Monday, September 26, 2011

Beating the Dalal street is finally feeling beaten by street..........


Here is the link one can read what is written on it.

While googling I found this site where in the owner himslef has picked up some ideas from my blog with due credit to him that he wrote my name while writing at his site.
I donno whether I am doing right or wrong while putting the link of the site here or not but I thought let me put it here and let people go to that site and read all back post from this site, the recomendations etc atall......
I know there are many who were very happy when I wrote an open Apology.They actually went mad to see that I am kneeling down in front of my readers and what can be a happier moment for them then this?This is only one of the site and I don't know howmany others must have written on their blog  and other forums about me.
Well, I care for none. What I want to do, I do it.Once I decide I want to write an apology I write it.That's it.....Even today I am not ashamed about writing it because I know what I am doing and why I am doing.Whatever I do, I do it with all good intent coming straight from my heart....

Friends, I have written so much on each and every aspect of stock market that barely someoe needs to learn anything more from somewhere else.
Read my post on:

1) Fibonnaci Numbers

2) Valuation:

3) How to Pick Multibagger:

I have many friends and readers writing me that we have taken out the print of this post and keep it with them always.......

4) F&O

There are many topics which I have covered here on individuals like Nemish Shah, Radhe Kishan Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Manu Manek , then Peter Lynch, Warrenn Buffet etc etc....and on various topics outside stockmarket as well...
Just try to write a word what you wants to know in "search" section at my blog and you will definately come out with something on it.
Even if by any chance I will be not able to write at all any time,I have to stop writing here for any reason, still I am sure this posts written on this blog will always act as a path finder for anyone who wants to play in stock market.....One has to just open the blog and read my back post and I am sure they will get enlightened from it for years to come.......

I am a fan of songs sung by Asha Bhonsle, Lata, Kishor Kumar, Rafi,Mannada,Hemant Kumar....Mukesh....

Would like to put a link of couple of songs here.


This is an excellent song sung by Ashaji , music compsed by Ravi..from the film Phool aur Pathar.....try to hear other songs from this film...Ravi was an .excellent composer who used Ashaji's voice as good as O P Nayyar and R D Burman used .Ravi's master stroke music can be heard in Waqt, Hamaraz where he took the voice of Mahendra Kapoor in all songs, then film like Ek Phool Do Mali,Khandan(Old), Admai aur Insan......which one of the song I like the most I am putting the link down here....

2)Zindagi Ittefaq Hai

again g8 combination of Ashaji and Ravi......hats off to both of them....
I know these are old songs but readers will love to hear and see them........they are everygreen songs to me......

My Comments:

It looks like readers or critics are looking at this post in wrong way.No way I am belittling the site which link I gave here.
Ofcourse the owner respects me writing Rajubhai.I have nothing against any one  here who wrote in comments nor anyone who wrote agianst me somewhere else.
What I was trying to do here was I am showing what I think, like when I write, "I do what I like"...and I am fully aware when I write something , I know what I writing and I have no regrets about it.
Nothing else is there except this in this post.I wanted to show that even if someone has written for me somewhere else which I cameupon I still feel that I am not regreting nor ashamed of what I did because I thought what I did was correct.
That was the bottom line or that was the real meaning of giving the link and writing this post......


  1. Dear Rajeevji
    I admire your courage to accept your criticism by others. In fact it has increased your dignity and your height in our eyes. Whatever you are writing on your blog is to educate investors and for the benefit of other people. It does not involve your self interest or selfishness. I have learned many great things about equity investing by reading your messages. I request you to continue your work as usual ignoring such useless critics.


  2. Hello Sir,
    I wanted to ask you one personal question. How old are you?


  3. Dear Sir,
    what about L&T,it goes to southwards.


  4. sbk,
    Keep buying L&T...on all is evergreen stock.....keep buying Seimens, Thermax, Areva, Alsthom,Bharat Forge etc etc.....