Monday, June 28, 2010

Year : 2050 Place : IBM , USA

(Two Americans Talking)

Currency Conversion Rate : INR 1 Rs = USD $ 100
Alex: Hi John, you didn't come yesterday to office?
John: Yeah, I was in Indian Embassy for stamping.
Alex: Oh really, what happened, I heard that nowadays it has become very strict.
John: Yeah, but I managed to get it.
Alex: How long it took to get it stamped?
John: Oh, it was nasty man, long queue. Bill Gates was standing in front of me and they played with him like anything. That's why it got delayed. I went there at 2 AM itself and waited and returned by 4 PM .
Alex: Really? In India , it is a matter of an hour to get stamped for USA
John: Yeah, but that is because who in India will be interested in coming to USA man, their economy has been booming.
Alex: So, when are you leaving?
John: Anytime, after receiving my tickets from the client in India and you know, I will be getting a chance to fly Air-India. Sort of dream come true.
Alex: How long are you going to stay in India .
John: What do you mean by how long? I will be settled in India , my company has promised me that they will process my Hara Patta ..(green card)
Alex: Really, lucky person man, it is very difficult to get a Hara Patta in India .
John: Yeah, that's why, I am planning to marry an Indian girl there.
Alex: But you can find lots of US girls in Hyderabad , Bangalore and Mumbai.
John: But, I prefer Indian girls because they are beautiful and cultured.
Alex: Where did you get the offer, Hyderabad?
John: Yeah, salary is good there, but cost of living is quite high, it is Rs. 2000/- for a single room accommodation.
Alex: I see, that's too much for US people, Rs.1/- =$100/-. Oh God! What about in Bangalore, Mumbai?
John: No idea, but it is less than what we have in Hyderabad. It is like the world headquarters of software
Alex: I heard, almost all the Indians are having one personal Robot for help.
John: You can get a BMW car for Rs. 5000/-, and a personal Robot for less than Rs.7500/-. But my dream
is to purchase Ambassador, which costs Rs.2 ,00,000/- but has got a lovely design.
Alex: By the way, who is your client?
John: Subbarao and Apparao Associates, a pure Indian company, specialising in Embedded Software.
Alex: Oh, really, lucky to work in a pure Indian company. They are really intelligent and unlike American Bodyshoppers who have opened their Fly-by-night outfits in India . Indian companies pay you in full even when you are on bench.
My friend Paul Allen, it seems, used his bench time to visit Bihar, the most liveable place in India , probably world. There you have full freedom and no restrictions. You can do whatever you want! I wonder how that state has perfected that system.
John: Yeah man!, you are right. I hope our Americaalso follows their footsteps.
Alex: How are you going to cope with their language?
John: Why not? From my school days I have been learning Hindi as my first language here at New York . At the Consulate they tested my proficiency in Hindi and were quite impressed by my cent per cent score in TOHIL i.e. Test of Hindi as International Language.
Alex: So, you are going to have fun there.
John: Yeah, I will be travelling in the world's fastest train, world's largest theme park, and the famous Bollywood where you can see actors like, Hrithik, Shah Rukh Khan and all. Esselworld is also near Bollywood.
Alex: You know, the PM is scheduled to visit US next year, he may then relax the number of visas.
John: That's true. Last month, Narayana Murthy visited White House and donated Rs. 2000/- for infrastructure development at aSiliconValleyand has promised more if we follow the model of High-
Tech City of Bangalore . Bill Gates also got a chance of meeting him. Very lucky person.
Alex: But, Indian government is planning to split Narayanamurthy's Infosys.
John: He is a hard worker man, he can build any number of Infosys like this. Every minute he is getting Rs. 1000/-. It seems, if you keep all his money converted as Rs. 100/- notes you can reach Pluto.
Alex: OK, Good Luck John.
John: Same to you Alex. And don't go to Consulate in a "Kurta Pyjama" because they will think you are too Indianised and may doubt you will never come back and hence your Non-Immigrant Visa may get rejected. But don't forget to say " Namaste, aap kaise hai " to the Visa officer at Window 5. It seems he likes that and will not give you a visa if you don't greet him that way.

My Comments:
I apologize that I cannot write the source from where I read and copied this as I have forget from where I copied...
But the above situation is what one should think of ........we wants this INDIA and not the one we are seeing now....
We need to do whatever is needed to be done...........Nothing more nothing less....


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    I really appreciate your knowledge sharing with all .This what I have been writting you every time I write to you,'cos there r very less people who really share like YOU,Hats off to you and your K N O W L E D G E ,,,,,
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  7. sir Rajeev..this is the most fantastic forwarded mail i ever seen in my life...what a great imagination and soon to be happened idea????...if things going like this it will happens...

    Bill gate is queue....oh..great

    thanks sir ....

  8. Hi Rajeev,

    I am big fan of yours but I totally disagree regarding article on the conversion rate. My personal view is it can reach to 1 USD can be Rs. 100. No doubt USD is a bad debt currency, but i dont see the vice versa happening by 2050. Please dont take this personally. This is just my personal view. I am still very much an indian. I will love to see my statement incorrect by then.


  9. Deepan,
    You are again writing without properly reading this post.That is not my view....I have written that I have read it somewhere and I have copied paste here.
    These is actually a wishfull thinking by some writer.He is trying to describe what will be the scenario in 2050....a mere thinking.....
    I haven't said anywhere I believe this will happen...I just commneted that this should be in mind for every Indian....

  10. from ET

    In fact, rupee was quite strong against dollar till late 1990s. As late as 1990, one dollar was only Rs 17.50. Only in 1998, it crossed the 40 to a dollar mark. “Remember, until 1950s, the Indian rupee was the legal tender in parts of South Asia and the middle east. Most observers would agree that over the next two decades, the rupee would harden against the dollar. Let’s look forward to the day when we could use the rupee as seamlessly as the dollar at present"