Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alfa Laval making new highs.....

Alfa Laval which I recomended on 20 th Oct 2009, means one and a half year back is making new highs as I toady saw that it is at ATH of Rs.1670 and seteling at Rs 1620.
I feel there is still room to go up from hereon.It is in Bio Fuel sector making plants.
Another stock that is making newer highs is EPC Ind which I recomended at around 30 and today I saw that it was making new highs at Rs 135 and closed in upper circuit.
3rd stock which made a new high today is Cronimet Alloy.It made a new high of Rs 119.If one has observed then Cronimet was showing excellent strength in down market.
I remember I recomended Vakrangee Software as well here couple of times at around 50 and that is also making new highs of Rs 367.The reason I am writing about Vakrangee is , it is a case of bad management and still it is showing strength.Many must have given a passon due to management credibility but as I said I do not put much importance on management as when tide turns bad management becomes good and players has a field day accumalating such stocks and then as the bottomlone flourishes they take it to dizzy hieghts.
As is seen in EPC Ind, Alfa Laval, Cronimet recomended at 35,Vakrangee Software etc my calls comes good after one and  a half year .
That much patience readers needs to have for my call.........


  1. Dear Rajeev

    One of your favourite Venus remedies is in news for some developements.

    a)Venus Remedies Ltd has informed BSE that company to receive GCC approval to market its Oncology & Carbapenem range of products in Gulf
    which will certainly improve its earnings going forward.

    b)Venus Remedies Limited wins QC-100 TQM (Total Quality Management) Award in Gold Category from Geneva


    Vishnu R Nair

  2. Rajeev bhai
    Today your DIGJAM (Birla vxl)up 20% with very high volume.
    any target please???
    i hold 30k buy on your recomandation.

  3. Ashok,
    All I will say is sell 50% as soon as the stock gets double....I am not an operator.I can't give u targets....

  4. Vishnu,
    I have no doubt that Venus will go much much further and will give excellent returns.