Friday, August 13, 2010

I am back.......

I am back to work.I am back to USA.
One of the reader gave the link of "ET Now Market Summit 2010" and I was able to see what Chris Wood of CLSA and RJ spoke.I would have liked to hear and see what Shankar Sharma, Manish Chokhani and Samir Arora spoke.If anyone can post that link I willbe gratefull to them.
Now coming back to what I heard what Chris Wood Spoke and what RJ spoke....I am writing it down here ...
1)" Fundamentally Silly" to worry about inflation....that is very important sentence.These is a reply to all those who keeps worrying on Inflation.As RJ righly pointed out that every dog knows there will be inflation and then deflation but market do not moves as per them.
Bottom line,don't read too much on when the Guru's speaks out pessism.
2)According to Chris Wood, India can grow at 9% for next 5 yrs .That is huge.As Rakesh pointed out that with such a big country, 9% growth is too much world can ignore not to invest in India...that is the finer print to understand....
3)I saw one clipping when I was in India, of Manish Chokhani saying, that Chris Wood says that even if world collapse again , India still will be insulated, because India has got 40,000 tonnes gold with the people....and that makes it worth $1 trillion....that is huge the cat is out....I have been trying to figure out how much GOLD people of India possesses......I got it this time...and am extremly excited to hear that......40,000 tonnes GOLD wow!.....How many countries poeple have this kind of Gold ?
4)Chris Wood says India has decoupled......and I think that is the decoupling we are talking of.That is a great sign for us....
5)Chris Wood says, India is not cheap but also not expensive.When he says this remember that he talks of MSCI Index stocks or A gr stocks and not B gr stocks......
6) Chris Wood advice to buy Dollars......I think it gives all answers for any sceptism......

Rakesh has been bullish on India and that he says in open.I have been bullish on India and that is open too!He says that we will touch a new high by Dec or by next calender year , means Mar 2011.Now when market makes a new high it is obvious that it will not cross 21k but also go up much more then that.
Now it is your call what to do and what to buy.....but as I have written many times, this year is turning out to be the year of Small/mid/penny stock.I am seeing many stocks making 52 week high.Many of these are manupalated stocks and many have stories in it.......the key is we need to be there in it and need to book profit as well to capitalize the gain.....


  1. Sir,
    Will you be kind enough to analyse the results of SPANCO-though they look great as the sales is up almost 75% Q on Q but the EPS has increased only by one. SANDEEP

  2. Thank God and of course you that you are back.
    I have one serious query about Micro Tech.
    Its definitely an excellent value stock and I am holding patiently since 8 months.(Though in mean time you other recommendation - Parekh Aluminex has give nearly 300% returns)But I became worried since I came across the following message on MMB

    Please check the message by gtigers at bottom of page.

    Need your valuable opinion on Micro Tech.(I am holding 500 @ 175)
    With Regards,

  3. Dear Rajeev

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in India.

    Please check the link below

    Vishnu R Nair

  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Welcome Back. Hope you had a wonderful time in India. Life had become a bit boring without reading the daily updates on your blog.

  5. Rajeev Welcome back, I am searching the link of ET summit 2010. I the mean time please tell me why Ruchi soya is not moving. well the news is that china is heavily buying soya.

  6. Dear Rajeev
    Welcome back! Your old call SICAL is trading at 69/= Due you think we should grab it or have you changed your views?

  7. Vikas,
    All the points raised in that link makes no sense to me.Means it is not a big issues...that happens with each and every Co...
    Micro Tech will run at its own time......

  8. anjum,
    Sical still looks fundamentally sound to me.....

  9. Raju Bhai
    welcome back!
    without you we not enjoy THE MARKET.
    send us a multibagger pick on ocation of your vacation.
    please also sujjest about NRC,DMC INTERNATIONAL and PVP VENTURE.
    in my view all 3 scrip are 5 bagger from cmp
    but your sujjeson is final for me.
    i hold all 3 scrip in 5 digit.
    if U like any one in 3 which i add more
    thanks in advance

  10. Rajiv bhai
    i think jp infra is good pick at cmp for risk free and value buy
    your views please

  11. Welcome back Rajivbhai ,

    Some updates about few ofyour recommended stocks:
    Emmsons reported a negative eps this quarter because of the inventory issue. There is a meeting on 17th as regards issuing warrants to promoters. Price dropped from 124 to 98 and regained back to 115.
    Rathi steel reported eps of 1.50 this quarter as against 2.50 previous quarter. Interest factor has taken toll on the profits. Even cmp of 22 looks ggod bargain to enter into this stock.
    Spanco reported more than 50% rise in sales and profits YoY. Price made a high of 125 and currently trading at 98. Looks a steal at this price.
    Nutek will come out with an ADR issue.Price rose from 33 to 42 levels and currently trading around 35.
    This are just few of the stocks .May be other readers can post few more results from the recommended stocks .
    Rajivbhai, your views on the above stocks are highly appreciated.


  12. Dear Rajeev,

    I am happy to see that you are back again. I was just going thro' the list of scrips you had given during May 2009, wherein one of the scripts, Jai Hind Projects(at that time it was just Rs. 99.25 is now at Rs.330 plus. Here you score more and more marks than other analysts/tip providers in the market.

  13. Dear Rajeev

    I was reading through cals refineries,and their expansion(Sorry 'starting') plan.CMP (Rs 0.31).The company has dreams at present, no fundamentals,no balacesheet.As per news, it is going to commision a refinery of capacity 4.8mmtpa at Haldia,WB by 2011-2012 second qtr.But I am confused in the fact the company is planning all these without capital of their own.All borrowed money.
    I hope you can draw some light into this companies future(comments).Can it become a multibagger like ABAN OFFSHORE in LT

    Vishnu R Nair

    JAI HIND!!!!

  15. Dear Rajeev & all,

    I wish you a "Very happy Independence Day". Bharat Mata ki Jai.

  16. hi rajeev, first of all, welcome back :)
    like me, many people were waiting for your return.
    i am following your blog for some 2 months now and i must say that i have become fan of yours.i am new to share market and your blog has really helped me in these 2 months. i would like to have your opinion on following stocks.
    i have educomp, ikf tech, megasoft, gtl infra, polar industries, jaipan industries and renuka sugars.
    as you can see, most of my portfolio is based on your picks.
    plz advice me about the future of educomp and renuka sugars besides the other stocks. thanks
    i would like to add that i curse myself for missing out of buying dujodwala products which you had suggested. it has risen 75% since then.

  17. Dear Rajeev,

    Gift some multibagger picks on the occasion of 63rd Independence Day of our Nation. I salute you and my country on this occasion.

    Vande Matharam..... Bharat Mata ki Jai.

  18. Hi Rajeev

    your views on Cubex Tubings Limited.


  19. Raju bhai
    U are santa clauz for all invester.every body want to see your first dhamaka (multibagger pick) onocation of 63 independand day and your long vacation.
    we are waiting when U disclose in this blog
    thanks in advance