Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surya Roshni.....My old pick......cmp...101..

I gave a call on Surya Roshni at 40 on 26 th June 2009.It is a year since I gave the call and revisting it now for a reason.
The first reason is that it made a high of Rs 106.40 on 13th Aug 2010 , in an year.That means Surya Roshni almost tripled from my call and now resting at Rs 101..
I remember I gave a simple statistic why I like Surya Roshni Ltd at that time.The Mcap was very less then sales,they invested some Rs 550 cr for expansion and were in excellent sector of lighting and steel pipes.
These parametres were enough for me to give a call on Surya Roshni Ltd and how good it come true.
Friends,the real challenge in stock market is how much you get correct and how many times you prove correct.That is what I like it.You bet on certain stocks visualizing future  growth and try to see whether there is value and then decides to invest in it.That is what I like....projecting and coming out true on it......These increases your confidence many folds.
So far I am doing good.....both on market course and individual stock.....
The sad part here is I am no big man to invest on whatever I give  a call.I am not able to invest in everything that I write here though I would love to do it because it is all hard work I have done on it and I am convinced on it.....but alas, I have no enough money to invest in all my calls.
But I am seeing some financial site coming out with a call on Surya Roshni Ltd now .....
When I recomended at only Rs 40, I had all faith in my call but I was not able to buy Surya Roshni Ltd but I am atleast glad to see that my call is vindicated.
I donno how many followers bought it after reading it and even if they bought , whether they held on uptill now?But if someone has bought it and sold it all, then it says that they were ST gainers and if at all not bought then they never had confidence on my call.........
I have been repeatedly writing that holding stock is the best way to maximise the gains, but who listens?
All are after ST money.Get 20-30% and sell it.The analyst also use to speak that way.Book profit!
Even after I am writing stock time and again , readers still keeps on asking me same questions again and again.Give us some good stocks.I don't understand why they keep on asking me this.
It is all on my blog.Why don't they read it here and invest.....why they ask personally?
I am never going to give a personal call to anyone.Read here and invest.
I have no doubt that same will happen in Rathi Steel, Poddar Pigments etc....but no one will look at it now....but after it will go up, they will start asking me , whether it is a buy now or not?
I can't help these people who never puts faith on my call and after it starts running comes out and ask me whether it is still a buy or not......
Rathi Steel and Poddar Pigments are two excellent stocks going abegging at cmp but no one is interested in it now and after it will start making new highs, people will run after it......
My rationale for a call on Gayatri Project at around 150 was also same.Mcap was so low that it was a steal at that price ....and it went on to make a high of over 500 at 400 and some brokerages are now intiating a call on it....Wow! just imagine what will be the price of Gayatri Porject in next one should touch easily 1000 and so from  150 to 1000 ,if it touches, will be a great great return.......isn't it?It will be just like a Rs 15 stock touching Rs 100! who do not wants these type of return?

Market as said by our Lord of the Ring, is going to make a new high......
and last but not the least,
Would like to mention here 2 stocks....
1) Aptech Ltd...RJ's stock
2) Atul Ltd......due to dyes sector looking up and a huge landbank in  Ahmedabad and other parts in Gujarat....
Both the stocks looks excellent to me at this your decision.....


  1. hi rajeev

    i am already into rathi steel , hi tech gears.
    rajeev do u track lg balakrishna and auto ancillary sector , supplies to hero honda etc... eps of around 40 and trading at 245. excellent results quarter on quarter...if i remember correctly was recommended by damani in past.. i am planning to enter it..

    wud appreciate ur views.

  2. Hi Rajeev

    your views on Integra India, Integra India Group Company Ltd (IIGCL) is a INTEGRA Holding AG, Switzerland, group company. IIGCL, formerly known as Integra Hindustan Control Limited, was founded in 1987 as a joint venture with ABB India. They are into Railway control system,Time solution system,Intelligent transport system...very low equity.

  3. Rajeev Bhai,

    I am silent reader of your analysis and i comment here occasionally but reading frequently :). Investors who are beginner to stock market need quick return and when they ran up a lot they need another stock to buy thats why they ask any new stock, shall buy @ this level etc etc. :). So you dont concentrate on those things, you continue on your fundamental research :).

    Also i would request your views on starch industry, and listed players are riddhi siddhi, sukhjit starch(high div payer), anil products etc.

    Below is the report.

    Please let me know your comments in ur Free Time.

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    Just to put more emphasis on your point that - READ MY REPLIES TO ANY COMMENTS I GIVE.......

    I remember distinctly some 6 months back - To one of the reader's query you had replied that Money Matter Financial Services will be a big multibagger.
    You had said that when it was 120. And now check the price. Means 5 bagger in less than 6 months.
    I think none of your directly recommended stocks have given such a stellar return.
    So its damn imp. to read all your replies.
    About me, let me confess I too missed Money Matters.
    And for that i am an idiot. As Jeremy Grantham says -'If stocks look attractive and you dont buy them and they run away, you dont just look like an idiot, you are an idiot'!
    With Regards,

  5. respected rajev sir,
    i am continuously following your recommendations . pl guide why the stock of spanco and punjab woolcombers is not moving a bit even aftfer haveing such a beautifull fundamnentals.

