Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kapil Sibal........malign intention..?

I just saw that Kapil Sibal one of the member of the committe for drafting JanLokdal bill said that this bill will not help giving education to poor.
Anna saheb very rightly reacted quickly that if Mr.Sibal is not confident of the outcome of the bill he should not be in the committe.
This is what Mr. Sibal said:

“The scope of the Lokpal Bill is different, people’s problems are  different. If you want to give your children an education, it has no relationship with [the scope of] the Lokpal Bill. If you don’t get water, it has nothing to do with [the scope of] the Lokpal Bill,” Sibal said. He, however, said that he was with Hazare and would bring out an effective bill."

My Comments:
He says if India wants to educate the poor children Lokpal bill will not help because it is not for educating the poor children.
My arguemnet is, Well, if corruption is stopped then there will be lots of money saved due to that and these money  will get diverted for educating the poor children.
But the main purpose why Kapil Sibal is speaking is,he wants  to devide the people of India on this bill.The run has started to tarnish the whole crusade started by Anna Hazare  and make it  good for nothing or get it aborted.
While speaking such sentences he is trying to take out poor people of India that this bill will not let your children get education.Mr.Sibal, may I ask you what the party was doing without Lokpal Bill?Did poor children were getting education in your rule?What your party did for that?
The differences has already started to come up as Anna Saheb asked for video recording for the place where the bill is drafted and Congress has declined.Why there is a denail?Let poeple see which person from which side was going against the draft which is going to be made for the people of India?
This will be a very hard and difficult path for Anna Saheb and I wish each and every Indian remains with him untill the final destination is not reached.I already saw recently on TV that CE of Hindustan Times was asking why Anna Saheb was speaking good about Gujarat?
So the supporters of Congress has been started advocating things against Anna Saheb.They never did anything in their life and when someone is trying to bring some respite to the people of India they have come out to critisize Anna Sahib.
People should show doors to such people and tell them to keep their mouth shut.

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