Thursday, April 21, 2011

VIP may sell stake in Windsor Machines ..........

VIP Industries, India’s largest travel-wear maker, is likely to sell its stake in the BSE-listed machine manufacturer Windsor Machines Ltd, to Renaissance Equipment Pvt Ltd, along with other promoters. VIP, one of the promoters, holds 17.49 per cent stake in Windsor Machines.
The promoters are expecting a final decision from the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) soon.
According to BSE data, other promoters — DGP Windsor Ltd and Vibhuti Investments —hold 22.63 per cent and 2.31 per cent, respectively with an aggregate stake-holding of 42.43 per cent in Windsor Machines. The public shareholding stands at 57.57 per cent.
Windsor Machines is a manufacturer of plastic processing machinery with revenue of `206 crore. DGP Windsor is another company owned by Dilip G Piramal, chairman of VIP Industries.
According to sources in the know, the deal could be valued around `125 crore. P C Kundalia, the promoter of Renaissance Equipment, will buy the stake from Windsor Machines’ promoters. Kundalia is currently the director of Windsor Machines and runs the company on behalf of the promoters. Windsor Machines was declared, a sick industrial company on June 29, 2006, by the BIFR. ICICI Bank was appointed its operating agency and asked to prepare a scheme of rehabilitation.
According to experts, an open offer will not be necessary in cases where BIFR is involved.When contacted, management of VIP declined to comment. An email sent to Kundalia did not elicit any response. On Wednesday, shares of Windsor Machines were closed at `80, up by 3.56 per cent, while VIP shares went up by 4.71 per cent to close at `695.2 on the BSE.
Windsor Machines has three manufacturing facilities at Thane in Mumbai, and Chhatral and Vatva in Gujarat. But, the operations of the Thane unit of the company remains closed. Subsequent to the disinvestment of equity by Klockner-Werke, Germany to Dilip G Piramal in 1994, the company was named DGP Windsor India Ltd.

My Comments:
I gave a call on Windsor Machine maybe around 40  and it has been showing excellent runup with results matching the price rise.
The above news says that Windsor should touch 200.
Other stocks that are making news on 52 week highs are 1)Cronimet Alloy which I recomended at 37 and now quoting at 154 after making a new high of 157 today.
2)EPC Ind recomended at 35 is making new 52 week highs at 171 and now at 159.
3)Varun Ind recomended around 160 is going up now at 231.
Well , the point I am trying to emphasize is how many bought these stocks after my recomendation and how many are holding it still?I know one can't buy everything I recomend as I myself is not able to buy everything I write here.
I gave a call on Symphony Comfort at other place /forum at around 22 and now it is 1650.Kwality given at 17 touch 2000 and I don't own both.My own call and I am not there......that is how destiny is....and that is what I call luck.If only one is destined to make huge money only then one gets in such stock and hold it.
The price at which I identified Symphony Comfort and Kwality Dairy were so cheap that there was no reason I can't or anyone can't buy atleast couple of thousand shares and see the return!HUGE!
I always try to find such stocks which gives huge multiple return and we never know which is going to give .All we can do is buy them and hold them.


  1. Rajiv bhai
    you are realy genious.
    Hats off to you

  2. Rajeev,

    Definitely there must be some people who might have profited from your recommendations.

    I bought about 3000 shares of Cronimet around Rs 35 in the last February when you had recommended it and I haven't booked profit. I am confident that it will touch 500 in two years from now.

  3. Rajiv sir

    i will hold srei infra 500 shares for 5 years

    bought at 51


  4. Rajeevji, I bought Cronimet @39 after your call and sold 50% when it reached 95. But the mistake I did was to take complete exit when the market declined to 5200 level. In hind sight I regret having taken complete exit. But I am not making the same mistake in other stocks recommended by you, where i am adding on deep cuts, for instance SREI. Once bitten twice shy.

  5. Dear Rajeevji,

    I am the one am having kwality. I am not having symphony as I never read that post. Anyway I having all the above mention stocks not in thousands but in hundred. As u point out that u dont know which stock will run. I put 2k to 3k as this the amount I can afford. Its just because of you I am earing nothing else.

    Thank you very much.
    Kind and best regards,

  6. Hi Rajiv... seems like you are doing a great job. I have just started visiting your blog and it feels great that you have been doing such hard work not only for yourself but also for others... hats off to you... expect some more recommendations from you in the future so that people like me can take position for long term because we missed the train as we have joined you late...

    Thanx again and keep up such good work. Really appreciate your efforts.

  7. Rajeev,
    As you have already know I had bought Sujana towers at 20 and sold at 40(for personal reasons). Then bought at 50 and sold at 208. there are also others like SRF, Parekh Aluminax etc. Only share that did not do well for me was Indage Vintners (you did not recommend it, but once told it looked good), I should blame my lack of due diligence for that. Following your picks have only got me good fortune.

  8. Hi Krishna,
    I am glad to hear that u still hold Cronimet.

  9. Hi CC Roy,
    Buying and selling on market movement makes no sense to me if we want to make it big.I know there are always some talks and analyst(so called expert) who very confidently says that market will touch 4800 or 4200 or even less but I think we need to analyse by ourselves that how many times they proved correct?And if we see that they went wrong from the whole Mar 2009 and even before that then it makes no sense to follow them as it implies that they are reading the macro economics wrongly.
    But I feel that the main reason people follow them is because they speak those levels and market course so confidently and that misguides the lay investors.
    Mr.Roy, that is the reason I wrote about WB what he said about the world economy on Japan and Mideast crisis that these are temporary phenomenone.I am sure you must be reading each and everypost at my blog so that you can take your own decision.I know many critisized me of being always bullish but I write what I feel.
    Some of my friend also asked me why I am so bullish and concurring with a target of 1,00,000 which one Insti gave as he sees no reason coming up to touch that mark and I said when market was at 6k(not at 2600)did anyone see any fundamental coming up so that market could have touched 21k?But that happened.Isn't it?
    Someone told me that RJ and Co is putting a target of 76k by 2016 and that coinsides with my call for sensex 1,00,000,isn't it?
    As I wrote in recent post , the market going down never happened due to commodities prices going up.It tanked because of Subprime crisis...
    I have ecxplained in detail giving example why commodities price should not affect market movement that much.
    I have written everything I got on Srei Infra and if you will look at the SHP not only RJ is there , but Enam, Motilal Oswal etc all are there .Maybe one may not see their name as the eq has gone up due to merger of Quippo....
    Mr.Roy, I write what I feel, be it market course or be it a stock.I may prove right I may prove wrong and I reserve my right to be wrong....

  10. Hi uno,
    At that time when one asked about Indage Vineters I liked it because it was in breweries and with the standard of living going up they could have good days......
    but it proved the otherway..bad luck

  11. Hi Pramod,
    Srei is a good stock to hold for LT.

  12. Shashikant,
    Buy SNL and keep accumalating and hold for 3 yrs...and maybe more.

  13. hi RAJEEV,I too have cronimet 700 @ 35 ,not yet booked,thanks a lot for the call.take care ,bye for now.