Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spice call vindicated...

Goldman picks up 6% stake in SpiceJet

MUMBAI: Goldman Sachs Investment Partners Mauritius on Tuesday picked up 6% stake in SpiceJet by converting the 1.5-crore warrants it had purchased from the airline in December 2008 into equity. The airline has allotted 1.53 crore shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 29.46 per equity to Goldman Sachs consequent upon conversion of same number of warrants earlier issued to them on preferential basis, SpiceJet said in a filing to the BSE. SpiceJet has received government approval to fly to several Saarc countries. — PTI

My Comments:
I gave a call on Spice Jet and now I am reading today that Goldman Scahs has taken 6% stake in it.....friends ,what more one want from a person who is not MBA, CA or IIM?


  1. lol, of all the facts, Goldman is known to be the biggest thief around. and if you feel vindicated by what Goldman does, then god help you. this is ludicrous

  2. nick,
    u r back....well, one of the greatest investor, a living legend, Warren Buffet have stake in Goldman Sachs.....I don't have to listen about Goldman Scahs ,who are peanuts in front of WB....

  3. @Goldman, Whatever they are, they are at their best. Regarding the adjective you have used for GM, well everybody is alike, except the one who is caught. I beleive they are the epitome of financial services industry, the principle of caveat emptor is applicable in all trades.