Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aegis Logistic....making new highs old 360...

I recomended Aegis Logistic on Mar 20th '10 at 195.Within 3 months it is up by 170....
See , I have done nothing.I read the news in Live Mint and analysed it and found a value and wrote it here.I didn't have any inside info nor any contact that Aegis was going to move.But it moved because there was value in it at that time.It still is a hold for LT .
I suggest my readers to read more and more.In this age of Internet , you don't even have to buy business papers.You can read it on internet FREE.
I am seeing that ET e-paper has become a paid site.It will be difficult for me to read it now.I like to read the paper edition, turning each page one by one but now it will be difficult to read it...for me....
Some stock I am tracking and feeling are good buys at this rate are as follow.
1)Jaipan Ind..cmp..Rs 22.20
This is again a stock with white goods sector.Jaipan is a good brand name and what I liked about it is they are also in Tele Marketing and that gives edge to their sales as I talked earlier , the time has come for E -Commerze.Buying things through internet.
They have got some 100 products on Teleshopping list and have total 140 products to sell with 125 distributers and 6000 dealers.
I think Jaipan is a very wellknown brand  and so at Rs 22 , looks to me an excellent Value Buy.
Again , I write, I have no inside info.I read it and write it.
My simple logic here is if TTK Prestige and Gandhimati Appliances can give tremendous return then I see no problem why Jaipan Ind should not perform.
2) Polar Ind...cmp 7
This is another brand play and a dark horse.We all know about the Polar Fans.It is a loss making Co and hence available below 10.....DD is must before buying anything I recomend.

My old call, IFB Ind  in same White Goods sector is flying .......

I would like to mention that Ennore Coke still looks good and one can still buy it for excellent returns in times to come.
My old call, Surana Corp has come out with excellent results with 40cr as NP which is up by over 100% from last year.
DHP India which I recomended in early 20's has doubled and looks good even now.
SNL Bearing touched 60 and is already a six bagger from my call at rs 11.


  1. Hello Rajeevji, i remember you wrote about media companies, latest update from ADAG :
    Reliance Media World Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Media Release titled 'Reliance Media World ushers in a new phase for the 'Media & Entertainment Industry', Builds a Multi Media Conglomerate'. BIG Street, BIG Live and BIG Digital are being brought together to deliver new vision of the company which it "to reach, engage and enrich customers, through power of relevant ideas, in the process creating ever growing value for its stake holders".... In line with new business direction, Reliance media world ltd will be re-christened as Reliance Broadcast Network ltd.

  2. Dear Rajeev,

    Thanks for your call on IFB Ind, now i have 50% profit. Shall I add more with CMP


  3. Parasuram,
    Now hold IFB Ind.Sell, 50% at 190-200 and keep the rest for big Ennore Coke if u do not have any...

  4. Hi Rajivji

    Can one still enter Surana Corp at CMP 79.90/- ?


  5. parasuram,
    Surana Corp still looks good as it is available bellow 5 p/e and they are in wind power as well....