Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's India's people Victory...........

When I am writing this, Anna Saheb will be ending the fast.Government has accepted all talk of Anna Saheb.
Well,that is peoples victory.That is India's victory against corruption.The Janlokpal bill not getting passed for 43 yrs was the testimony that politicians never wanted it to get passed even in the manner they like it.I heard on Timesnow, the chief anchor Mr Arnab Goswami saying that when BJP was ruling they drafted the bill same like it was favouring politicians.
So basically , all parties are same.That is the difference between the western politics and India's politics.There is no hassles for simple layman there and in India for just getting done one thing and that too like taking a signature for passport they take lots of time and above that you have to give 200-300 rupees to make them happy.They never ask for that but it has become a procedure.I gave 300-400 maybe 500 rupees to the police department who gave me clearance certificate that there is no charge on me and I am OK for getting  a passport.Even though I was clean and nothing against me, still I gave those money......
It is a fact that the bribe should be stopped from the top.Untill the people at the helm of affairs don't stop taking bribe we are not going anywhere.If ministers,viz:politicians stop taking bribe, then only they can takeon someone who is taking bribe.So the corruption needs to be stopped from the top level.If the top level is clean then only they can take action on the subordinates.If the boss is corrupt how can he take action on his subs?
If A Raja is noncorrupt then and then only he can see what is happening down under and take action but when A Raja is corrupt then there is no stopping.
It is not possible for someone to stop giving bribe and system gets cleaned.If you do not give someone else give and you can't stop everyone.I don't buy that idea that you stop giving bribe and it will help.No that is not possible.The person who is at the job needs to be clean and easy money is always an attraction for anyone so when the senior is clean the sub can't do anything.

For certain place of posting for IAS or IPS there is special demand of 2-3 -5 cr rupees to have that position of certain region because there are lots of crime and wrongs going there and lots of money to make from there to save those people.That is the position in India.I saw on TV the other day that some local Airlines Pilots certificates were sold for few lacs what if those pilots who are not fits to become a pilot and crash the plane then who is responsible?
These bribe and corruption has been spread in each and every form of life in India.You can do anything in India if you have money.The evidence are stolen of the murder charges, papers are missing for bribery give money and your case becomes weak and you are free......
Bribe has now become a sacred word and no one is surprised by it.Paisa dedo na....kam ho jayega....that is the scenario and we have to eradicate this from the root of the system.
Here also there is a catch even though Anna saheb has end the fast and government has accepted his demands.They have given the notification but the bill will get passed in June session and government knows that once the euphoria subsides they will again twist the matter and do what they want.
I heard Anna Saheb saying that this movement is going to go up further for those farmers who are killing themselves as they can't repay loans.I wish Anna saheb very best and wish all luck as well so that India becomes a better place to live  and people can say proudly that I am Indian and we are non corrupt.
For iradicationg POVERTY, Indian government has to bring those $1456 billion($ 1.5 trillion)  back to India.That is like Rs 67 lacs cr...and that is like as Sukanya said 30 yrs tax free regime.Tax holidays for 30 yrs! Wow! and these money is also 13 times of National Debt.Sometimes when I try to think about this figure, I get fumbled that what these money is going to do to the politicians relatives like son daughter etc.......after more 40 yrs....means 60+40= 100 yrs you are not there and the money is in Swiss Bank, so that money will go ashtray?How much the next generation will be able to use?
As I said earlier Rs 100 cr is enough for 7 generation but not 100 cr, not 1000 cr, not 10,000 cr, not 1,00,000 cr(1 lac cr) but 67 lac cr....that is ....out of world Sukanya rightly pointed that one swiss bank officer said that Indians are poor but India is not a poor country....
We need to bring that money back.
Where will these money will go if the person who dies?Will remain dorment in Swiss Bank?
When Supreme Court is asking about those money, PM like Manmohan Singh says he can't disclose it as it is security matter.......That is is peoples money and how it becomes security matter?
As I am able to recall something more let me write it down here.

It is seen perticularly in USA the main reason for bad credit where the CC holder is not able to pay the amt is , those poeple went overboard to help some family or families and thereby helping them from the CC and they didn't keep on track what the amt is.
So it all depends on your heart.One need to have the urge to help someone.
The business is ruthless in USA.They charge for every little thing but that is business ethics because if you do it in free people keep expecting it coming free everytime.
They know unless you do not ask for the charge no one pays.That is human nature.Everyone wants FREE and when it comes FREE we don't know the meaning of it.
I use to say here in past and to my friends as well that money is money.Whatevere amt it is.Be it Rs 1000 or Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000.Even though we know that Rs 1000 is worth nothing now in India still if you ask any of your friend that you need 5000 rupees or even Rs 1000, he will most probably will give reason why he can't lend it to you.
So saving money is very important.Save it.Money is POWER.Money is STRENGTH.Money is PEACE OF MIND.
People are always ready to say things like I am here for you.If you need anything I am there for you.I am your friend.I care for you.Just ask me for anything and I will be there but when the real time comes they are not there and if someone is there then he/she is your TRUE friend.
The best test is ask for money.Make sure that friend is rich enough to lend you 5k, 10k or 20k rupees.If you feel he/she can give you ask for the help and you will find the ture colors who is what.I don't want to say that friendship needs to be weigh with money, but there are hypocrates who shows they love you and they are only our best friend and hearing them we ignore real good friends who were with us since our childhood.....
The bottonline here is no one lends you money, even 1000 rupees.So 1000 rs was precious 20 yrs back and it is precious even now in 2011 even though 1000 rs value has gone dowm drastically.So each and every penny saved is important.We don't understand what is Rs 1000 but just ask someone who is living in a hut or on footpath.Rs 1000 is very very big for them.


    But its like MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP.
    About the last part of your post, I have a wonderful quote by none other than Benjamin Franklin -
    'If you would like to know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.'

    With Regards,

  2. Yes Vikas,
    That is cent percent right.....what Benjamin Franklin said...