Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nemish Shah, Ramesh Damani, Radhe Kishen Damani.......

One of the reader has asked which Nemish Shah RJ is talking of, whom he respect as an investor.
Well, first we will look at some big investor who invest big and make money also big.
1)Rakesh Jhunjhunwala( we all know him)
2)Ramesh Damani( comes frequently on CNBC and speaks his view)
I have big respect for both of them.Even though Rakesh do not speak on where he is investing, he atleast comes out and speak on how market will do and that helps us immensly in taking decision.
Ramesh Damani is a gem of a person who not only comes on CNBC to speak on market course but also comes on Money Control site for chat on every tuesday at 4 pm to give answers of queries of his followers as well as gicving some new ideas on stocks.....that is a very wonderful thing he is doing.A person of Ramesh Damani stature is coming to people and share his ideas is very big thing.
3)Ramdeo Agarwal(Motilal Oswal, known for his pick of Hero Honda)
5)Atim Kabra(HNI)
Now I will be writing 2 more names one whom Rakesh always speaks about , but one has never seen him anywhere and he is RKD, known as Radhe Kishen Damani.He is also known as Old Fox and also known as person in White and White as he always wear white cloths.
Rakesh says RKD is his mentor.RKD taught him how to trade.
If some one can see the video of Rakesh speaking, on his 50 years, we see his brother speaking for him, his sister speaking for him , then his close coiterie Utpal Steh speaks, His close freind Lashit Goel speaks and then one can see RKD speaks for him as well and he comes 2-3 times to speaks on Rakesh and that is the only time RKD has come on TV......He came on for the first time ......
Now coming to ramesh query, which Nemish shah Rakesh was talking.
There are Nimish Shah of Fortune Capital, Nimesh shah of ICICI and Nemish Shah of Enam Sec.There must be others as well but I know these 3 ofcourse not personally.
Now Whom Rakesh is referring whom he respect as Nemishbhai Shah is tyhe owner of Enam Sec.Actually,Manu Manek, brother of Vallabh Bhansali and Nemish Shah started Enam sec in around 1980.Manu Manek was the mentor of Nemish Shah just like RKD is the mentor of Rakesh.
The name Enam came from first two word of Nemsih viz: NE but they made it E first and N second viz:EN, so was Manu,Viz: MA again same, alter it as AM.....means ENAM.......
Nemish Shah is Media shy and never comes on TV.I can say that both RKD and Nemish shah must be of same age....57-58....
The only time I saw Nemish Shah in a picture was in Harshad Mehta time in Business India Magazine with Harshad hand going round on Nemish Shah shoulder and both standing side by side......
So, the Nemishbhai whom Rakesh is respecting as an investor is the Nemish Shah of Enam Sec .......
I hope these clarifies who is who.......


  1. Your punch line should be:

    My name is Desai....Rajeev Desai ala James Bond, for digging out the mystery.

    Cheers !

  2. Could anybody tell me a blog where author writes post on just some comment.

    Is there anybody who gives this much attention to blog followers

    HATS OF to Mr.Rajiv Desai.

    Here are few more

    Sanjoy Bhatacharya
    Parag Parikh
    Chetan Parikh
    Sandip Sabarwal
    Prakash Jain(best mutual fund manager)

  3. HI Rajeev,
    some 2007 news shows nemish bullish on biofuel and invested in IKF Technologies. As you are already tracking IFK, do u know anything about current status between IKF and Nemish.

    Once Charlie Munger had said, "ethanol is stupid idea as it costs more to create fuel". But RJ made huge money in Praj Industries. Thats CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Generaly all big fish of indian stock mkt name is start with R letter
    Ramesh Damani
    Radhe kishan Damani

  5. amazing..this simple shows RD's passion..without knowing them personally..he knows this much..amazing..even we are fortunate to know all this..thanks RD

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  7. This is again excellent talk -

  8. nirash,
    Uflex is an excellent multibagger stock to own...that is what I will is a buy at this rate.....but for LT

  9. Hi everyone,

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  11. Hi Bhushan,
    That was way back in early ninties and it is hard to find a copy as there was no computer I was possessing at that time.
    That was a big time when HM turned the table against BEARS of that time and I have many stories in my memories from horses mouth what happened at that time when HM annihilated those bears of that time.The only thing is I can't write it here or anywhere.
    But what I will write is HM just massecared those BEARS.It was like paying BEARS in their own way they did with any BULLS who tried to go against them....I somewhere have written such post in at my blog.....

  12. Bhushan,
    BTW whatever people think of Harshad Mehta, I am great admireror of HM.People or readers may not like it but that is my way of thinking.
    HM got money from bank in wrong way but that was the only way it could have done to teach the lesson to BEARS of that time.
    He exaggarated his trades and that end in his downfall as BEARS got to know from where he is getting the money but I still have great respect for him for whatever he did to the BEARS Cartel of those yrs.
    These BEARS were actually so powerfull that our market never had a BULL run for any given time untill Harshad Mehta came to the horizen.BEARS use to play at will and not let any BULLS to move the market even though Cos will make excellent is a long long story and as I said I have written it here in past.....

  13. Hi Rajeev
    THANKS for your quick & superb reply..I also respect HM a lot as he was also from Kandivali (Mumbai),the only negative was that he used his brilliant mind in wrong ways to earn money...I completely..Residents here always talk about HM in good way & also warns the beginners about downside of using mind in worng way....By the way I found this article here hope you can throw some light on this -
    Anyways thanks for you reply