Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is what Mr Francis asked me and that is the reply.....

Francis said...
thank you rajeevji for making my views your lead story. in you calling out the army has more than amplified my postings at the prevalant over exuberance of the multibaggers akin to the atmosphere when you shed light on the markets never going into bear markets.

so, are'nt we standing at that same sweet spot yet again albeit at a lower sensex levels, and not vice se verser

"My Answer:


I remained bullish throughout 2008 and I do not deny that and I proved wrong as well .And as you have asked, whether the same scenario is taking place again in the horizen!

I know there are many experts who feels that we will again go to the 2008 level of 8000.The sign on the global level says we are in a bad drubbing.

In 2008, no one expected 8k of sensex.People like Shankar Sharma who was advocating bearish view and giving LOWER targets one by one also went wrong....They were sure that market will touch 6000 and then 4000 and 3000 because I already got a target from my friends at that time that NIFTY will touch 900 and they were very sure of that......but NIFTY 900 never came....even Nifty 2000 never came...

So in that sense bearish view or analysis also went wrong.....

There are certain experts in our market who always SELLS AT THE TOP AND GET OUT OF THE MARKET AND ALWAYS BUY AT THE BOTTOM.....These are the experts who always says in public that"see I said this "but remember the persons is changed everytime this happens.You understand what I mean to say?It means that same iand same person is not able to say "See I told you, and I sold at 18k(or whatever)as he was knowing that market will tank from here and I bought at 8k or whatever it is.... "

I would like to add here :
See, I am not a master.I have said that before .I make mistakes.It is the readers who has to take call on market or stock.
This is a simple thing to understand.Very simple......If anyone feel that we can again go down in big way, they need to sell everything and rest at peace.......
I will keep on writing stocks where I will find VALUE..........
I don't understand why Mr Francis do not understand this thing.He keeps on questioning same thing even after I have wrote this....
There are stocks which are still making new 52 week highs like SNL Bearing, Lumax Ind what has it to do with the market?
See, it is always like that.....stocks moves up and market goes down.I wrote, Lumax Ind is such type of stock that it will move up when market is down and that we are seeing......
One cannot invest in market looking at what is going to happen tommorow or in next 3 months we will buy when market will come to 14500 again or 12000 again, as by that time some stocks will go up and one can lose the profit......that is never a good when one find a value....
I have written many times , have we saw Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala selling in 2008?Returns should be seen in context of LT.Even after masters and expert speaking dooms day for USA economy, WB is unperturbed...he is not selling....Commom man, he is 77 yrs old and has gone through each bearish phase.He is much much more experianced then us......take  a clue from him....

 What I will say is, anyone who feels that I am going to prove wrong in perdicting market , one is always FREE not to buy anything......
This will be my last and final discussion on this TOPIC......any other comments on same topic , I will not entertain it....


  1. Dear rajeev,

    Never bothered about these type of guys . i think he is very rich and he never wanted others to go become rich . Rajeev ji ,no one told me about your blog , its is my passion to one script that bring me here in 2009. As I am already in market before 2007 , I also never sold any script in my holding in 2008 as its is my own conviction . My first passionate holding is adani enterprises and i am still holding this as my first script & i am never be in loss in this script since 2006. And now its your blog that guides us in this market and the fact is i am never be in loss when following you. There are lot of TV channels who also say buy this or buy that... but we find Rajeev blog is the best.

  2. Rajiv ji
    i m in market from 1992. one thing i say through my expirions.
    In stock market Bull make money,Bear make money. but MAHAGYANI (PIG) always slaughter.
    if u buy any good scrip at reasonable rate dont panic in any type of market. ups and down is beauty of this market.
    if my any scrip up 20% from by price i sell 25% of my holding and again sell 25% when up next 20% and when down 20% from my selling price i cover my selling position. i make less money from long term invester but i always make money.
    short sell word is not in my dictionary.
    i m also bull (but mini in front of you)i learn so many thing from my seniors you are one of them. i prefer buy good scrip when they quote at low level or minimum 50% low from their 52 week high.
    i select 2 scrip at present in my buy list
    i think both give me decent return in future
    Rajiv bhai
    your view please

  3. Dear Rajeev

    Aegis logistics is planning to issue bonus shares. The decision will be made in the July 7 Board of directors meeting.(From BSE website)

    Please suggest the prospects, because the stock crashed so drastically today


    Vishnu R Nair

  4. Hi Rajiv

    Can you please give your views on FSC Software and Mascon Global

  5. Hi rajeev bhai ihave money with me to invest and I'm new to ur blog pls tell me what to buy and at what price ,I need ur advice thanks ur cabel Corp I missed , regards

  6. Namit,

    You have posed an open ended question.

    I suggest you to go through the previous articles and select the companies in the sector which you are comfortable with.

    If the prices have increased by even 50%, I think you can invest in them.

    All stocks that Rajeev suggests/recommends are from at least 18months perspective and target of 3X (May vary case to case).

    So even if he has recommended it couple of months back, buying them now should not be a problem unless price has shot up OR bonus issued etc.

    Few of them that I would like to still buy from his recommendations are
    1. Jamna Auto
    2. Essar Oil
    3. Loyal Textile

    These are purely my views. Take your Decision.


  7. Dear Rajeev,

    I think this blog has reached to such a level of popularity as well as usefulness (to the discerning minds) now that it need not be bothered by a stray comment or two, once in a while for no reason. And IF you have exactly "copied and pasted" those few lines above, there is enough evidence that the person has to learn his English properly first before starting to point out others. If he believes that he can impress others by using some borrowed expressions, which all put together, did neither fit in grammatically nor made any sense at all, then he is terribly mistaken because there are a few keen minds following this blog regularly and they will easily tell apart the chaff from the grain.


  8. Nikhil,
    I do not track Mascon Global and FCS Soft....I think Mascon has a very huge eq and so it makes no sense investing in it...