Wednesday, September 15, 2010


After what has happened with Mayank let me write here what this blog means to all.
I write my picks and readers read it and take decision on their own whether to buy immidiately, buy lateron or skip the call at all.
1)I have readers who has picked almost all call, maybe in small quantity and thus they are in big profit.
2)I have readers who bought SNL,Parekh Aluminex and Cronimet and they are in excellent profit.
3)I have readers like Mayank who bought Sical and ABG and they are in loss, ofcourse in Sical not in ABG.
4)There are readers who are in absoloute loss picking my bad calls like Allied Comp or JCT or XL tele or Gramch Infra.
5)Some readers are there who are still holding stocks which is giving NIL return, like Yash Raj Containeur ,Rathi Steel , Rico Auto etc....
Now these are all possibilites and I think that should be the case as I can assume it...
Now what I will say is those who picked all correct call, they have excellent luck.Those who have average return have medium luck with my call, those who are in No profit No Loss are average lucky and those who are in loss in entirety then I am unlucky for them.
Now asking me for advice that what one should do as what he bought is down , then I think 24 hrs will be also become LESS for me to deal with such situation.
Reemember Ramesh Damani also comes only once a week and that too only for half an hour or at the most one hour on chat.

It will be never be possible for me to answer such question that what I should do with your calls which are giving negative return or not moving up.
I am not an operator.I just give a call after reading news on internet like when I read about BPL Ltd and I immidiately wrote it here so that my readers don't lose the intial rally when the analyst will start giving a call for their PMS.I wants my readers to buy it before anyone buys it or any analyst do research on it and give a call to their own clients whom they get commission and brokerage as well.
I have never tried to delibaretly delay my call so that I can buy or my clients can buy ( I have no clients)and then give it here so that my personal clients can make ST profit and thereby I also get my commission.
Maybe , I have missed to write couple of them but that went out of my mind completely.
So , please please don't ask me what to do with my call which are not moving or are DOWM.That is part and parcel of the game.
I can't give portfolio advice.


  1. Dear Rajeev ,
    Can you pls try and analyse wots happening with snl bearings ? It seems to be tanking every single day ever since it touched 107 . Just wanna know if it is just an operator game or wot .. Thanks 4 ur help n advisein advance

  2. Any further input on snl bearing Mr rajeev ? Ur views wud help me in deciding the duration of holding this stock in my portfolio

  3. viplav,
    The correction that was suppose to come in SNL is seems to be over.It is again buying time for SNL.....excellent stock to hold for 2 now don't ask whether to hold or sell.....follow my advice....sell 50% as soon as stock doubles and hold rest one have not o keep thinking whether one should sell or not....