  6. rajeevji

    welcome back

    can i have ur views on Dollex, JCT, BSEL, Indian hotel, tube investment, Essar oil

    is there still upside in supreme petrochem

    Amish Desai

  7. Amish,
    In last bullrun,there was hype created by punters that Dollex is another Praj in making and they took it to dizzy heights above 100.
    But they just offloaded the stocks at that high.Now again the game has started.Beware of it.It may go up, but if you buy take care you take out ur money as soon as possible...
    I do not track JCT....BSEL I track since last bull run and now also management is saying they have become debt free but I do not like it...
    Indian Hotel is a Tata gr co I think so fundamentals are sound.So is tube India....Essar Oil I am bullish since long as u can see from my blog...but it is a LT story...

  8. ravi,
    ofcourse LG Bal is looking good....

  9. Atul Ltd and aptech shoots up by 9% & 5% in todays trade.

    Hats off to u."RD"

    Vishnu R Nair

  10. Rajeev bhai..Rathi steel looks super pick in this kind of market...Bv 53..FV 10 M Cap 67 crore and 2009 sales were 796 core.and CMP only 21..super search..thanks for this

  11. rajeev ji,
    rathi steel which u mentioned is rathi steel and power or another one. It will be helpful if u clear it, having doubt.

  12. Dear Rajeev

    How you find Yashraj Containeurs at this stage has been consolidating for long.

    Is my namesake a good long term buy.



  13. hi RAJEEV,remember me,how r u doing,sorry for not keeping in touch,busy with other things so was away from the market,what happening with paid service any news? bye for now take care.


  14. Yash,
    U need to read my commnets .....I already gave u the answer on Yashraj Cont that u can switchover to Rathi Steel...

  15. Mr Cool,
    There is only one Co named Rathi BSE it is obvious that it is Rathi Steel and Power.....pleasedon't waste my time asking such redundant queries....

  16. Hi Kitty,
    Ya, seemed you were busy with something I saw no feedbacks from you....Hope everything is fine at ur end....

  17. Hi rajeev,

    I am your follower.I am holding decolight & octant interactive.Your view on both the stocks.

  18. thanks RAJEEV for remembering me and for the concern,am doing what I always wanted to do ,agriculture so markets have taken a back seat roal for now.anyways keep rocking as always,bye yaar.

  19. Venkat,
    Both will move at it's own time......

  20. DEAR RD, very glad. Aap se vichar ki gai scrips ko turant pataa karne keliy[date]koi soochika honese achaa hai.parmpita eswar aapko lambee UMR den.shubh chintak.

  21. Hi Rajeev
    Any views on Tanla Solutions and Allcargo Global logistics

  22. thanks rajeevji

    would also like to have any suggestion on sugar stock
    i am holding RANA Sugar


  23. Respected RD,
    I am sanjoykumarsingha,

    joined @ today. yes, I find my own group. I am very exciiittteeeddd!

    Ok best wishes and relaTIONSHIP

  24. Dear Rajeev,

    Announcement of Rathi steel in bse

    Rathi Steel & Power Ltd has informed BSE that in pursuit of its continual growth plans. Rathi Steel And Power has achieved financial closure for its expansion plan to enhance manufacturing capacity of long steel rolled products from 1,25,000 MT to 1,75,000 MT at Ghaziabad Plant.

    The Company has already successfully completed 1st phase of its integrated steel plant at District Sambalpur (Orissa) where it has commissioned a DRI Plant, Steel Melting Shop and a Captive Power Plant. Production commenced in 2008-09. Rathi Steel having manufacturing facilities at Ghaziabad and in Orissa is an old an established player in the long segment of steel industry with an experience of more than 4 decades. Its products command a high reputation in the market.

  25. dear rajeeevbhai

    yes luck plays a very important role and when it will shine on enever knows,i have again added 800 shares of transgene biotek.let us see my luck plays or not.i am sure one day it will.

  26. Dear Rajeev and Ravi
    LGB is sure bet.Surprisingly market prize is jumped up after ur discussion.In February this year value of a share is around Rs.27 .That time Management decided for consolidation and change the facevalue from 1 to 10.Till this time the investor hasnt got the benefit of this
    decision., may be bcz of Majority of dealers hasnt accounted the event of consolidation.
    Sometime it is a good time starting...anyway Ravi's step into this scrip is seen a good omen.Best of luck.

  27. Dear Rajeev,
    Taken very small exposure in Atul Ltd.

    Sales 1200 Cr..MCap 400cr..FV 10...Equity 29.66 cr...Promoter stake 43%...BV 125.9

    Q1 Resutls have been promising---

    Sir, need input from you. How do you evaluate the industry outlook. As you said dyes industry is looking up. Are there any specific links you have referred to? Also, the land banks in ahmedabad. I was searching for the same on google. I tried searching for any recent reports from brokerages on dyes & intermediate dyes industry....


  28. Mayur,
    I have no specific link I refer but I am a very keen observer and analyse the things very quickly...that is my forte.....I read a lot and I can recall it when it needs to be....that is another quality I have got and mind you, that has all come after lots of reading and try to syncronise news when I read same news on same stock or same sector.....
    It is easy to derive that when Textile sector is looking up and when Govern has prolonged all the susidies for Textile for export then it is obvious that Dyes and Chem sector is going to look up....
    and you can see that in bottomline of Dyes and Pigments stocks like Atul, Poddar Pigments etc...

  29. whats your age rajiv sir and are you located in India?
    I am guessing you work as a investment advisor on a fulltime basis?


  30. Hi adi,
    I am located in USA.I am still in search of a decent investment advisor job....