Monday, April 27, 2009

Infra and Realty will be the growth Driver of Indian Economy........

Economy growth driver from now onwards would be Infra and Realty.
I have written in past here that some $10 bn road projects are to be given to construction co and hence I gave some infra stocks as well at that time.
I have mentioned Marg Ltd 2-3 times along with IVRCL,Simplex,HCC,etc.
Well,$10 bn means Rs 50,000 cr and just read somewhere that AP is building water management system and will be spending Rs 1 lacs cr .Only if we add these two the total project cost becomes Rs 1,50,000 cr and I think that is enough stimulous for our economy to grow again at 9%.
There are many more such sectors to come that includes Port buliding, Thermal Power, Gas based Power,Nuclear Power(Areva, Alsthom, Seimens,L&T etc) which will come into play in coming years.
I have even mentioned Torrent Power in a list.This is a very wellknown gr and hence one can take exposer without any hesitation.I will like to have a special mention on my old favourite Navin Flourine where the Carbon Credit story is still intact and it will again come to the fore once the market starts a decisive upmove.I think Navin is going very cheap.
But Power , Infra, Realty these are the sectors that will turnaround our economy and will become a catalyst to bring back the past glory of 9% GDP.
The credit crisis is easing in US and the turnaround has come earlier then expected by many analyst including me.
Well, I may prove wrong in this prediction and actually I am writing this post with lots of hesitation that I may prove wrong as has happened through out last year.
But one thing is sure and that is as much as the Sensex will take time of remaining above the bottom made in Oct 08, it will be good for the market ofcourse for Bulls and not bears.
Since last 5-6 weeks market has been able to remain above 10k and that is a good sign for Bulls and as I wrote this bear market rally can and is getting converted in a new Bull Phase.....


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    Hope u r doing great.
    One of ur blog followers by name om enquired about BIO GREEN Ltd. I went through the company details and found it very interesting. It would indeed be very kind if u could share ur views on it too.

  2. OM and Mitx, I will write on Bio Green as soon as I get time and have a look at it.

  3. Thanks Rajeev for taking time to look into it..

    TO add on more Information on the Bio Green is the share holding pattern..

    Total Foreign 0.01%
    Total Institutions 0.00%
    Total Govt Holding 0.00%
    Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding 13.01%
    Total Promoters 32.23%
    Total Public & others 54.74%