved from 85 to 109 with three times 5% UC and it settled at 102 yesterday.


  2. Prashant,
    Jamna Auto is still a is another Lumax Ind in making.....

  3. m.atique vohra

    Monnet Ispaat also proved what you predicted much earlier.thanks.


  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Would like ur views on shanthi gears.It's currently under restructuring process and looks a good buy at current levels.

    Wrm Rgds,


  5. Hi Rajeev



  6. SRK,
    Bhagwati Auto looks good to me....

  7. manish,
    I do not track Shanti gears....

  8. Raju bhai
    one common thing is same between you and me. always think positive.
    my wife blood group is B+
    so she is by bearth BE POSITIVE
    my blood group is A+
    in any part of life.
    therefore i never fear in any type of market.

  9. Dear Rajeev,
    I am new to your blog, I understand your conviction and recommendations to everyone have been gr8. Please guide me on Essar Oil. I am thinking of entering it with a 8-12 month period.

  10. Hi Rajeev,

    could you please your valuable comments on Harita Seating Systems and Ester Industries.

    Thanks and Regards,

  11. vandi,
    Essar oil is a very LT play not for 8-12 months...maybe 2-3 yrs and more....

  12. kiran,
    i do not track harita and ester...

  13. Advice on entering jamna auto at Rs115