Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A ploy to break the market or....

trying to save somone out of it?
Yesterday, our market saw a heavy crack down of sensex.The reason?Someone sold 5 lacs Ril Ind shares instead of ICICI Bank!
What these all says?I have been writing time and again, F&O and day trading is not for us, the small investor.These are all the games that players plays and we donno what they are going to come out with in the day.
The suspicious needle goes to a bear player who always comes out on media and will start speaking of market toucking 12k whenever market starts the downwards movement.Lately , he was again on Media and was giving again the 12,000 target for sensex.He has always given sell call on Ril Ind and L&T.He knows it very well that if Ril ind and L&T will crack down,market automatically will break down.And once what he says will come, 12,000 sensex, then it will be easy to predict 8000!Because the sentiment will be so low at 12,000, it will be easy to break further down to 8k or even low.....
I donno, why SEBI has not banned him forever in speaking on any business wire channel.SEBI also not only needs to see what he trades but should also look at his clients list who was selling or have already sold , and then he spoke about market course.
I would like to add here one more thing.Some people are always negative.They remain negative throughout and will never speak positive.They will always find stuff to write or show their negative views.There are loads of analyst who will always come out with such reports and that will come handy for such negative thought people to show it......

It all depends on MIND......I always try to find positive articles.I am always positive.I always see the positive side of the coin and I think I have debated much on that with a full article.
I write positive as I know there are lots of negative news coming on and anyone can get disturb.I don't say that one needs to ignore negative news or views but singing the same tune always makes the atmosphere very ominous.I don't like to remain in dark.I always keeps my light bulbs on, windows open of my house,doors open of  my house.Let the fresh air come in, let us breath fresh air.Let light be in.Let sunlight be in.Let tubelights be on.Let there be ray of hope in our lives.
I have seen people who will close the door as soon as he enters the house.Close the window as soon as everyone is in.That shows that you are not accessible to anyone.That shows your close mindedness.
But what we saw , was a replica of what happened in USA just a few days back and bear cartel did it here and will get away with it saying if this can happen in USA, then it can happen in India as well.


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    Iran is talking of selling thier 45biliion reserve of euro ...n to buy $ And gold..they will do it in three faces phase is already underway.... what does that mean !

  2. Hi TT,
    That is what I am writing.If Euro is going to be weak then it is advantage USA.And if it is advantage USA ,world economy is booming again.

  3. Thanks for your reply . I am waiting for your quote

  4. Sir Rajeev..what a writing sir !!!..I fully agree with you, like my fund manger who want to buy stock at throw away price, he is telling everyone that we are going to dip below 12k etc...I feel pity on such people...Actually we are moving faster to touch 18k once again.....

    heard some dips in market around July-August time...means some small correction only...otherwise we are moving faster...

    thanks sir