Monday, April 4, 2011

Guantam Ghambhir......

I watched the whole final match and also the whole world cup where India matches were there.
I am surprised by the decision of Man Of the Match which was given to Cap.M S Dhoni.
Guantam Ghambhir knock of 97 was par excellence.He came when Shevag got out and then Sachin got out at 33 and Virat Kohli joined Ghambhir.
From 33 to 114 , a partnetship of 81 crucial runs and then Virat got out and Dhoni joined him and they took the total to 233 odd which again is a crucial partenership of over hundred runs.
So Ghambhir made two crucial partnership and his innings was a pillar for the road down to Championship.Ghambhir knock was so important that if he is not there then Dhoni's knock couldn't come.If Ghambhir gets out early then when Dhoni comes in play he may have more pressure on him and in that circumstances he may have not made 91 Not out.
So to me Guatam Ghambhir knock of 97 was very very crucuial to India WIN in final.I don't say that Dhoni's innings was less importantbut when Ghambhir left, India's position was on strong footing.
Atleast the Man Of The Match should have been jointly declared between Guantam Ghambhir and MS Dhoni.......


  1. i meet Gautam Gambhir once in dehli when he play Ranji from dehli and dhoni when he play junior cricket for Bihar.
    Both play best in world cup final but may be awarded man of the match for final due to captainship of dhoni.
    in this world cup match when Tendulkar not make century india win
    this is my view only

  2. I too Agree with you,But man of the match always
    based on point system, Dhoni was 91*
    so (notout) will get some credit, and also
    he took some catches,which get credit.
    If Ghambir manged to score a century he culd have get it.