Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Talk of my old calls..............

I have been regularly recomending Mcnally Bharat since my mmb days as well as here from Rs 50...After touching 52 week high of 385....and now at 275, I am seeing that Fedility Funds has taken stake in Mcnally Bharat at Rs 275!So it is already a 5 bagger ....
I have been recomending Jyoti Ltd since mid 30's or mid 20's and even at 75 I again wrote that it is still good to buy.Today it made a 52 week high of 99 means a 3 bagger and long way to go.....
Scan Point Geomatics which I recomended at 17 is making new highs as well at 60....
Aegis Logistic is making new high at 389....
Genesys Int recomended at 100 is making new high at 437.....
IFB Ind making new highs at 148.........
Lumax Ind recomended at 95 now at 278.......
Petron Eng at 169 making 52 week high at 453..........
SKS Logistic my very old call.....making waves .....41.....
SRF Ltd has started moving...............247......
Stride Arcolab..........418...........
There are many more......the list is very long...............
I have been writing time and again....this year can turn out to be the year for Small/Midcap and Penny stock.....so watch out for these type of stocks.................


  1. hi rajeev do you track orchid chemicals a leading maker of cephalosporins in India and 5 th in world posted losses after losses but this quarter a big turnaround and for whole year posted 47 eps trading at165.also as per company md its significantly de leveraged now and is on strong growth trajectory. Also announced a dividend of rs 10. Wud appreciate ur views thanks ravi

  2. ravi,
    Orchid Chem looks good to me.....

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks a ton for your valuable research analysis and follow ups on your old call.
    I have invested quite a lot on your old calls. I have a questions for which I need your suggestion.
    I have invested in Gremach infra and xl tele at higher laver and having significant loss at current level. But since last few days there are some news floating on both in market and both are in running mode. Should it be proper time to enter this time at cmp to average to my old holdings or should I stay away from them.


  4. Deb,
    I have no view on Gremach and XL as of now....buy something else if you have money.I have been recomending many stocks here.
    Why u wants to buy losers......averaging is good but not that stocks which have bad image.....so I would not average XL or Gremach....instead buy something else for LT with good management like say...Kirloskar Ferro..

  5. sometimes it is wonderful for us as humans to look back on our failures to know where and how we erred, thereby correcting our selves on the way.

    likes wise, it would be prudent to discuss some calls made in the past which may have not taken off as expected. for, as there is yet to be a person in the stockmarket who has a cent percent ratio of success

  6. Francis,
    I have been talking about failures as well.Just have a look at the above comments where Deb as asked me about Gramach and XL Tele and I have replied to him as well......
    I have never boasted that I have been cent percent correct......that can never happen,but if one is correct 6 out of 10 stocks , he is a winner in stock market and I feel I am atleast that much successful.....it all depends on what one buys and when they sell .......

  7. Francis as per my opinion there is no point in talking about the past failures. Infact they are not meant to be considered as failures as the richest man in stock market Warren buffet have also made mistakes. You should understand that in stock market one bets on the future of a company/sector foreseeing the growth prospects but there are many factors that can affect in between and the call might not work as expected. So this cannot be considered as failure.
    One thing I can say with full assurance is that had rajeev had huge money like others to invest in stock market, by this time he would have become a billionaire as most of his calls are excellent. In the start of his blog he had mentioned that he does not have that kind of money to buy shares in huge quantity and this is what is keeping him low else he might have been somewhere else.
    Just my opinion and nothing against you.

  8. there is this large and famous equity research company, if you may call it as such, which sends out calls every month.it too has its own fair share of missed out calls. the good thing about it is it gives out in a tabulated form the calls it made when it made and the kind of success and failures in per centage since its call was made. it simply makes a statement as it is along side its calls. it does not wait for some one to blogg in to find out about a failed one. then to say "i don't have a view". come on have a heart for the guy whose sitting on huge losses. share if you only knew the pain. yes yes iknow this the stockmarket and its caveat.share if you were traveling in the same boat i m sure you too would be singing a different song.the point is it takes a bold man to enlist his losses
    sorry pal nothing personal.

  9. Francis,
    I did not see ur reply to me. Francis I do know the pain of losses. I am myself sitting on losses even after being in the share market for last 3.5 years. I hv not made a single rupee profit till now. If I made some, I lost as well.
    But the way you should read the blogs is that someone who has more knowledge about a particular subject is writing something on a blog. If we feel that as correct we can follow it and if vice versa then can ignore it.
    But what difference is it going to make if rajeev enlists his pass/fail percentage. Loss is a loss. Ur money is not going to come back if ur favorite analyst lists his lost calls. Again it will be our decision to buy/sell something.
    My perception is that I have some money to invest. I am bound to invest as if not invested the money will vanish in buying useless things. I am not capable of analyzing market, neither I believe those moneycontrol experts, so whom should I trust now. I found rajeev as genuine guy so I am following him. If I start making losses then I would stop following him, in any case it would be my decision and I cannot blame rajeev for that.
    I don't want to hurt you friend as someone who has lost money will be frustrated but have patience and wait for the market to rebound. If one call failed the other will recover it.

  10. share,
    hey pal, if you could only stop and think about what i,m trying to get at is not the losses. my postings have been listed under old calls and the exuberance it seems to bring out. the overreaction from the army proves my point wherein we are reaching a point where no one is willing to listen. exactly the same sweet spot where we werein 2008.


    we seem to be heading into dangerous territory

    the multibaggers need to be cautios and not over optimistic by going overboard[ supreme petro..2 lakh shares and not knowing what to do even afterit has doubled in 3 months]. the mind has been stunned by even more greed.what to do? go to switzerland and have a nice holiday.

    those are the dangers i was trying to address
    not being PERSONAL

    besides there is also a unwritten law in the market gains that are not taken off the table are just nos on the paper. it's money in the bank that matters.3.5 years is just KG stuff. mate in the LT we are all dead. can you try and find why ACC with wonderful mangement after hitting 10,000 is currently struglling at 1000.

    you will realise this after being in the market for 23years

    good luck mate. after all there are no permanent friends. nor permanent enemies, just permanent INTEREST, never ever fall in love with any particular trends

  11. Dear Francis

    From what I have been reading about your views, you ahve reservations about certain views on stocks recommendations. In case you find certain recommended stocks are not woth taking position, you can ignore them and move on. However, if others find them good they will go ahead and invest irrespective of the state of the Indian or global markets. Once this is an open blog, you are at liberty to express your views but lengthy arguments are not required.

  12. that's what is called missing the wood for the trees