Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mcnally Bharat,Srei Infra,Stride Arcolab.......

I have given these calls in past.I usually give calls on fundamentals.The calls I give have later been seen that big investor took stake in it.Like Mcnally Bharat , I used to recomend even when I use to write regularly at MMB(Money Control Message Board) from maybe 25-30.I recomended it here around 50 and later RJ took stake in it.One can see his wife name in SHP of Mcnally Bharat.
I gave the call of Stride Arcolab around 330 and RJ took stake laetron.I recomended Srei Infra way before RJ decided to take stake in it.I even recomended Vadilal Ind at MMB and lateron RJ took stake in it though I have almost not mentioned Vadilal Ind here.I am though not sure about it.
There have been instances when I gave a call on smallcap stocks and lateron big player got interested in it.
I still feel that stocks like PSL Ltd,Venus Remedies Ltd,India Glycols ,Super Spinning, Lumax Ind, Rico Auto,Supreme PetroChem, Vishnu Chem, GNRL, Arrow Textile, R S Software, 8 K Miles etc will give excellent returns in long run say from 2-3 yrs from now.
I remember I metioned 8KMiles in one of my post and I haven't yet received any further information from my readers on this stock which I mentioned as a dark horse in cloud computing.
What I do here is give stocks and maybe sometimes I discuss in detail about it depends upon my leisure but it is you all who needs to find more facts on your own and discuss with me.I am always open with discussion like that unless someone is asking the same query again , I always reply.
Coming back to market, I feel that we are nearing the next bull run which will take the sensex to newer high.When that can happen I can't predict but that will happen and when that will happen people will feel that we missed those stocks which were available so cheap.
No one can time the market.


  1. I have one of the shares you've recommended, Rico Auto. Though it has plummeted, I still think this share will rise to great heights. I also have JM Financials and has really disappointed, considering the management is pretty good. The others look interesting, but at the current market levels, I think it is better to opt for blue-chip shares. Hence, my current strategy is to avoid small cap.

    On a small cap note, I have a question for you and it is as follows:
    What percentage of my portfolio should be dedicated to small cap shares? Currently, it is at 50% to 60%.

    P.S. I do enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Rupen,
    JM Fin is tainted due to the CMD Mr.Nimesh Kampani.

    see this link:

    I don't understand why you bought a stock where there is a bad news already there!
    Moreover, even at CMP of 16 , and 1 paidup it is 160 10 paidup.
    There are lots of PSU bank and other stocks better then J M Fin you can Rs 160 , and 10 paid up....see the sales?It is just 44 cr for the whole last year and Mcap is 1259 cr.....that is high valuation , very high valuation......
    For smallcaps , one need to have only 20% dedicated in ones PF....ofcourse that is my view..

  3. When ever we have to compare two scrips we have to first see face value as your comment says for PSU bank vs JM Fin. It is not understood SEBI which stalwarts small investor is not taking up the issue of common face value of all scrips so comparison becomes little easier. split and consolidation has become manipulating tool in the hands of unscreplus promotors