Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sujana old call...making new 52 week highs....Rs81...

I have kept on giving call on Sujana Towers since is making a new high and I am seeing bulk deals at bse.I still like this stock.
Vishnu Chem which I have been recomending since 30's has also crossed 100 mark.
Ennore Coke which has consolidated between 90-100 for long time has also crossed 100 .
Windsor Machine is also firing all cylinders......
I am tracking some other low price picks and let me write it down here which are they so that after DD readers if wants to buy they can buy....
1)Uniroyal Ind
2)Kay Power
3) Kilpest India Ltd
4)Conart Eng
5)Inter State Oil CarrierLtd

Well, freiends these are very low price picks and due diligence is a must before taking a call on them.
Well, Vishnu Chem , Ennore Coke , Venus Remedies,Sujana Towers, Srei Infra,Spanco ,Jyoti Ltd , SNL Bearing after it has corrected looks excellent buy according to me....
Well, price fluctuation is part of the game.One need to able to digest that.Always buy in SIP manner so that when the stock corrects we have money to buy more.
Try to find information on your own.I have written many times what I use to look at in picking a stock.Try to use that parametres and pick some stock on your own.Have conviction of your own.That is the bottomline.My conviction is of no importance because you have to keep on asking me whether you have to buy or not or hold or not or sell or not.....Create a situation where you have not to ask me and that is only possible only if you have enough information of any stock.
Stock never runs on our whims......
Updates on PSL Ltd:
I just read on bse that PSL got Rs 565 cr order and in which it was written that Co has many plants at various strategic location in different parts of India and in that one name was Mahudi(Gujarat), and Mahudi is located in North Gujarat.
Last time when I visited Mahudi, when I went to India in July I saw the plant of PSL Ltd , ofcourse from outside but when I saw that plants I was thinking that PSL Ltd has sought a excellent location for orders to come in.
Mahudi is in North Gujarat and a place of Jain Gujarati Pilgrimage a very very wellknown place and lacs of people visits this excellent place of Jain Tirthsthan.It is just like Shirdi Sai Baba place in Nasik .....lacs and lacs of devotees comes at Mahudi.I try to visit once in a while though no rule is abide for me......
But  coming back to PSL Ltd , it seems that we are again seeing the orders flowing in PSL Ltd and that was ofcourse a big order of Rs 565 cr.....let us see where it goes from here.It has corrected enough to frusterate investors and ultimately sell the holding......

Again I write that  do read my replies on queries asked........always read the comments section of this will find always something insight , a new stock...etc
Never miss reading COMMENTS....


  1. Rajeev ji,

    Thanks foe Sujana, I ma one of the lucky guy who picked up 2 years back on your recommendation. Great going Sir. What is the outlook for this company, now?

  2. sanjay,
    Hold Sujana Towers for LT....

  3. Rajeev,

    With Sujana towers, it is the best feeling when you see your conviction and patience pays off.
    Feel nostalgic about the time when it was at 10Rs

  4. Spanco new 52 week 128.05 It would move to 250 very soon as Management would be doing a QIP at a nice price





  6. Latest update is Sujana Tower touched 92 and closed at 88 so 10% higher level.

  7. sokhi,
    Kavveri and Edserve are excellent LT picks..

  8. Hi Rajeev

    Sometime back u had spoken of education as a 80 billion dollar industry and that it was a sunrise sector. On that day I BOught edserv and everonn.Everonn has almost doubled since then and now edserv has started moving.I have also got dmc international.I hope it will also move one day.

    Thanks for nice article.


  9. Dear Rajeev,

    Always great to see your post, specially the pick. I was pleasantly surprised to see you mentioning about Shree Mahudi Ji, yes it is a holy place for jains and has got a very big temple of Shree Parsvnath Swami and Mahavir Ji.
    Thanks as always.


  10. Hi Rajeev,
    one more good interview.
    I dont know how you think about Raamdeo Agrawal, but I think he is quiet sensible. May not be as great as RJ / RD.
    But I think its a good interview.

