Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jyoti Ltd....cmp...107...My old call....3 bagger..

I have been recomending this stock since in 30's and was always in my pick list.
I even wrote a full article on Jyoti Ltd when it was 75 and wrote clearly that even at Rs 75, it looks excellent buy......I donno how many bought it ...but Jyoti Ltd made a 52 week high of Rs 107 on Thrusday and still long way to go.I am sure now as Jyoti Ltd has crossed 100 mark,brokerage and other group will come out and discuss on it....what is the sense in doing it so late?
Parekh Aluminex hit 500 and become a 5 bagger.Jyoti Ltd is already a 3 bagger.Surya Roshni is already a 3 bagger.
SNL Bearing is 10 bagger now and someone wrote that a brokerage inst came out with a buy call at this price for a taregt of 175 ,means it will become a 17 bagger.....and then some FII will enter and it will become a 30 bagger......
The list is long......................


  1. Dear Rajeev sir,

    By my deeds, words,or behaviour if I have hurt you intentionally or otherwise I ask for forgiveness.
    Michami Dukadam

  2. Mitz,
    Michami Dukadam to you as well....Cheers

  3. Rajeev, I knew about Jyoti because I'm working in the same field (hydro electric generation) but I just had no idea they were listed. As soon as I saw your detailed post, it was like a lightbulb and I just bought the same day. Many times I dont know that companies I am familiar with are listed.

    Just this Thursday I was surprised to hear that there is a listed company named Delta Corporation that runs licensed riverboat casinos in Goa, and now they are planning to expand to Kenya and some other international areas.

  4. JC,
    I donno for how much time u r in stock market but if u r for 3-4 yrs then u acted as novice in Jyoti counter.
    Let me explain.When u were knwoing that Jyoti has been in same field and u were in know of that Co,Jyoti, and was not knowing whether it is listed or not, then u should have atleast tried to write the name at bse site and see whether it is listed or not.....
    See these are the basics of stock market ....Sales, BV,NP,RONWE,Cash Flow , etc comes lateron, first we need to identify a stock and then all these comes....
    Delta Corp,is old Arrow Webtex and then became Delta Corp.....and Arrow Webtex gave a phenominal run from low of Rs 3 to high of over 676....then changed the name to Delta Corp and then split to 1 paidup..
    U may not be knowing that Arrow Webtex, a TextileCo,a Co was reversed merged with it and the name get changed.
    Now the management made a new Co named Arrow Textile Ltd and transferred the Textile division of Delta Corp to it....and it is quoting at Rs 10...and hence being the same Gr , watch out for Arrow Textile as well....

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    Thoda hatke question.
    Its about CRISIL.
    They have come with buy-back at 6500/-
    CMP- 5800.P/BV-10 and P/E-27.
    And at this level it has come with buy-back!
    Means I really dont understand.
    Their business is of credit rating and unique with only one listed competitor ICRA.
    The business is i think what WB would love to own.
    And also the management doesn't look like a bunch of fool people atleast till now.
    I know it cant be a big multi-bagger. But need your opinion on it whether it can be in your list of Grade A stocks like L&T,BEL,BHEL,BPCL,IOC.
    Thanks in advance.
    With Regards,

  6. Hi Rajeev,
    regarding CRISIL, one thing which is possible is that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds 5 lac shares! And he must have forced the management to buy-back the shares.
    What do you think?

  7. Vikas,
    Basic thing one need to understand is, Crisil has a very very low eq of just 7 cr and that is making the difference.
    Ofcourse RJ has 5 lacs shares but here atleast I can say that he can't dictate.
    The real reason I am seeing is,only Crisil as a rating Co is listed as ICRA is not listed and hence the attraction.It is one of a kind.
    If the buyback is at higher price then the CMP , it means that management is forseeing excellent growth in future and that is why they are buying back at higher price.
    Watch out for Titan, another RJ stock, even at 3000 level.Untill Gold is in demand Titan is on higher trajectory only.....up and up....and Titan can touch the MAGIC FIGURE OF 10K IN 2-3 YRS FROM NOW...

  8. Rajeevbhai,

    I want your opinion on few buy back candidates
    Tata Honeywell BOC Kennmetals .Should we hold at this levels or we can book partial profit.

    Your views on BASF & BAYER CROP SCIENCE.

    Manher Desai

  9. Thanks a lot Rajeev for your timely valuable suggestion.

  10. Of course I am a novice Rajeev, I only started my account in mid-2008 and only started getting serious after one year. I came to know about Jyoti around 2007, when I was just out of college. And taking courage and investing in smallcaps only started this year, once I started reading your blog.

    Yes I saw that the Delta stock had already run up and split to Rs 1 FV but your suggestion on their textile biz is eye-opening.

  11. manher,
    I do not track MNC that much.But one thing is sure, all these Cos have excellent product portfolio with them and I feel that it is better to stick with them instead giving in buy back....
    I do not track Basf and Bayer, so no view...

  12. Hello Sir,
    what about the Sical Logistics and ABG Shipyard, eating all the profit of other +ve calls in my portfolio,, what is your advise, hold or exit ?

  13. Dear Rajiv Sir,
    Could you please comment about ABG Shipyard and Sical Logicstics huge loss , in both these loss making recos.. My question is more about , why I end up taking your pics, which are loss making, and due to that fear, lose picking the winning picks.. Regards

  14. I can't understand why Jyoti Ltd has not risen much compared to other stocks?

    The company is under major restructing may be thats the reason?

    The products are very good but not translating in the price. The 52 wk high was some 276

  15. Rishant,
    I donno where u saw 52 high of 276! Rs 276 is not even life time high.Jyoti Ltd never touched 276 last 10 yrs and more....
    Actually, it has trebled from the price where I recomended.....check it properly...

  16. It is so strange rajeev... the midcaps and smallcaps are not rising at all, its only the nifty and the sensex, especially banks and finance companies, that are spurting in price.

  17. I spoke too soon... the midcaps and smallcaps have finally caught up today.