Monday, August 30, 2010

Some great names in India and Global Biz

Top of the list is
1) Dhirubhai Ambani
2)Anil Agarwal
3)Bill Gates
4)Azim Premji(has to leave the college in London and take reins of Wipro)
5)Kishore Biyani
I think the list is long..........
readers can complete this list by giving some more names.......
But if we see here, Dhirubhai is a simple matriculate,Anil Agarwal of Sterlite fame is also matriculate, Bill Gates is a college drop out.........and they have accumalated huge wealth for their Cos and themselves......
Why these is happening?I was viewing on HT  Anil Agarwal 's story from rags to riches.....
The point here needs to be noted is why persons who has never gone to IIT or IIM and never learned
1)business tactics how to run a company,
2) how to expand the business,
3)how to turn a loss making Co into profit making Co.,
4)how to compete with the world,
5) how to speed ahead of competitors..
I donno when these people never went to college to learn this how they got to know these?
How they become a successful business man.
The whole thought process came out of my mind again because I saw in HT channel today the journey of Anil Agarwal , of Vedanta and Sterlite CEO.Very simple family a lower middle class  and Anil left the school after completing his 11th (now 12th).
Dhirubhai left for Eden after completing 11th.
The today story again made me revisit my mind why person who never went to college have been successful?
Even the creator of FaceBook, which is now a wellknown international name,and many have got addicted to it ,is a college dropout or was studing in college.
The conclusion that I come in is these people has a burning desire under their belly to succeed.They want to be rich.They chartered their own territory.They took risk.They stick to their goal.
Now these qualities cannot be cultivated.These comes with birth.They had these qualities from childhood and in childhood who has that awareness to become BIG.If we say, we all have dreams but how many succeeds?
Without any knowledge of how to run a Co they did that very successfully .They never learnt how turnaround a loss making Co into profit making Co and they did that very successfully .
If scholars are to be the successful then everyone should have been a billionar but that is not happening.Many Engineers in India still have no jobs and works for Rs 5000 or even less /month.
I would like to mention here one more name......from film Industry.....a very very wellknown and very successful producer and is a very old name of the film maker.....who died in 1966 after Jawaharlal Nehru died.He was so shocked to hear that he died of that....He was a great fan of Late PM.Mr Jawarharlal Nehru.
His name is Mehboob Khan, the maker of Mother India in which Late Nargis, Late Sunil Dutt and late Raj Kumar acted and he made an excellent picture.
He has many silver jubilee under his belts like Andaz (old) where Raj Kapoor , Nargis and Dilip Kumar acted which was a super hit movie at that time....and many more like Anmol Ghadi...etc...he was an illeterate.He didn't know how to write his name.He was from Billimora a very very small city from Gujarat State.How he went to Mumbai, how he learned to direct, and how he become a director is a surprising thing to believe......
Can anyone imagine , a person like Mehboob Khan can direct starlwarts like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Nargis?
The above facts of Mehboob Khan is correct as far as I know.If someone knows better then they are always invited to rectify my mistake......when he was a boy he use to work at blacksmith shop( luhar)...and from there he became a very respected and well known director and producer !
But that is it.......nothing succeeds like success........
If you are successful everyone will run after you and as soon as you past your prime , you are the wind......and as soon as you leave everything here and do not take anything with you....."Sajan re joth mat bolo, khuda ke pas jana hai, na hathi hai na ghoda hai, wahan paidal hi jana hai."....excellently written by Shailendra from Film"Teesri Kasam"......
Well, coming back to the previous talk, well what I should say?
There is no school as good as yourself.What needs to be important ,your mind should be clear ,what you want in your life.What you wants to do........


  1. RajeevSir,
    I hv purchased jaiprakash @Rs.126.33
    Now it is at Rs.113/-. I want to keep it for long terms. What is your advice on this?

  2. well whether promoter is educated/uneducated is immaterial for success of companies. I would like to add point that companies started by iit/iim alumnies are most respectable companies beacuze promoters are not Wealth Hungry but know that by creating excellent company will lead to greater nation.

  3. ramesh, I will only write here that the Philanthropy Bill Gates is doing along with Wareen Buffet is unperarelled in world.....Indian do not believe in that....that is a universal truth.....

  4. skumar,
    I do not track JaiPrakash...