    With Regards,

  11. Rajeev Desai said...
    I haven't seen the interview of Ramdeo Agrawal but without reading or looking at it I can say that he must have said that market looks good etc etc...
    Vikas, the difference between Rakesh and Ramdeo is Rakesh is always very very clear about market course.There is never a hesitancy that this will happen this may not happen etc...Rakesh has clear views that market is good and he speaks with confidence like he says that market will cross the new high by Mar 2011.....this is what makes Rakesh different from others....
    We have veteran investors like Nemish Shah who never comes in Media, Radhe Kishan Damani(RKD and RJ's mentor)also never comes in Media and these both are very very seasoned campaigner and they have big say in market though many donno anything about them...
    While Rakesh is the only person who comes out and speak in Media and Ramesh Damani also comes frequently comes on TV channel to air his view and his views are also almost clear where market is heading and what can happen.
    All others are not sure what will happen or they don't want to speak out what they feel because they are afraid of proving wrong or their chair they possess don't let them do it.
    What ever is the reason but I find Rakesh more like me then anyone in our market....and hence I can say that I am fond of Rakesh and would never like to miss any single quote of his....
    We investors needs people like Rakesh from where we can take clue what is coming up...because others like Nemish Shah,RKD etc are not coming to Media to air their views on market...
    So Ramdeo Agrawal is good no doubt but we can't take any clue upon what he speaks....that is the problem and that is why I like Rakesh and Ramesh Damani.
    Vikas, I listen Rakesh and Ramesh Damani very alertly.I always try to read between the lines whenever they speak in Media.The reason is though I read a lot still they have access of global situation much much more then me so I listen them very carefully and try to interpret every word they speak.After so much of years in stock market I can understand the things much faster and interpret them very I like hearing them....which always increase my own confidence....
    I hope you understand the whole thing what I am trying to tell you and all....
    Hear those whom you get something.Makes no sense hearing or reading who has not much to say of market.....
    The end line is , Ramdeo Agarwal ya aur kisi ko bhi suna to kya aur nahi suna to bhi kya...koi pharaq nahi padta....

  12. Hi Rajeev,
    Any views on Smart Link Network and D-Link as broadband penetration is too low and in next 5 years or so we may see sudden spurt in that and these 2 companies it seems are well poised to take advantage.

  13. Minar,
    Smart Link and Dlink both looks excellent LT pick......

    my badluck i buy sujana tower near 18 and exit near 40 before 1 year. today BPL,ENTENGRA AND TANEJA AEROSPACE also show good volume and price movment.
    i buy bpl ltd for long term and hold very low qty of entengra(s kumar promoter) and taneja aero space.
    please advice me.

  15. Ashok,
    BPL,Tanejo looks still good for not track Entegra..

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  17. Jim Rogers sees money in wind, solar power
    But his heart lies in sugar, rice & silver as he expects a global shortage with 2 billion people from China, India race to join the splurging western consumers ET 01/10/10

    INVESTORS will benefit from buying into companies that produce windmills and solar panels since soaring demand for energy will push businesses to seek an alternative to fossil fuels, says legendary investor Jim Rogers.
    Agricultural commodities like rice and sugar are in a sweetspot since demand from emerging markets may lead to short supply, pushing their prices up, he says.
    “There is enormous potential in alternative energy,” says Mr Rogers, a former business partner of hedge fund icon George Soros. “Some day, I will come to Mumbai and I am going to see windmills or solar panels on all roof tops.”
    Global production of crystalline silicon cells, essential for solar power generation, has surged six times between 2004 and 2008. With more governments pursuing better environment, the demand for such sources are set to surge, improving prospects for companies in the sector. The windmill sector also has favourable tax treatment.
    Some of the companies that fall in the definition are the debt-laden windmill maker Suzlon Energy and the recently-listed photovoltaic cell manufacturer IndoSolar, which fell more than 10% on its debut on bourses. These stocks have underperformed either because the valuations are steep, or the companies have high cost of operations, or they are in a financial mess. So investors, including Mr Rogers, believe that it may be a while before they yield returns.
    “But some day is a long way from now,” says Mr Rogers, the author of Hot Commodities. “But if you can find good companies in the shale gas, windmill or in the solar panel business, you will probably make a lot of money because they have a great future. Find somebody who can produce alternative energy relatively cheap and you will make a fortune.”
    Although he favours alternative energy, his heart lies in sugar, rice and silver as he continues to preach the coming global shortage as nearly two billion people from China and India race to join the splurging Western consumers.
    “Sugar is going to go much higher over the next few years,” says Mr Rogers who carries some sugar or gold in his coat pocket most of the time. “I am ecstatic to hear that your government is losing up on anything. This is one of the most restrictive and controlling governments in the world. There’s lots of money to be made in sugar unless your government does something foolish again.”
    Commodity market regulator FMC on Thursday lifted the ban on trading in sugar futures, as retail prices of sugar have dropped by almost 40% since January and production is expected to surge after bountiful monsoon.
    With both gold and silver surging as investors stack up fearing inflation and the lack of confidence in other assets, Mr Rogers bets more on silver than on the yellow metal. “If I were to go to precious metals, I would rather look at silver than gold. Silver is still 60% below its all-time high,” he says. “Buy yourself some silver chopsticks or some silver cutlery and buy yourself some rice, and you will be very rich in five or 10 years.”
    He believes the next market to pop may be the US government bonds. “I know a bubble is forming in the United States government bonds, long-term bonds if not there yet. We do not have the end of the bubble, yet that is certainly one of the few bubbles I see forming.”

