Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have been recently reading the "Autobigraphy of a Yogi " Yoganand.His autobiography is translated in many languages and I will be writing on it soon what I read but what I will say here is, I am awed actually overawed by the contents in it.
Talking of Einstien relativity theory and astronomy and metaphysics from a person who didn't learn Physics in his entire life when talks on Einstien theory I was surprised while Sri Yogananda discuss all this things.
He passed his graduation with passing marks and still he can talk on all these things has puzzeled me and left me thinking on it.
I am about to finish it and will like to write on it sometime on it specially on Kriya Yoga.
I myslef have been practising Yoga since my childhood from the age of 13 though the instructor was a physical teacher but he was good with some Yoga asanas but the seeds that were sowed at that time in me by my teacher  took me to take more interest in Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas and I almost regularly practise it even now. I did joined a Shibir on Yogaasanas and Pranayamas.But there the tutor was so excellent that after that I have not to learn more from anyone else.
Now after reading the Autobiography of a Yogi now only thing I feel like doing is going to Calcutta and get initiated in Kriya Yoga.
I know these are personal matters which need not be discussed here but I feel that I need to write here that if possible one should try and read this "Autobiography of a Yogi".It is worth a read and maybe someone can get awakened from it and benifitted from it and may even follow the path of trying to know the one and only..." Param Bhrama",The Ultimate.......I remember I once wrote in one of my post that , only and only human being has got the power to get diluted with the Almighty.
"Aham Brahmasmi"In Gita Krishna speaks as many times that Human is as equal to GOD.If he is everywhere then he is in yourself  as well.
I don't go to temple nor pray to God.I still believe in GOD and still I remain Hindu.That is the beauty of Hindu religion.There are no bindings.There are no rules.If one never goes to temple he still remains Hindu.If he never pray God he still remains Hindu.No one can debar him/her from the religion.

One who is born Hindu remains Hindu for ever. Without praying God, without going to temple.

If I decide to go to Chruch and pray Christ or mother Mary for whole of my life still I remain Hindu.If I decide to go to Mosque and decide to do namaz for whole life every day still I remain Hindu.If I go to Gurudwara and pray Nanak still I remain Hindu.I can follow any religion and still I remain Hindu.

What a religion!There are no inhibitions.There are no rules.There are no rituals.Hinduism is a way of life.There is no defination of being Hindu.Actually there is a negative defination in our constitution which says that as he is not Christian, as he is not Muslim, as he is not so and so and hence he is Hindu.There is no perticular defination to say that if he does so and so or if he believes in so and so God he is Hindu.
We have seen many Hindus going to Ajmer Sharif or even going to Dargah and do namaz and still no one dared to debar them from being Hindu.
Please do not take this as a preaching of Hinduism nor take it as I am belitteling any religion.I am just writing what I am feeling like sharing here with you all and should not be a challenge to any religion or person.
I will delete this post if anyone feels their feelings are hurt.As I use to write sometimes, when my mind start wandering it has no boundries.It wanders way out of the world things  and thinks beyond imagination and even try to analyse things which may be incorrect in someone else thinking and hence do take it as a pinch of salt and if feel like disregarding then do it that way.I am just putting down my thoughts that are coming to my mind instantly while writing this post.


  1. Excellent post, Rajeev. Especially what you said about Hinduism.

    I think that openess about Hinduism, that you so eloquently put, is it's greatest strength. We don't have someone telling us who/what we can and cannot worship. We can worship Krishna, Christ, Saraswati Devi, Mother Mary, Buddha, Allah, Guru Nanak, Shree Ram......and many more, with equal devotion.

    Only a Hindu can do that !

    Your artcile perfectly compliments an incident I read in a book, which mentioned a Hindu winning the first prize in an essay-writing competition conducted by the Madras Christian College. On being asked how, despite being a Hindu, he understood Christ's teachings so well, the boy replied, "It is BECAUSE I am Hindu that I can do that".

    Hindusim is like an ocean that can absorb many different rivers into it. And by doing so, it only grows in strength and depth.

    Thanks once again for your post.

  2. Hi Rajeev,
    Nice post.
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    Again personal opinion.


  3. Hi Rajeev & Fellow-Bloggers,
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