Friday, September 30, 2011

First Object old call.....@28.00

I gave the call of First Object Techno at 28 and today I am seeing it at 57.It has doubled from my call and now an oppertune time to sell 50% and make the rest FREE.
Supreme Petrochem is remaining steady and hence one can keep adding for LT.


  1. Boss why don't you research before you post anything. If some one would have bought 1000 shares at ur recommendation @28, now he will only be holding 250 shares, even if the price as of now is 57, his investment has become half!!!After reducing their equity capital it is relisted today.
    This company has just cheated investors and I am one of them.

  2. Hi Anshul,
    I agree I made the mistake on not looking back.Yes u r right , the holding has gone down and 1000 shares has become 250 shares.
    That was a bad on part of the Co and management with person like Vivek Hebbar who has won many awards from government.
    I again am sorry for the mistake......

  3. Anshul,
    I assure you this mistake I will not make next time.Before writing anything here I will recheck it 2-3 times and then write......thanks for pointing my mistake out to me......

  4. Hi anshul,

    Here you should think one thing. no one can predict the future not even buffett... every one are bound to do few mistakes .... it happens.. Its not good to blame Rajiv for such things.... Yes i can understand the feelings if one loose money. If you have done such a mistake will you blame urself. I think for almost all recommendations rajiv will write as Due Diligence is must. so have you done ur research....??? and one more
    thing i would like to ask u is did u never made money
    with rajiv recommendations ???

    ask your heart..... you will get an answer....


  5. All you need to know about Greece Crisis


  6. Rajeev ji,
    You should not say sorry to me. You are doing a great job.
    Kalpana ji,
    I asked my heart and the answer is that I never made money with Rajeev ji's recommendations. But I have no regret. He writes brilliantly and I like reading this blog. When mkt is good, all stocks will start moving up. I have patience of holding my stocks and eventually I will get good returns.

  7. I did not notice First Global recco or I ignored it. Normally when I have to act on any recco I first see the SHP of scrip. Had I took this recco seriously I would hv expressed my feelings at that time itself in commenting in this blog. Now doing postmartem of the scrip I found one of the promotor is " First Call India Equity Advisers Pvt Ltd" . What is wrong in it, let me tell U.
    In Jan07 or lst wk of dec07 I got a letter from this adviser that silverline has some rosy out look and expected to go to 40 within 6 mth.
    I has already holding of 1300 silverline @4.7. I normally would hv sd the scrip but with this letter I came into trans and bt 10000 @ 14.13 and scrip went to 22-23 within a mth. I had kept my exit pt at 28 so I did not exit and thought It will go to 28 in next round. Later silverline made restructure on 10000 shares become 1000 and rate was around 155-160 post consolidation. I hv seen some shares making new highs post consolidation , so I thought now it go up but ..... . First global has very small promotor holding and I think It may face same story like silverline. I hv expressed my feelings it should not be considered as recco.