  18. Offlate I found the anchor of ET NOW channel, Ashu Dutt a very bold,aggressive and a straight talk guy. Just yesterday when he was telling on the channel taht we investors, traders feel very uncomfortable when we hear that large amount of FII money has been pumped in the market. He gave an example of one IPO in Brazil where FIIs pumped almost 5 times the money which has come into India till now in the year,2010. Just imagine.

    Ashu also explained his theory called as 20:20:20.... It is mind boggling. It says Nifty will be around 20,000(Twenty thousand) in the year 2020. No doubt, there will be ups and downs.He was of the opinion that we the people of India should thank Almighty since we have born at the right time and in the right place...i,e; in a country called India.

    My friends, this are just his views and is not a call. Take your own descision. But do watch ET NOW atleast for 8.00 to 8.30 every morning on week days. Just to get a feel of what is happening around us.

  19. Rajiv bhai
    please give your view in these 3 scrip
    i hold birla shloka@28(in education sector)kamanwala housing@40 and golden tobaco@102(huge land bank in mumbai)
    both stock not perform at presnt but future look good to me.
    please advice can i add more at cmp.
    in my view next raily lead by real estate sector. those scrip who hold good land bank alongwith their core business outperform the market.
    your godrej ind fire today

  20. mech,
    I know Ashu from where he was on CNBC.He is not blod aggressive and straight but he has got arrogance.He teases.He think he is very smart.He is a fualt finder.Have you seen his facee when he ask question to analyst or someone like that?He smile....a satire..always beams up on his face......I firmly believe that he feels himslef much smarter then analyst.....he is always to prove someone wrong....I have a phobia of Ashu.....I never hears him....
    Did Ashu predicted that market will cross 20k before Diwali?
    Mech, what Ashu is saying is all "If and Buts"Who is he to predict sensex at 20k even after 20 yrs and what if even it becomes like that after market touches 50K.....I donno what Ashu is talking but he always keep investor on tenterhooks....I never liked him..

  21. Rajeev,

    How do you think world see the decision on Ayodhaya. Today real estate stocks shows fire. And today I think DII do the major buying. Currently large cap are running more than mid cap & small cap. I see some of analyst like Bharat saying when small cap starts running means market has to get down.

    Also let me know ...when I see punj lloyd i see heavy selling by FII yet this company is busy taking in orders from all over world. I think this type of companies is the future of India.

  22. nirash,
    Can't believe that a person like Jim Rogers will like sector like Wind Mill and Solar Power....too true to be true....

  23. Dear Rajeev Sir,
    Please suggest me on the prosects of KRBL from food sector & A.K.Capital from finance.

  24. PR,
    I do not track any so no view....

  25. Rajeeev,

    It is all FII investment yet and the day ayodya judgment come they buy maximum I never see in my lifetime.

  26. Orient Abrasives ANY VIEW RAJIV SIR

  27. rocky,
    i do not track abrasive Ind so no view....