Sunday, May 10, 2009

Market is going up and down and that is natural.We have come up from 8000 to 12100 and that is 50% up from the recent low.
Profit booking is going to take place in this type of situation and also with the elections results on head.
What I am seeing is that Midcap and small cap with good fundamentals will outperform the sensex in a big way as they are the one which are battered one very badly.Try to buy those stocks on every fall and reaction.If we take a case of XL Tele ,though it showed very bad result still it went up and the low it made was 35.60.........why?because the valuation is so low that even with bad results it went up.It also says that bad results and slowdown was factored in at this price and hence there is only one way and that is up and that can be said for entire Mid-smallcap sector having great fundamentals.
All the stocks in A gr which I have mentioned went up very nicely and I still write that they are the best buys even now.I have been mentioning ABB, Areva, Thermax,L&T,Alsthom, Seimens etc time and again.These are Power plays.This sector along with others like Infra , Water managemnet will take our economy back to 9% growth.
Heard that Tata's are going to sell flats at just 4 lacs.They will be, one room and kitchen flats and that too in Mumbai(Boiser).That is a great news for people in Mumbai and also for housing sector.


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    I would like to know your opinion about Kirloskar Electric Ltd


  2. Dear Raju,
    Kirlos Elec was recomended by me at mmb at 80.It then went on to touch 350 something.
    I still like it as I feel that this is one of the most renowened gr and most respectful as well.
    They have merged some co with them and they are in power sector.
    Kir Elec is going very cheap and one can invest as much as they can.

  3. Dear Rajeev,

    I like to know your views on MARG LTD.



  4. Dear jaypal,
    I have already written about Marg Ltd that it is a buy.....many times here in recent past.

  5. Hi Rajeev...hope you are doing well. I was scanning some of the picks and found "South Asian Petrochem Ltd."-
    Net profit of South Asian Petrochem rose 1021.74%
    to Rs 23.22 crore in the quarter ended March 2009 as
    against Rs 2.07 crore during the previous quarter ended
    March 2008. Sales declined 5.67% to Rs 273.80 crore
    in the quarter ended March 2009 as against Rs 290.27
    crore during the previous quarter ended March 2008.
    Would be great if you can put your thoughts on this.


  6. Om,
    I would like to write here to look at those stocks which have great earning and still going cheap.Like say PSL ltd, eps 20 and more.
    There are mant such stocks in this market.
    SA Petro is good but has big eq and will take time to give big profit to take care of eq.
    When other stocks are available at p/e 2 to 5 then why we need to lookout for stocks which are still coming up......