Monday, April 13, 2009

Market up.....

Market was up by over 200 points and retraced back paring some gains on profit booking.
This rally which can go uptill election can sustain upto 12200-12500.
There will be reaction in May/June and hence June /July will again will be time for bargain hunting.Many people are saying they missed the opportunity.This will happen time and again as now those who feel they are left will never be able to catch those stocks if they wait for those prices.
Sujana Towers rallied from 10 to 18, XLTele rallied from 27 to 41,Gremach from mere 17 to 29 and many more which I had written here and not written here.
Stocks were going so cheap that they were buy at those price.Now we need to see how much they rally and then react.It may happen that we may not be able to see the previous lows of these stocks and if one thinks I will wait for those prices or little bit more then he may loose the opportunity.
Take a case of XL Tele.It went down all the way to 26 and it is 41.Now at 41 it is still cheaper.That is what one needs to understand because even at 41 it is way down from the high of 595.Even if we consider that those highs was due to euphoria even then we can say that around 200 where JM Fin and FII's took stake , is way down from there.
Investors needs to think in that way.The company is working and the loss is due to forex loss.See the sales figure and see the Mcap.Compare it.
When market will react we need to see how much low it can make.Whether it touches the previous lows or not.My feeling says that it may not.
Just read that China is saying that their slowdown has been arrested and from the knowledgable person who know about the business says that inventories that were there is almost over .So there is no piling of stocks.
Tata Steel has declared some good nos for sales.It is up by 45%.
Oil is now staying over $45.Commodities are coming back.
I had written in my previous post that I disagree with Ramesh Damani's stand that we will not be tocuhing the previous high for atleast 4-5 yrs.Not to mention Shankar Sharma.
I still stick to my view that we should cross the previous high much early then anyone expects.The positive effect of stimulous bill passed in USA and world over is showing effect.For the first time US housing selling has shown positive trend.That is a great thing.
The time has changed.The action taken by world leaders is fast and it is showing some good sign.
I again write here.Just look at my stocks which I listed here and try to buy whenever one can.
Some $10 bn contract is going to be alloted for making roads as India lacks the infrastructure.Hence stocks like JMC Project,Simplex Infra, HCC can be looked at.Special mention for PSL Ltd.It has Rs 6000 cr order on hand and it is going very cheap.
Remember one thing always which I had written many times.Buy even 100 shares.Have it in your portfolio.If it turns out a multibagger then one can be able to wipe out all loss from a single stock even with a holding of 100-200 shares.I have experianced that.Loss and profit are part and partial of stock market.How much we can make it up that matters......

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