Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alfa Laval.....making 52 week high ....my old call......

I gave a call of Alfa Laval @1243.Yesterday it was up by Rs.386.80 and I am glad to see that it ended up at Rs 2351 makign a new 52 week high on delisting rumour.
here is the link:

After seeing UTV getting rerated and getting delisting offer @1000 from Waltdisney where Samir Arora is betting on higher delisting price which is possible in any circumstances I am glad to see my conviction becoming a reality.I am glad to see what Samir Arora was not able to see when UTV was at 300 odd which I was able to see that price as I recently read that Dr Samir Arora is betting on UTV to get a 20-30% or 40% more return from  the delisting price of Rs 1000.00 as he has bought it recently UTV which he spoke about it in his recent interview at CNBC.
I gave the call of Alfa Laval on oct 2009 and that is almost 2 yrs from now but it has almost doubled in 2 yrs and gives 100% return when people are seeing their PF getting deteriotated day by day.
Friends,I know people don't like my style of giving recomendation as I give loads of calls but that I am doing so that investor can have variety of option to chose.
Believe me, I never try to sell my stocks when I give calls here as I have written many times that I am a very small player that can have any impact on my selling or my giving a buying call or recomendation.My holding in any stock at any given time is so small that it makes no difference on market  movement of any perticular stock.I am not that much dumb not to understand that...
Friends , it all depends what you buy and that again depends on LUCK.I have written many post regarding LUCK.This 4 letter word is worth a weigh in GOLD.If she is there for you then you are DONE.Nothing works when LUCK works for you.
All decision becomes good and all step becomes fruitfull and you keep on quoting what you did to become successfull and how much you work hard and that has paidoff but lacs and crores of people work hard and barely 2 or 3 or maybe 5-10 people gets successful.
I feel that following stocks needs to be tracked and buy on dips and whenever one feel like buying.
1) Tips Ind( Buy back at 48 done)
2)Pondy Oxide
3)Investment Precision and Casting
4) Rico Auto
5)Selan Exploration
6)Dolphin Exploration
7)Petron Eng
8)Gayatri Project
9)Simplex Casting
10) Pitti Lamination
11) Patel Airtemp
12) Supreme Petrochem
13) Super Spinning
 and many others.
Yashraj Containeurs Ltd is making new high at 49.90 .
As one can see in Alfa Laval , my calls takes time to prosper.Alfa Laval took 2 yrs to give return but when it moves we love it in the way that we see out PF going up instead of going down with market.
Friends, this blog I created for small investors .I wanted them to learn something from my past mistakes and how market behaves.
I have discussed everything from F&O to how players plays.I have even written about how to pick multibaggers even though somone have different opinion and I don't mind that.It should be always be like that.What is good for you needs to be followed.That is the bottomline.
The best thing to do is pick what is good and discard what do  not suites you.Simple.....


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    As you put it nicely , we should have luck to select the right stock. For instance , I banked my luck on SREI infra as lot of good pointers were there for a trigger. Unfortunately , some management staff who got fired by the company has spoken ill about the management and the management has appointed KPMG to audit itself to prove their innocence. God only knows the truth, but your statement on LUCK is 100% true.


  2. Hi Rajeev,
    What is your view on Excel crop care available at PE of 3 making 52 week low, when its small/midcap peers like kaveri seeds/PI ind hovering around 52-week high.

  3. Rajeevji,

    Keep up the good work! I am a new reader to your blog and like your thought process.. Thanks for sharing..