Thursday, April 28, 2011


I willbe visiting India again most probably next month ,midMay, and hence maybe possible I will not be able to write anything here........for that much of time......It maybe  3 weeks to 1 month.....


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    In advance, Wishing you a wonderful homeland Trip!

    It's been long time in CA, I too need a break :) right now, my family is in India. They are having gr8 time there.


  2. Hi Rajeev,

    Any view on recent happening on Windsor Machine,
    Because of EGM meeting notice and its point investor are confused whether its a good thing for them or only for promoters.will share price get hammer by this new proposal ?

    pls advice,I know we r asking too much from u.
    pls bare with us

    thanks Bipin

  3. Bipin,
    In Windsor, the management are alloting some 11 cr shares after split.
    So the eq will explode to over 100 cr and hence the Macp will also jump to over 400 cr while sales is 250 cr.
    That is a bad decision taken by Windsor management taking stake at peanuts.
    Negative for shareholders.
    I feel that Windsor stock will underperform from nowonwards.....

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  5. sir being a desai i want to ask u where are u from?

  6. Umang,
    I am from Navsari, Guj,originally from Kaliawadi a small town or village adjacent to Navsari...but I lived in Navsari proper before I came to USA.My parents still live there in same Apt I used to live....

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  8. Rajeevbhai ,
    Tame amdavad avavana hov to mane jarurthi kahejo
    , tamne malavano ane gher bolavava chhe mate.

    Vakharia M J

  9. hey rajeev...just came across nu tek india....had bought this stock sometime back at 32...was surprised to see its trading at 8 now...any inputs ??...deepak

  10. Deepak,
    Have you seen the eq of Nutek?It has need to keep constant track on stocks so that one can take right decision...

  11. Welcome home sir