Saturday, April 23, 2011

Priya Ltd........cmp Rs 36.45........Value Pick?

Let us see how this unknown stock fares in future......
This is an unknown stock I had brought out from the blue.
Let me write what I feel about it.Check parametres which normally I use to do.Routine things I use to look in finding stocks.
1) Eq very low at 3 cr
2)BV 80...on eq of 3 cr reserve is 25.69 cr
3)Sales 220 cr and Mcap 10! Wow! that is excellent........watering my
4)Paying Div too.......2009 was 20%, 2010 was 5% and recent 2011 declared 10%....excellent going...
5)Promoters hold 75%...excellent
6) Last eps was 3.72 and this year 2011 is almost doubled.....!
7) In computer hardware which is going to be next big things in India.
8) In Chemical business as distributer....

I have been constantly tracking this stock time and again and it is slowly and steadily moving up and up.
Priya looks to me an excellent buy at this rate which can give multibagger return.
Due Diligence is a must before buying it.........


  1. Priya Dyes and Chemicals
    BSE: 524580 cmp 36.40
    rajiv ji
    in my view this is scrip please confirm

  2. Ashok,
    That is correct code.....same stock I am talking about...

  3. sir i am a great fan of your i am aditya singh age 18 from gwalior i want your email id please give on my email id that is ( sir and also my portofolio include amar remedies, rs software, tera soft, gm breweries, fedders lloyd, force motores your valuable time in terms of your view will be very kind grant on me thanks sir

  4. aditya,
    my id is written at the top of my blog.....

  5. Leo,
    If one would have bot it in morning at 32 then it have been a clean over 30% return in a day....

  6. Hi Rajeev,
    Please have a look at Agre Developers.
    It is a demerged business from Pantaloon Retail in 2010 and is into Mall-Management and infra-logistsics with cold storage management.
    I feel this could be a multibagger in next 5 years given the opportunity of retail business in coming years.

    Here is a link which will tell more about the financials.

  7. Hi Somenath,
    I do not track the stock nor the sector so no view...

  8. Dear Rajeevji,

    bot 100@37.5. As you know I newer miss a scrip given by you.

    Its almost now I am having more than 100 scipts in my portfolio. thanks once again. Since 2003 I am tracking and trying to learn so that I can educate others as u do!
    Gr8 job sir

  9. Hi Shashikanth,

    Do you have any blog or can u give me your email id. my id is


  10. Rajeev Ji,

    Today it is @Rs.35.10 Priya Ltd. can consider it good buy for L.Term...

  11. Hi Raj,
    Priya Ltd looks good to me.It is not going down and come out from years of consolidations.
    Priya has an excellent BV of 95 and the results has keep coming good.
    Buy slowly in SIP manner for LT.

  12. Hi rajeev,

    Today priya is trading around 28.6(lower circuit). I dont know why its is suddenly decreasing for the last one week. Do you know the reason? Is it better to buy more now.

  13. Hi Maries,
    Priya is down due to the market sentiment.Everything is down.
    Wait for further downside.