Thursday, August 5, 2010

CWG...Common Wealth Games......

What a fiasco?Shame India!
Only 2 months left for CWG to start and we are still nowhere near to the completion of 10% of infrastruture.Kudos to Suresh Kalmadi.
I have been hearing and viewing all this mess since last 2-3 days and let me write that I am shocked to see this.Every MP wants to make money.We have seen Madhu Koda's case of Rs 900 cr  cash found in a bank a/c of Mumbai br.We have seen gunny bags of Sugar hide in a godown and thus taking the sugar prices up and Mr.Sharad Power was laughing in parliament.
Congress is not able to find out what is what?Whether the allegation made by Sushma Swaraj and whether the finding of Headlines Today were true or not and punish the culprit.That paved way to Suresh Kalmadi doing wrong things and making money from this deal.The money at stake for the infrastructure is no less then WHOPPING.....Rs 30,000 CR!Wow! and what people wants to make out from it? Rs 29,000 cr?They even don't want to spend even 50% of the allotted money?They all wants everything in pocket?
A Tissue paper role cost was shown as Rs 4400?
Shady what ever work done for CWG.I am seeing the pictures on TV.And Suresh Kalmadi coming out to justity the cost shown for tissue paper role for Rs 4400?
What image we are going to create at International level?Congress ,Mr Manmohan Singh ,.Mrs Sonia you understand what will be the message we are sending to the global society?
This is something terrific....I am seeing.Seems like we do not care atall for our country.It is all about making money.That is at the centre stage.
Alloting Rs 30,000 cr for CWG seems to be a delibarate thing.The amt is so big so that those at the helm of affairs can show some atrocious bills like showing some enormous price for tissue paper and do away with it.These monies are to be pocketed .
There is a fear that CWG has to be delayed due to the incomplete work done.That will be a shame on our part.
I have been writing here time and again, we lack in Planning and then Execution.The whole country works like that.All the projects are delayed and the cost overruns.We as a poor country would like to save the money and those money can be spend on poor people and I am seeing we are doing the opposite.Over running the cost and spending those money which people paid as TAX.......
I donno when people and government will understand the value of discipline.Completing project in time makes a huge huge difference.New project can be started in right earnest and we prosper.
It was predicted that in 2020 , India will overtake USA in consumer  growth  and economical growth.This is how we are going to overtake USA?
The biggest problem with us is we are hypocrates.We show we are in for big but we are not doing the right things at right time.After so many charges , how can Mr Kalmadi be still there as a minister?But I am not surprised because when Madhu Koda and Sharad Power  have no explanation to give to the people of India , why Mr Kalmadi should resign.
What steps Congress has taken to unearth all these charges against Madhu Koda and Sharad Powar?Set up a committe which will ultimately come out with a clean cheat?
Not doing nothing in case of Madhu Koda and Sharad Power has made Mr Kalmadi fearless.
What answer we will be giving to the international community?
I read just few days back, when Mr Cameron , UK PM was suppose to visit India...he was briefed by the his cabinet and media that if he wants to clinch a deal from India . he is not to utter a single word on POVERTY AND CORRUPTION...and should talk of  NEW INDIA only.......
Isn't that a shame for us?This also implies that West knows everything but are keeping the eyes closed to get the contracts and orders.What a paradox we are seeing !
Where I live here in India, next to that is a Ril Super Store and I was surprised to see that Ril has bought that store from someone else without taking care that there is at all no parking place for vehicle! The scooters, cars, bicycles all are parked on the road and there is no way the running traffic can go smoothly!
How can a Co like Ril can buy a store where there is no parling place for the customer who comes for shopping?If a Co like Reliance can do like this what to ask for other Cos?


  1. Hi Rajeev

    why blame only kalmadi... its common wealth and each and every minister is sharing this common wealth.sadly , our country has gone to dogs.

    whats the use of having a honest prime minister if he is so soft. i am dead sure as with sharad pawar , kalmadi and others will go scott free.

    sadly we dont have alternative as well, thank god we are not ruled by arrogant mayawati or a hopeless mamta or cpi/cpm. bjp is in a mess evers since they lost power and vajpayee.

    god save our country.


  2. Let us bang to all these ministers and create awarness to every indian about this.

    This event is national pride issue....
    We should come forward ..
    Plz loud ur voice against this.. wherever u are...

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