Friday, April 17, 2009

Power Sector...........

I have written some A gr stocks here when someone asked me to write them.
My first 4-5 stocks were in Power Sector.I am bullishn on this sector and hence I wrote them.Buy these stocks to gain multiple returns in 2 to 5 yrs.
ABB,Areva T&D, Seimens, Alsthom Pro these stocks will give enormous return.Buy stocks in cash gr like Eimco Elecon, Elecon Eng,RTS Power, IMP Power etc and they will also give multibagger return.Keep a watch on Hydel Power projects co like JP Hydro,Patel Eng and with Gas going to be a major player ,India will need pipelines for moving the gas from one state to other and hence I recomended PSL Ltd last time.
Anyone wants to ask for my old recomendation need to ask about that.I have made some wrong calls as well and I think the worst call I made was of Alleid Computer.That was a rank bad call.
But other then that like SKS Logistic,Religare Techno ,Kirlos Ferro,Jyoti Ltd,Innocorp Ltd,Jayaswal Neco etc etc will give great returns......They are fundamentally good stocks and have been hit due to bear phase.......
Even some penny stocks that I wrote can come out as a big winner.
See which one is going to be next 20 or 50 bagger no one knows .What we need to do is try to find them early and buy when no one is buying......and when one buy them early then the gestation period become long as untill people realise the true potential of that stock it do not runs.

I now also wants to make a special mention on EssDee Alu.Those who are fond of good management co and with great fundamentals then one can go for EssDee Alu.
The difference between EssDee Alu and Parekh Alu is like difference between a developed country like America and underdeveloped country like India.Make the choice....both are in same sector...
I am giving here a dark horse........I can say that ,challange that no one can find this stock in any site.......or by any masters who boast of giving great and unknown stock.....
Indo Castle Multimedia......cmp is just Rs 7.But buy this as if you have lost money.If the stock performs as I am seeing it , it will give great returns.......
I have never boast of anything about my picks which gave multibaggers returns.Even in this bad market Shayadri Ltd and Kwality were making new highs.
The only thing I would tell is maybe for some time it looks that my picks are not running with the market but when they start running it goes in circuits.......
So don't become disheartened when my picks do not run......
And last, I suggest all my readers to buy and see ET todayy's paper in which on 3rd page you can see almost a half a page Ad of Marg Construction......Marg Karaikal Port is a subsidiary of Marg Const......and see how big projects its sub use to take........


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    This is regarding Indo Castle Multimedia..

    Promotors have bought around 30% and corporate bodies 30% ... i think something is cooking inside...

    What you suggest about it...

    in my views it may explode to Rs 100

    What do you suggest?

  2. i think SEBI has stopped buying in Indo Castle Multimedia..

  3. Hey Rajeev,
    Thanks for your valuable information as you always been sharing with all of us.

    Any reason for being so bullish on "Indo Castle Multimedia" as u mention it as "dark horse".


  4. Hi OM,
    Let me put it in this way.
    I never have inside info but I track the stocks and that comes in 100's and 1000's and that too with name.One of my friend told me that "Rajeev you are the encyclopedia of Indian Market."
    I always use to see the bse annoucement at bse site and from there I take the clue.
    So first you try to look at annoucement at bseindia site.Read all past annoucement and see what you read.Write it to me here or at my email id.
    Another hint.Look at the results of Indo Castle .Do you find anything there?
    OM,I may sound strange that instead of giving answers straight I am trying to make it hard to find.
    But you all need to find why I gave a call of Indo Castle.
    Another thing.Remember always.Don't let anyone know about dark horses.If you wants to buy , buy them silently.Once all will be knowing operator will find it hard to run.
    Let him accumalate the quantity he wants to....

  5. Hi Priya,
    Good digging.
    But still you need to see through bseindia site the annoucement,results etc......
    Just look at them and write me what you find there..
    Try to write on a piece of paper what you find in each annoucement and then read them and if u find taking note then write on a piece of paper....then read and take the clue or discuss with me...

  6. Hey Rajeev,

    Ya i understand your point of view and tried to collect the recent info abt the co.

    Net profit of Indo-Castle Multimedia rose 2450.00% to Rs 0.51 crore in the quarter ended December 2008 as against Rs 0.02 crore during the previous quarter ended December 2007. Sales reported to Rs 21.70 crore in the quarter ended December 2008. There were no sales reported during the previous quarter ended December 2007.

    Foreign Holdings 0.00
    Govt. / Financial Institutions 0
    Corporate Bodies(not covered above) 37.04
    Directors and their Relatives 34.3
    Other including Indian Public 28.66

    Above provided info might be the cause of your reco... correct me if am wrong.


  7. OM,
    Seems you have gone through good but still lacks something somewhere.
    Let me point out that.
    You didn't see that a merger was done with Indo Castle with Bonito Impex and that the name is going to get changed from Indo Castle to Indo Bonito something.
    Yes, you are right that sales has increased multifold and that was due to merger.
    That is a great sign.
    Another annoucement was there is of Dividend.They even declared a div of 1%.It is too small to think of but still coming to div list is a great thing for any company.
    It says that management meant business now and they are serious in what they are doing.
    Company coming back on Div list speak volumes about the things to come......

  8. Hi Rajeev Ji,

    Can you please share your views on your old pick Artson Engineering.


  9. Hi Sumit,
    Artosn Eng is fundamentally good co.It will run when its time will come.
    If someone look at my call on Kwality Dairy Ltd it never ran in Bull phase but went in circuits when the market went down....

  10. Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for providing the complete info on Indo-Castle...bought some of it. Let's see how it goes from here..