Friday, August 20, 2010

Again Luck or Destiny....coming to the fore......

What a catch! Humble British fisherman lands billionaire Canadian boss's daughter and returns on bride's £100m superyacht :

But after marrying the daughter of one of Canada’s richest men he has returned to the Devon port at the helm of something a little grander – a £100 million super yacht.

The 35-year-old left Dartmouth eight years ago to work for John Risley, the billionaire owner of a food empire and the largest fishing fleet in North America and Canada.
He managed to land a job as a deck hand on one of Mr Risley’s yachts, where he was introduced to his daughter and heiress Sarah, 35.

The pair fell in love and after marrying in Nova Scotia last week, they sailed to Dartmouth aboard the 240 foot Northern Star on which they hosted a lavish wedding reception for all his old friends, family and former colleagues.
Mr Barnett, who began his seafaring career running fishing trips off the Devon coast in a weather beaten boat known as a Cornish drifter, said he had enjoyed having his old friends aboard the super yacht, which has six decks and its own helipad.
He said: “We came back for a wedding reception on the yacht so that our friends here could attend.

“It was a great party and we had about 80 guests in the evening, including some of my childhood friends.
“We are very grateful to the father of the bride for letting us use his yacht for the reception. It is fantastic and very homely inside.
“I met Sarah when I was working on a yacht as deck crew and she was a guest. We married in Canada and came back for the reception on the Northern Star. It was great fun.”
Mr Barnett’s rags to riches tale began when he left Britain in 2001 to work for Mr Risley as a crew member aboard one of his yachts.
The 62-year-old self-made fishing magnate built up a billion pound fortune after starting off with one small lobster shop in Canada in 1976.
He later founded Clearwater Seafoods one of the world’s leading fishing industries which has a fleet of vessels and a large number of processing plants throughout Canada.

My view:
I donno, but I always get facinated when such news comes up.When I read this news , my mind always try to wonder, is there anything like LUCK or Destiny in anyone's life or as spoken by people who never believes in LUCK is TRUE?

What hard wrok that person did that he landed with a multibillioner girl?Why his life is going to get excellent from nowonwards?Even if we think he must have tried to have an affair and have tried all tricks to get invovled with that multimillionar girl, Sarah, how many can succed?That again ends up with same answer, LUCK......tera jadoo chal gaya......that is what we will say.....

There are people who always try to twist things in their way and will try to win whatever way they can but still there are some people who always remain ahead of them and that too without doing any thing wrong .Why that happens?

Let us take an example.....An Indian Girl who is not so good in academic qualification and also not so good in look and still she gets married to a guy who lives in USA, I have given USA as example as loads of people in India wants to go to USA  and ready to dole out 30-40 lacs for that.
Now there are many other smart girls and good looking too, still they do not get that guy ..and that girl who is average get chance to marry an USA guy and goes there...what should we call it?
What is the qualification of that girl?Had that girl made a special effort?Hamare yahan ek kahavat hai.......khuda meherban to gadha pehelvan......we have seen a millioner lady left millions for her DOG,so what DOG has done?

Gujarati ma kavat che"Koi hath mathi lai jai, pan naseb mathi kuan lai javanu,Naseb ma hashe to pachu malse"

When I read such things in news, I always feel that there is definately something like LUCK, which plays very very important role in ones life.We try to give excuses while justifying giving reasons , that it was my decision and I played the cards very brilliantly etc etc....and will not give any praise to anyone....but it is a known fact that someone has helped someone on coming up...someone has helped you in your wayup...inspired you to take that decision, one has talked with someone, discussed with him/her whether be it mother , father,brother, friends anyone ....helped you in can someone be so ungrateful ?

But those who are successful always try to belittle those who are not successful saying that you are not doing enough to be successful.You should have done that and this way was wrong.....these are all arguements to make that person more embarassed.

One can also tell to that successful person that where you are , you would have been much much bigger then that if you have done this or done that......huh!......

When I went to India and in my city, I was surprised to see the prices of lands.....they have increased 11 folds in 2 and a half year.They went up from 200/ft to 2200/feet....that was rediculous...but that was a lady luck shining on those people who has lands in our city......people  who hold that lands for years never got that return in such a short time....and those who atall never invested money in that land, what should we tell them.?that even you  has money you didn't invest here so you are not a good business man or wrong decision?

Sometimes,some makes a single mistake in life he has to repent for whole life and other keeps on making mistake after mistakes and still he keeps on getting chances.......what should we call that?

As the time passes, I am getting the feeling that nothing is in our hand......we becomes absolutely nonentity when certian things happens in our life.....sab jante hue bhi ham kuch nahi kar jab situation a jata hai....then it is time for us to be HUMBLE......sab bana banaya khel hai......upper wale ka....

That's all I will readers may have totally diametrically opposite view....and I respect the same of them......This was just my thinking.....


  1. Rajeev,
    This might interest you.

  2. Yes Santosh,
    Capital convertibilty is a main hitch....but with Manmohan at helm of affairs, it is not too far off when rupee will get fully convertible...and that can happen by 2011....

  3. Raju Bhai please share your view on

    national steel and agro cmp 31
    buy and forget
    whether national steel has any captive mines???

    if they have price can touch 150
    The stock is trading at 4 P.E its FY10 earnings while at less than 3 P.E for its estimated FY11 earnings. Came out with superb set of nos. for june qtr which may act as trigger for the stock.

    It has 37 crores of cash in its books. Cash plus investment more than 40 crores. Promoters have increased their stake by 1%

    Book value of Rs 44 odd.

    Its not a small company. Sales of 2300 crores and market cap only 100 crores.

    National Steel and Agro Industries Ltd., an ISO 9001:2000 company, is a member of the Ruchi Group of Industries. It rank amongst the front-runners in the Indian Galvanized Steel industry commanding a significant market share.

    It produces flat steel products - CR Coils, Galvanized steel and Galvanized Color Coated steel products in various grades ranging from LFQ, DD, EDD as per ASTM, JIS and other standards

  4. Dear Rajeev & Mahajan,

    I think Mahajan chose a good scrip.But
    big losses in past and relatively high debt might have prevented the market to zoom into NASTEEL.Isn't it?

  5. Ashok,
    Yes, National Steel and Agro is an excellent pick at this time when more and more stocks are becoming unreachable.....I track it since mant years and I also know it is Ruchi gr stock and I think they also holds shares of Ruchi gr as well.....worth a punt...

  6. according to market whisper promoter of ruchi soya make 10,000 crore profit from commodity trading.
    it means promoter og national steel is very sound.
    all group share like ruchi soya,anik ind and ruchi stripes give huge profit to their share holder this year.
    i think this time term of national steel.
    because national steel sideways movment from last 5 years.