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    I remember you mentioned you liked Vijay Shanthi Builders. I did some preliminary search. Equity of 12.69 Closely held stake around 43%. Q1 Revenue up by more than 200%. Net profit 1.72 cr from 0.41cr same quarter last year.
    Currently 8 residential projects ongoing...these are mainly in chennai...

    Dont understand why the EPS isn't given especially for Jun'10 quarter results.

    Apart from the realty prices on the up in chennai, Would want to know sir, what's the growth trigger. I am sure you've seen some.


  6. If Vedanta succeeded in making aluminum close to a bauxite source, as it had planned in Orissa, world prices of aluminum could have fallen by half and India may have become an important aluminum producer. So, was it the powerful international aluminum lobby that persuaded idle socialites from London and New York to take up the fight against Vedanta? It is a question worth investigating. Assomeone who has actually been to Kalahandi, I would like to state clearly that the Adivasis live in such horrible poverty and deprivation that such exalted ideas as cultural heritage are irrelevant. In 1987, when I visited remote Kalahandi villages, there was a drought and the single crop had failed. I saw children dying slowly of hunger on the mud floors of bare huts. They had eaten nothing but birdseed for six months. If Vedanta had succeeded in bringing schools, hospitals and employment to Kalahandi, it would have transformed the bleak, hopeless lives of those who live here. It is a shame that this has been prevented by an Environment Minister whose concerns may be genuine but who appears to be in the clutches of some very dubious NGOs. He keeps forgetting that in 2010, development is not necessarily the enemy of the environment. This is how it used to be in bad, old socialist times when it was mostly government factories that poisoned our air and polluted our rivers. Private industry found it harder to break the rules because of the inspector raj. Today a company like Vedanta is forced to do everything in the full glare of international publicity. If it does not replace the trees it cuts, if it does not ensure that local people are paid well for the land they sell, if the promised schools and hospitals do not get built,Vedanata will be vilified in the forums of the world.

  7. Dear Rajeev,

    Checked on Nationl Steel & Agro Industries Ltd. Ruchi group of industries.
    Equity of 32cr. Promoter stake 43% Corporate Bodies 12%..that means closely held stake 55%...FY09-10 annual sales 2312cr. But mcap just only 92cr..!!!
    Rajeev Sir, need you thoughts when compared to sujana metal..Both have quarterly sales around 700cr. But sujana's equity around 98cr..which is quite more as compared to 32cr of NASIL..i wanted to know which amongst has the capacity to scale. But not very successful..

    Your views RD sir...


  8. National Steel & Agro Industries..

    Result for June
    BV 36 (as of march 09) ...CMP 28 going at a discount...
    Sales rise 22.42% to Rs 491.74 crore in June quarter...NP rises 329%...



  9. Mayur,
    Certain times, I can't explain what I am seeing.It is sometimes intution as well.
    So please don't insist asking reasons why I like it etc.....

  10. Dear Mayur,

    while Natsteel is a loss making company for last some period, sujana credited with profitable one.But the hyderabad team is not interested to pay divident to the investors.It is I think bad side of any runners of a company.Check the storis of sujana on some fraud attempts.(Browse please).And compare the face values of the both company.Natsteel just turned slowly from loss to profit...that is a good sign .,A sign sometime for multibagger and u can see in every dip someone there to accumulates and return .Please check the archives for the price movement in BSE Site.
    Please follow both stocks for some periods with patience.Sujana is speculators area .(just an example--Please find the day of its highest price in the year
    and the days after that particular day.)FOR L.T,
    Sujana Metal is not good bet.
    In the case of Equity,I think u didnt follow Rajeev's advice on picking multibaggers....
    After study ,Please comments...

  11. Dear Rajeev,

    Profitable company,good eps,fascinated P.E(ONLY 1) ,ALL r working well, but promotors r holding only 17% and in even this level they r quitting further.
    company is Temptation Food.
    Only experienced men can recognise this kind of scrips instantly.I much like to hear from u on such kind of strange companies .I am sure u might have further names in mind in a similar manner and their ultimate fate in past.

  12. KK,
    I track Temptation Food when it was in 20's.I like everything about it except promoters having dubious record.
    But I feel if things fall in places ,this can be a huge huge multibagger ......